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Journey to Realization Chapter 11
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Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

Pema rubbed the arm of the tense fire bender.

"Okay, calm down and explain what happened....slowly." Mako breathed in hard and then exhaled smoothly.

"We were outside the temple and Korra got kidnapped!"

Tenzin groomed his beard. "Did you see who it was?" Mako nodded and told them who he thought had taken Korra. He made it clear that the Dragon Men were very dangerous. The group came to an agreement that some should meet with the Republic City council and Chief Saikhan. The others would search for Korra.

"Bolin, Raina, and Asami can come with me to the council." Tenzin said. "Lin, Sahara, and Mako, you three find Korra." With that, they split up.

Oogi landed on the roof of the Council Building. Tenzin, Asami, and Bolin jumped off. Asami was lost in her own thoughts. How am I supposed to mail the letter? I'm constantly around people!

"I'll go in to talk to the council. You three should go downtown and see if you run into Korra." Tenzin ordered.

"Okay!" Bolin answered.

Asami smiled inwardly. Perfect! Downtown is where the mail comes in, I'll mail it there...

So, Bolin, Miss Sato, and Raina traveled down to the city. Tenzin entered the building. The council members were present.

"Good afternoon!" Tenzin greeted. "I hope you've all settled in after being released from Amon's imprisonment?" The representative of the Fire Nation stood up and bowed.

"Yes we have. My husband is still under shock, but his repetitive "Yes Dear's" are coming back." Tenzin bowed in return. He walked to the table and took his seat.

"As you all know we no longer have a member from the Northern Water Tribe, however that cannot prevent us from discussing a serious matter at hand." The members peered amongst themselves in confusion.

"What is the problem Councilman Tenzin?" The Earth Kingdom representative questioned. Tenzin placed his hands on the table.

"The Dragon Men are back and they've captured the Avatar..."

Bolin, Asami, and Raina were now strolling through Republic City Park. Bolin spotted a clearing and said,

"Come on guys! That's the perfect place to think all of these things through." He rushed over and the girls followed.

"First things first, we think the Dragon Men had something to do with Korra missing." Raina stated. Bolin nodded in agreement; of course.

Asami spoke up. "We just need to see what ties they have on Republic City and everyone else!"

Bolin squirmed tugging at his collar. "Well I did have one idea... but it's crazy..."

Raina looked into Bolin's eyes. "Tell us, it could be important."

Bolin was mesmerized. He reminded to ask about those amazing eyes later. "Maybe the people who killed you parents were the Dragon Men?" He asked.

Asami turned to face Raina. "What do you think?" Asami said. "I mean that's a nice prediction, but it doesn't explain who the blood bender was." Raina's eyebrows crunched as she thought.

"I was thinking about that earlier and it might be true....." She trailed off getting teary eyed.

"What if they still have my parents?" Bolin came and hugged her. She was cool and warm both at the same time. Raina's complexion was cool, most likely since she was a water bender. Though her heart was warm and made Bolin feel warm.

"It'll be okay......." Bolin reassured even though he had no idea how everything would turn out. A boy with the Republic City Times Newspaper walked about the park. He stumbled upon the group and offered them a paper.

"For free? Thanks!" Bolin accepted. He let go of Raina and read the cover.

"Oh no!" Bolin shouted. Raina looked up and wiped the tears from her eyes, thinking of how much she missed her sister. Asami leaned over to read the headline.

                      Council Man and Amon Found Dead
 Two men were washed up on the shores of Republic City and were discovered  
              by the Police Force when patrolling the waters.

"We have to go tell Tenzin!" Asami said.

"No, we should go get info from Chief Saikhan first!" Raina disagreed.

Asami gave her a look. At this rate I'll never get the letter mailed....

Bolin intercepted the impeding argument and agreed to go to the Chief of Police first.

"Captured the Avatar! Why?" questioned a puzzled Council Woman. Tenzin sighed.

"Republic City has had issues with its criminals. I think we should check the council files and see if we find anything on the Dragon Men. The last time they did anything even remotely similar to this was 42 years ago." The council members rummaged through many papers and documents. Finally, the Southern Water Tribe representative found something useful.

"Here's one! It as info that says what the Dragon Men were up to at the time." Tenzin grabbed the paper and read aloud:

The Dragon Men have been able to maneuver their way around the law. As the terrorizing criminals they are, they have the worst ally; Yakone. Yakone will do anything to take Republic City. As far as the council knows, he's trying to take over its criminal parts first. We will not allow him to do so.

-Councilman Sokka of the Water Tribe

"It all makes sense now!" Tenzin realized. "They were in cahoots with Yakone!"

The members frowned. "That still doesn't explain why they hunted down the Avatar." The Fire Nation representative said. Tenzin contemplated deeply. As the council members re-assumed their seats, the idea popped into the head of the Master Air bender.

"Actually it does!" Tenzin reacted. "My father, Aang, took away Yakone's bending. Since the Dragon Men worked with Yakone maybe they seek vengeance. They want Yakone's legacy to be fulfilled!" Now the members understood. The Dragon Men want to end the Avatar because the Avatar took away their former leaders bending.

"That solves one case," The Fire Nation member spoke. "Though, there is still one very important thing........" The rest of the council stared at Tenzin. "Where did they take Korra?"

Tenzin turned and walked towards the door. "I must speak to Chief Saikhan!" With that he bid goodbye to the Council and climbed onto Oogi.

"Yip Yip!" He commanded. Oogi flew in the direction of the Prison Building.

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