Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Journey and Return in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Yue waterbends
Journey and Return
A small tale of circularity and the approach to redemption
General information




  1. Light reveals
  2. Getting up is easy
  3. Coming Round
  4. Reparations
  5. Evasions and Maneuvers
  6. Peace, and how to get there
  7. Downhill all the way
  8. Going Under



October - November 2011


Madam Subclause


In the year in which the world changes forever, a group of Fire Nation captives in the Earth Kingdom find fate may not have forgotten them entirely, as events in the outside world intrude upon their isolated corner of the world. Lieutenant, now Captain Jee, Colonel Mongke and their comrades in arms have given up hope of escaping their Earth Kingdom prison. But help may be at hand from an unlooked for direction.

It could be an All-Singing, All-Dancing, musical extravaganza. Instead it is a brief and sombre tale of redemption, lightened by camaraderie and gallows humor.


It was hot. It was always hot here on the Earth King's Salt Pot, a high flat topped mountain riddled with salt pans and mines, worked by four hundred captured Fire Nation personnel. As Jee squints into the glare off the salt lakes, he notices the rising dust cloud of a delivery from the Earthbender guards at the bottom of the mountain. Was it the prisoner's ever dwindling rations? Or was it another consignment of prisoners, chewed up by General Fong's drive for military secrets and spat out to die in the middle of nowhere.

How could Jee know that one new arrival, a man close to death and delivered against all odds, possessed the drive to get them down the mountain and home again? And will that man find what he so desperately needs: deliverance from nightmares and the deeds of his past?


Chapter 1: Light reveals - In which a fool has a revelatory experience. Will it make any difference? Too soon to say, really.

Chapter 2: Getting up is easy- In which the captive Jee and his friend Dr Ren try to save a life.

Chapter 3: Coming Round - In which the mysterious prisoner's identity is revealed.

Chapter 4: Reparations - In which Jee plays pipa and finds amusement at his new companion's fate, while said companion recovers slowly.

Chapter 5: Evasions and Maneuvers - In which our friends contemplate chipping at an edifice in order to get into a hole.

Chapter 6: Peace, and how to get there - In which our friends witness events that will change the world forever.

Chapter 7: Downhill all the way - In which our friends impose themselves on the new peace, with varying results.

Chapter 8: Going Under - In which we experience a flashback, the mind of a drowning malignant narcissist, and also a tense change.


We're just about half way. I'm going for a tense change in Going Under - ironic since it's a flashback ;) These were written a while ago, and I was experimenting with present tense because it feels immediate. Turns out you can't really just change all the words from present to past tense and still have it read right. So the next few sections are a bit more... in your face. Fairly fitting for the subject matter, I feel.


Jee - Pipa-player extraordinaire; once a Lieutenant, briefly a Captain, now a link in the chain gang.

Mongke - Outstanding Tenor and an irritant as potent as the salt mines they work.

Ren - a taciturn medic, dedicated to saving the lives of his fellow captives. No known musical ability.

'Captain Shi' - A tortured prisoner, hiding from nightmares and past misdeeds. May actually hate music. Zhao, obviously.

Admiral Jeong Jeong - He's nicer than he makes out. Really.

Firelord Zuko - Growing up, but still conflicted.

Yue - Omniscient, Omnipresent. Don't make her use her Moon powers...

Themes, Rating and WARNINGS

I have given this a PG rating for:-

  • Mild Discrimination.
  • Some Innuendo.
  • Moderate violence - Includes reference to TORTURE as a past event.

This is a redemption tale, focusing on older characters. If you like storytelling, circularity and characterisation, you might find it interesting. The themes have definitely been dealt with, and dealt with well before [1], but as they say, there's nothing that's new under heaven...


The Earth King's Salt Pot - The Western Earth Kingdom. A huge pillar of rock in a deep ravine, riddled with salt mines. Below, Earthbenders patrol and await consignments of salt. Above Firebenders toil, forgotten.

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