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Princess Yue's Second Chance



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May 31, 2013

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Troubled Vision

"I'll get us some tea if you don't mind?"

"Uhh, sure sure."

Mr. Redentoris stood up from his comfy couch and went to the kitchen. The kitchen was a circular room. It was just like any other normal kitchen, nothing special. He was searching for cups and tea leaves. Being a man who doesn't like to act so slowly, he searched for the cupboard where the leaves were situated. At last he found the one he was looking for. White Jasmin tea leaves. It was inside a glass container. He took out the contents from the glass container to start making some tea but due to him being always acting so fast and clumsy, he dropped it on the floor and shattered the whole thing, leaving the variety of Jasmin leaves on the ground. As soon as Aang heard the sound of broken glass, he rose from his seat and went to the kitchen.

"I'm sorry young Avatar, I'm sure I can provide you with another?" Redentoris said, his sweat more visible than ever on his fat and bearded face. Aang, who was always the pacifist, said. "That's alright Mister Redenoris sir. I can always ask for free Jasmin tea leaves from Iroh." Redentoris and Aang proceeded to pick up the scattered tea leaves on the floor. As Aang was picking all of it on the ground, he suddenly found something peculiar, "Hey what is this?" The Avatar picked up a roll of paper. "I was sure this wasn't inside the container." When he touched the paper, he went to a trance-like state and saw a vision:

" can't get to Twinkle Toes! Not without facing me first!" Toph Beifong used earthbending and hurled some giant boulders to some unknown dark force.

"You're right, I have to get to you first. You are one of the three I need to collect," the unknown spirit spoke.

The spirit raised one of its tentacle-hands and pointed it at Toph. Some dark energy beam projected out from its tentacle-hand and hit Toph.


And just like that, Toph and the spirit vanished into thin air.

Inside The Headquarters

The truck drove for a while. Yue wasn't so sure where they were headed, nor did she have nay idea why she was captured in the first place. Yue wasn't sitting down, instead she was standing still inside the police van. For a time, both of the captured didn't speak anything at all, until finally the captured thief faced Yue and asked, "So what's your story, young lady?" Yue simply answered what was really on her mind, "Actually, I have no idea." The thief then laughed, smirked and sneered, "I must have hit you in the head harder than I thought."

The vehicle finally halted to a stop. It seemed that they have reached their destination. Yue saw the metal doors of the van opened till light came from the darkness of the interior. The police officers directed both Yue and the thief out of the van and led them straight inside what seemed to be a police headquarters. Yue looked at the architecture of the building. Domes and steeples adorned the top of the structure and numerous large pillars supported the roof. A platform on the highest dome had police airships landing on it. The front courtyard and streets surrounding the headquarters were lined with interconnecting metal cables supported by tall wooden poles. She turned her eyes to the metal statue on a pedestal high above the building's front entrance.

.....Help me.....

Woah-? Who said that? It was as if someone whispered to her ear. She knew that it wasn't anyone she was with right now. And...I know I that I didn't heard it from my ears. I heard it mind.

Both of them were now inside the headquarters with the police surrounding them. There were desks that line the back of the spacious lobby and a rack of keys hanged on the far wall. Along the sides of the room were benches for people to sit down. In the center of the lobby floor was a slab of earth with an emblem on it that seems to be the emblem representing the police.

The officers that were guarding the thief led him to a hallway, but Yue was left alone in the lobby. "Stay here," said one of the police officers. The Tribal princess didn't have a single idea what had been going on for the past minutes. It has been a strange week for me.

Shocking News

"Aang! Aang?!" Redentoris asked as he tried to wake the Avatar up. He was about to call medical Healers when Aang flinched and groaned, "Wh-Wha just'-?" He was still recovering from the vivid vision he had a while ago. The fat and bearded professor then asked, "Aang? Are you alright? You fainted. What happened to you?" Aang answered, "I think I had a vision of Toph, she was in some kind of trouble. And there was this spirit." Redentoris then replied, "Spirits are involved in this? By the badgermoles! This is a huge problem!" Just then there came a knocking on the door. Both of them went back to the living room with Aang opening the door. It was a Metalbending police officer.

"Good morning Mr. Aang, Mr. Redentoris. I'm here regarding on the matter of the missing student, Patience. Our police force believe that we have found her."

Interrogating An Innocent

A police officer went back to the lobby to get to Yue. "Come with me, miss." Yue followed the officer. They went to another hallway different from the one the thief went to. At the end of the hallway was a metal door. As they reached it, the officer opened the door through his bending. The interior of the holding cells were constructed entirely of metal. A large metal table sits in the center of the room with handcuffs on its surface. Metal panels surrounded the walls of the cell. The police asked Yue to sit down on the chair that was beside the table. Yue did so and the officer once again left her alone. The princess waited for someone to at least come and talk to her. She waited and waited. Hours passed yet still no one entered the room. Finally, the metal door opened and there were two came in: Aang and a fat and bearded man Yue did not recognize.

The latter was the one to speak first, "Patience, thank the spirits the police found you! What have you been up to all this time? Did you know your classmates missed you so much, especially Jasper!" Yue, who did not understand anything of what the fat guy had just said, turned to Aang and said, "Aang? Why did you tell him my alias?" Mr. Redentoris' mouth opened and his eyes wide, "Alias? Have you two met?" Aang didn't know what to say so Yue spoke to the fat professor and told him all about what happened to her, starting from the Spirit World until the time she found herself at the city. But the professor did not believe her claims, "Oh my dear Patience, I am so sorry for giving you so much stress. I promise when you return I'll give you only less number of homework. Oh dear, I can't believe I've turned you into a raving lunatic. Ha! Claiming to be the dead princess. I know just what you need." Redentoris summoned for the police who were guarding at the other side of the door and requested, "Call the mental institute and tell them to have my student undergo anti-stress therapy." Yue then shouted, "No! It really is me! You may have the wrong person good sir. I am truly Princess Yue!" But Redentoris didn't listen to her. It seemed to Aang and Yue that there was no way out of this. Aang decided to use his powers and entered the Avatar State, hurled giant balls of fire to the police and the professor. After they momentarily stunned, Aang snatched Yue up and went out of the headquarters using powerful airbending. Waiting outside was Appa. Both of them climbed up hurriedly as they saw dozens of metalbending police trying to catch them. He ordered Appa to fly, "Appa, yip yip!" The sky bison growled and beat his tail so hard, they reached the sky in no time. Finally, Yue and Aang are out of the crime-ridden city. The cops lost their trail.

"Aang, what was that all about? Back there?" Yue asked. But Aang threw another question at her, "Yue, tell me again who sent you here?" Yue then answered, "The spirit calls himself The Spirit of the Mystic." The Avatar then answered, "I think that spirit is the one causing all of the problems we've been having recently, I mean, think about it. Surely, he knows you're return could bring the destruction of the world! *ehem* No offense. Just three days ago, Sokka and Katara were having the most random sibling fight they ever had. They didn't sound like themselves at all. Do you remember your fight with Suki? Have you observed her face, her actions? Believe me, Suki, even when angered, isn't all that fierce despite her being this strong warrior. I believe the spirit's task was to disband us, Team Avatar. If I'm right, then he has succeeded." Yue was still trying to absorb all Aang had said, but all of it seemed right. Yue then asked him, "What about my appearance, this new body the spirit has created for me." "I think he did not create that body, I think you borrowed it from someone else." Aang said. Yue was having a hard time swallowing what the Avatar assumed. "I also got this paper. The moment I touched this, I had a vision of Toph. You may not knew since-" "I know who she is! Or I think so, I kind of sensed her back...oh never mind." Yue said. She continued, "Why don't you open it Aang?" Aang did so. The contents seemed to be written in blood. They did not understood the writing for it seemed that it had been written in an ancient language. Aang and Yue were disappointed and the Avatar put it back to his pocket.

"So, what do we do now?" Yue asked. "Follow our old plan. Talk to Tui. That means we have to return to your homeland. Back to The Northern Water Tribe." Yue was now eager to see her home town again, at the same time nervous because her people will not be able to recognize her. "But first we gotta find a town nearby. I'm starving."

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