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Warning! This page contains spoilers for Journey of Creation.

Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Journey of Creation in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Journey of Creation
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Avatar: The Last Airbender


Journey of Creation is the main book following the stories titled Avatar: New Universe. The story mainly follows Team Avatar in their journey across the universes to stop the evil from taking them over. This story varies from different installments in both involvement and scenarios.


Aang - Aang is the current Avatar in the story. He is a rather good kid, and will usually go and risk himself to save his friends. He is the type to put others over himself, being the Avatar and all. Once more, he is also currently the last known Air Nomad left since the Hundred Year War.

Robin - Robin is the leader of the Teen Titans in the story. Although a good hero, he is rather serious about his work, and keeping justice to any villain he meets. Although serious most of the time, he's still a pretty good leader and friend to his teammates.

Katara - Katara is Aang's love and now fiancée. She is a skilled waterbender from the South Pole and isn't afraid to show it when she has to. She is a bit motherly and caring over her friends. She is always willing to help others out in anyway she can and keep evil at bay.

Starfire - Starfire is Robin's love. She is an alien, Tamaranian to be exact, from the Titans world. Her extraterrestrial origins had also given her many different abilities, including flight. She, although not too customary to human interaction, is very sweet and friendly towards people.

Sokka - Sokka is Katara's older brother from the South Pole. Unlike her, he doesn't have any bending techniques but is skilled at swordsmanship and has grown into a strong fighter. He is a bit of a comedian, but can be serious when needed, such as in battle for example.

Beast Boy - Beast Boy is the comedic man of the Titans. He is the group's shapeshifter, able to change into any animal he chooses. He is a pretty good friend, although not the smartest friend there is, but good nonetheless.

Toph - Toph is the earthbender of Aang's team. From the Earth Kingdom, she is an extremely skilled bender, and is often considered the best earthbender in the world and loves to gloat about it. Despite of this, she is actually blind, but she sees with vibrations, so well that she sometimes has to remind her friends she is blind.

Terra - Terra is another earthbender from the Titans. Her bending is more unique from a regular bender, about to levitate off the ground thanks to it. She had her rough moments with her group but is still pretty good. She is also Beast Boy's girlfriend.

Zuko - Zuko, for the longest time, was an enemy to Team Avatar. Banished during his youth, he found his destiny among the team. He is rather serious most of the time and not really too open as the others are. He is also very good at his firebending.

Raven - Raven is the Titans "dark silent type". She is often quiet, not sharing or speaking her mind all too much. She is a hybrid of human and demon, explaining only a bit of her personality. She is specialized in dark magic, though found out to actually be anti-bending.

Toube - Toube is a lifelong friend to Toph and the most common animal character in the story. He has a strong sense of justice towards his master, Toph Beifong, before he disappeared for the longest time. Like Toph, he is also considered the strongest in the world.

Cyborg - Cyborg is the mechanic member of the Titans. He is pretty out-going, and knows very well on mechanics, being half robot himself. He is very strong and is the tallest member of both teams.


Avatar: New Universe

ANU title

Avatar: New Universe

The first installment of the series takes places sometime after the Hundred Year War in the Avatar world. The story involves mostly only Team Avatar and Teen Titans when they first meet upon preparations of the Spirit Council. This story doesn't involve too much in exact plot, other than just navigating to find each other. This one introduces a number of characters that only appear in the first installment.

The story mainly goes around two main worlds aside of the Avatar world. It introduces a world called Altonia, which was created from a mixture of different universes and worlds, making it an original crossover universe. Here is where most of the story takes place. The other world is the Hidden Lands, the universe for the Shadow Of The Colossus franchise (or SOTC for short), where the team needed the powers of the colossi.

Status: Completed. All chapters are met and accounted for.

Avatar: New Universe II

ANU2 title

Avatar: New Universe II

The sequel shows a year after the first one, introducing more various characters and bringing back old ones. This installment had a bit more of a horror-sense genre, because of the antagonist. This one follows a more well-profound plot, the Titans and Team Avatar trying to stop a corporation and save their friends who were captured.

This installment takes the teams to three worlds, each one signifying an arc. The first arc is the Cooper world, which is a universe mostly of the anthro, as the characters tried to handle themselves in the world and finding their way back. The Avatar and Titan world are more involved then in the first, both places signifying arc 2. The main place they stay at the most is in arc 3, in an unknown universe home to the fanon SCP foundation, where the main antagonist makes more of a role.

Status: Completed. All chapters are met and accounted for.

Avatar: New Universe III


Avatar: New Universe III

The third installment to the series. This one is rather small compared to the other 50+ chapter filled stories before. This is, more or less, a more peaceful story, no exact antagonist to fight off. This doesn't mean there won't be any problems, as the story consists of the person vs. environment.

The story mostly consists in one world, though they are in another for a small amount of time. The main world is Kyouga, a creature world the teams need to go to for a while.

Avatar: New Universe IV


Avatar: New Universe V


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