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Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

Out in the outskirts of Republic City

"I searched the woods, nothing." Lin told Mako and Sahara. "You too?" Sahara looked at the solemn fire bender.

"Nothing." Mako answered. Sahara's eyes wandered around her. She paused at the boy in front of her. He was definitely handsome, but not her type. Besides, she was 20 years old and wasn't planning on marrying any person younger. He's into Korra anyways. Sahara thought. She continued to look about her surroundings. The three had decided to search the outskirts of the city in case the Dragon Men hideout was there.

"Look! Over that hill!" Sahara shouted happily. She pointed a finger. "Let's go check it out!" Lin ran towards it, but Mako walked slowly. Sahara walked beside him.

"You like Korra don't you?" Even thought it was obvious she wanted to hear the words come out of his mouth. Mako replied.

"I don't just like Korra...I- I love her....." Sahara shook her head in comprehension. They climbed up the hill and a building was up ahead. Sahara felt something soft under her foot. She bent down and picked up a piece of light blue cloth.

"What's this?" She asked. Lin turned around and took the cloth in her hands.

"It looks like a piece of Korra's shirt!" Mako, hearing the name "Korra", ran over. He grabbed the piece of clothing and rubbed it with his hand.

"Korra..." Sahara and Lin went back to yelling out the Avatar's name.

"Off to the police!" Bolin shouted. Asami and Raina followed. They agreed to go to the Police Station, well two of them did.

"Let's take a ride!" Raina encouraged gleefully. She stared at the Sato Mobiles bustling through the streets. "I've never rode in one. My sister and I were poor when we got here, so we mostly travel to places on foot..." Bolin thought of this as a great idea to get close to Raina.

"Yeah! We should! Come Asami!" Asami didn't like the idea, but realized a way out.

"I have to go downtown... to mail a letter." Bolin and Raina had puzzled expressions.

"A letter? Now?" Raina asked in suspicion.

"Yeah," Asami replied. Two could play at this game.

"To who?" Raina questioned raising a brow.

"Just family, my- my uncle....." Asami quickly answered.

Raina was about to speak, but Bolin cut her off, "Ladies, ladies. Let's not fight, Asami can go mail her letter and then meet us at the Police Station."

"Fine..." Asami and Raina said in unison. Bolin and Raina walked towards the street to yield a car and Asami walked off into the distance.

Mako sat against a tree thinking of Korra. Sahara and Lin returned from a brief search.

"It's getting late; we should find the others at the Police building." Lin said.

Mako sighed, "What about Korra? We didn't find her...." He stood up. Sahara touched his shoulder. He looked away.

"Look at me, Mako." She commanded. The fire bender turned to face her. "I haven't been with all of you for long, but I know Korra will be okay and I know you'll find her." Sahara smiled. "My sister and I are your friends now, we'll help you." Mako returned a smile and hugged Sahara.

Sahara acted a lot like his mother. Caring, strong, and brave. Sahara tightened the hug and then let go.

"Okay, let's go before night falls!" Lin yelled. The three ventured back to the City.

"Driver? To the Police Station please." Bolin said when they approached the Sato Taximobile.

"Sure son!" The driver replied. "20 yuans."

Bolin dug through his pockets. "I'll pay you 10 and when we get there I'll pay the rest."

The driver accepted. "Fine with me!" The driver started the car.

Raina giggled at Bolin, "You don't really have 10 more yuans do you?"

Bolin whispered, "Nope! Not a single yuan left in my pockets. I'll borrow some from Mako if we find him there!" Raina laughed.

Bolin began a conversation, "So about those eyes..."

"Good afternoon miss!" The postal service man greeted to Asami. "Would you like to mail anything today? Perhaps a telegram?" Asami reached into her coat to pull out the letter to her father.

"A letter..."

Raina was laughing so hard from Bolin's jokes. He was making a nice impression on her. She told him how she had purple eyes. Her grandmother had them, but not her mother. People of the Water Nation praised the Ocean and Moon Spirits. It was believed that those that had been blessed with powerful water bending, were touched by either spirit. Those touched by both had purple eyes. Bolin was amazed at the belief and voyaged through her eyes as she talked. At times they seemed purple and sometimes blue.

Raina broke the awkward silence. "Bolin I need to tell you something..."

"Yes?" Bolin said eagerly awaiting the answer.

"I really like you!" She blurt out. Bolin smiled, closed his eyes, and leaned into kiss Raina. When he didn't hear any responsive movement he opened his eyes. There was Raina pushed against the car door blushing madly.

"Bolin? I asked if we should go back and find Asami?" Raina stated in shock. What Bolin heard earlier had not actually come out of Raina's mouth. He simply imagined it.

"Oh ya, if you want to..." Raina relaxed back into her seat and told the driver to go to Downtown (where the mail station was). The rest of the trip was quiet.

"One letter? Okay." The mail man said. Asami placed the letter on the counter. The man went to the back and looked for a pen. Bolin and Raina stepped out of the Sato Mobile.

"Thanks so much sir! We'll be right back." Raina thanked the driver. She was very polite and funny. Bolin liked that about her. He liked how she didn't try to be anyone else, but her around him and others. Raina also laughed at all of his jokes; getting Bolin's acceptance.

"There she is!" Bolin pointed at Asami.

Raina followed Bolin's finger. "Yeah, she's at the counter; let's go!" Raina pulled Bolin with her to Asami. The teen startled Asami.

"Hey Asami!" Raina squealed. Asami nearly jumped out of her shoes. The letter she had taken in her hands fell to the floor. Bolin spotted it and picked it up. Raina, curious to see it, took the letter from Bolin and read it. Bolin managed to read it as well. They only saw the recipient: Hiroshi Sato. Asami turned away in shame. Raina stared at her disappointed.

"Asami... is everything all right?" Asami lost her way with words and gasped. She began to cry. Asami fell to her knees on the floor and Raina came down with her.

"It's okay, come on let's get going. We'll talk in the car...." The three took off in the Sato Mobile to the Police Station.

Finally making it to the Police Building, a tired Asami was helped out of the car. Her crying drained most of her energy. Most of the ride was spent with Asami sobbing about her relationship with Mako, her want for revenge, and her feelings towards her friendship with Korra. Raina, an understanding person, believed in second chances. Even though Asami was about to join her father, Raina forgave her. She believed Asami was confused and hurt.

"It'll be okay. Learn to let it go. You'll find someone better one day, I know it." Raina encouraged.

Asami wiped her eyes and smiled. "Thank you Raina." Raina smiled in return.

Inside the building Bolin, Raina, and Asami met Tenzin, Mako, Sahara, and Lin. Together they went into the Chiefs headquarters to talk to Chief Saihkan. All of them presented the info they found and pieced together the puzzle. Yakone worked with the Dragon Men. He lost his bending to the Avatar and the Dragon Men seek vengeance. They're the ones who attacked Raina's family and took Korra. Also, the fact that Amon and Tarrlok were found dead was not forgotten.

"Now we only have one big issue we still need to resolve..." Chief Saihkan punched a fist down into his hand. "Where is Korra?" Glances were exchanged between the group.

"It's late, we should get some rest. We'll search for Korra tomorrow. Goodnight Chief." Tenzin said. Chief Saihkan bowed goodbye and the group left the Police Station on Oogi.

"I can't believe we didn't find Korra..." Mako sighed sorrow.

Barley moving the Avatar continued down the hillside to the city. Korra was tired and hungry and alone. Keep going Korra.....Korra thought to herself. She was now in the city wandering like a homeless gall. Korra trudged on and on through the empty night streets. Suddenly, she heard the sound of a bison high in the dark sky. Tenzin....that's Tenzin! Korra exploded full of hope. With her last bit of energy she shouted,

"Tenzin! Tenzin! Tenz....." She collapsed on the street. Mako heard the faint cries bellow.

"Hey, I think I heard Korra! She was calling for Tenzin!" Elated, Mako ran straight up to Oogi's head. "Tenzin! Down there! I think it's Korra!" Tenzin flew Oogi out of the sky and to the earth. There was Korra lying on the ground. Mako jumped off of the bison and ran to Korra. He picked her up in his arms.

"Korra?" Mako whispered. Korra opened her eyes.



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