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Journey to Realization Chapter 10
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Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

"Let me go!" Korra yelled at the man who held her firmly in his arm. He continued running towards the Air Temple Island dock. There was a boat waiting for them. The boat was neither large nor small. It was medium-sized and had a motor in the back. In the front, a dragon sprouted outwards. The neck and head of the dragon was made of gold. Two men stood in the boat. Like the man carrying Korra, their faces were covered in black cloth and they wore black clothing. With the arms exposed, a red dragon tattoo was visible.

"Tie up the Avatar!" Ordered the third man. The other stepped out of the boat with a coil of rope. He helped the man who had carried Korra, tie her up. Korra, in self-defense, used her breath of fire to scare the men back. The third man jumped from behind and grabbed Korra by the neck.

"Augh!" Korra screeched. She bent her arm to punch the man, but his cronies grabbed it. They pushed her head down towards the water, intending to suffocate her. Korra scrambled, but was running out of air. Her body soon went limp from the lack of oxygen and the three men brought her out. They lugged the unconscious Avatar into the boat and tied the rope around her hands and legs. Man number 2 started the boat and they sailed across Yue Bay.

When Korra awoke from her state, she found herself in a stuffy, cold room; a cage in fact. It was dark and there was only a small window in the corner. Through the glass you could see grass and flowers. This must be underground. Korra thought. The cage they kept her hostage was made of metal and suspended off the ground so she couldn't bend any earth. Ugh! Why didn't I learn how to metal bend? Let me think.... Korra scanned the perimeter. Nothing. This is impossible. The air around the Avatar was fresh and cool. Wait! The air! I can try to pull water out of it! Korra tried, but not having the knowledge of the technique, she did not succeed. How do I get out of this. She thought. It was freezing. Fire bending would provide no help in this situation. Korra could think of nothing else to do. Wait! Korra realized. I'll ask Aang for help! She sat still and meditated. When everything went quiet, she heard voices. They belonged to guards.

"Now, remember what the boss said. Be careful with her, she's powerful." One of them instructed.

"Yes, later we'll get her when her defenses are down. That's when the boss will-" The end was cut off and Korra couldn't make out what the guard had said. Korra's eyes widened in fear. Where is the gang when I need them?

Some time passed and Korra had fallen asleep. She ignored the rats that scurried about her cage floor. However, one stubborn rodent came to close and its tail was burnt to a crisp. Korra, now awake, rubbed her eyes. She was exhausted. The sound of footsteps came from outside the door of the room she was in. Great, they're back. Korra thought, groaning inward. The door slammed open and two body guards marched in. Behind them was a man. A tall, buff man. He approached Korra slowly and the Avatar scooted back into her cage. He stayed in the shadows that eluded his face.

"Good day Avatar." The man's voice lingered through Korra's mind. Korra ran up to the cage bars.

"What do you want with me?" She answered impatiently. The man turned around.

"All in due time Avatar, patience." He paused "Though, I see you haven't exactly mastered that yet." An infuriated Korra banged on the bars. "Ugh! It still doesn't answer what you want with me! Who are you!?" Demanded Korra. The man paced from side to side concealing himself in the shadow.

"Is it not obvious?" He asked. "It's actually quite simple....revenge, DO YOU NOT REMEMBER WHAT YOU DID IN A PAST LIFE?" The stranger shouted. Korra thought hard, nothing.

"Well it doesn't matter. You'll find out soon. There's no escape for you, young Avatar."

"Why don't you let me out of this cage and fight me?" Korra baited, developing a plan. The man answered.

"Don't you know who we are? Who I am?" He lifted the sleeve of one guard exposing a red dragon tattoo. "We are the Dragon Men. The most wanted fire bending criminals of Republic City! Why would we fight you when we're winning?" Korra looked over the man's body. No tattoo.

"I don't care who you are, just let me go!" The man began to walk away along with the guards. She noticed a ridged mark on his cheek. It was a scar! Korra was not going to stay here any longer. "Why don't you fight me so you're scar has one to match! Or are you too much of a coward?"

The man narrowed his eyes. "Fine then! Guards release the Avatar!" The guards went to lower Korra's cage with confused looks on their faces. Once Korra was free she fire bent like crazy. The man shot fire balls at her head, but she dodged them. As the man rounded fire around them, Korra earth bended herself upwards to avoid the flames. The man was clever and raised the fire towards the Avatar. She jumped over and landed on the ground. The man cornered her against the wall near the window. This was her ticket out. Right before the man shocked her full of lightning, Korra fire bended a giant flame covering, broke the window, and crawled through. She ran as hard as she could away from wherever she was. It was dark outside and she could only make out the building she was in. It wasn't a tall one, but it was wide and most of its body went underground. Korra new this was away from the main city.

Back in the building

"We can't underestimate her again!" an enraged man screamed at his guards.

"Should we go out and search for her sir?" A guard offered. The man thought.

"No! Let her go, patience..."

Korra continued running and came across a hill. As she climbed up, she was beginning to get seriously drowsy. The darkness of the night was falling around her. Korra pushed forward and reached the top of the hill. There just at reach, were the lights of Republic City below.

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