Northern Air Temple in 171 AG
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The Lost Air Temple


Book 2 Rise of the Death Benders


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The Northern Air Temple

Last time on TLAT The Fire Nation Festival is in full swing. Baizken, Sala, and Finosa went together under the watchful eyes of Gatton. The Avatar was confronted by Halois about the Lotus Project; and gave Gatton an invitation to the capital. Sala almost admitted her feelings, leaving him confused and clueless as ever. Gatton received another haunting dream and now realizes what he has to do.


Gatton didn't get much sleep last night, so he went into the kitchen to get an early snack. He was felt like everything was all about to happen and he couldn't stop any of it. He was near his death, his wife's health had started to go frail, and the future of the world was uncertain for his grandchildren. He was done, done feeling powerless about the Dark Avatar business. But how was he supposed to find a non-living Avatar. It would be impossible. The only thing he could do would be able to inspect the Air Temple and said up a situation for the Avatar to grow upright. He wouldn't have to ask the Fire Lord. Halois had wanted him to come. Maybe the Avatar could kill to birds with one stone.

"Had trouble sleeping," asked Grandma who had sneaked up on him. She look at Gatton, feeling that he was trouble.

"No, not really. You just woke me up with your dream," he lied, trying not to let his wife know he was troubled. Her health was frail and he didn't want to startle her. He said that he had to go out.

"So early," she replied.

"I won't be gone long, dear," Gatton said.

She kissed him on the cheek and he headed out the door. He started to walk down the street.

"Aren't you going to take Duma?" she asked, worried if he would tire himself out.

"I think I'll walk today," he said as he set off, with a look on his face that can be described as a combination of excitement and sadness.

Baizken and Finosa had got up early that day, around 7:15. It was a beautiful day. Since the festival was yesterday they got this day off from school. To their shock, Granpa had already left.

"Did he tell you where he was going," asked Finosa, curious about the location of her grandfather.

"No, but he seemed a little upset. I'm sure he's fine," Grandma's voice trailed, "You don't think I sleep-punched him to hard, do you?"

"What?" the kids said being confused.

"I had a dream; I had a club and I was hitting things badger-moles," Grandma said trying to remember her dream.

"Never mind," Finosa said with a chuckle, "forget we asked you."

Finosa and Baizken went outside to practice their fighting. Baizken was chopping a dummy, which was made by the Avatar out of earth, and Finosa was punching the other one. Her punches were so hard, that she start to melt the earth.

"Hmm," she pondered for a moment.

A purple flame appeared on her index finger. She, then drew a face in the dummy.

"Switch," Baizken yelled and they both switched dummies. Baizken laughed at what Finosa had done to her dummy, but Finosa just peppered Baizken's dummy with endless volleys, until it was just earth that had started to melt into the ground.

"Easy, Finosa," Baizken sturned, "We have to ask Grandpa to make new ones and he'll make us a few days before making new ones."

Baizken continued hacking at his dummy, until you could see more scratched marks then, unscratched marks.

"Take down," Finosa yelled. They looked at the last dummy Grandpa had made. It was larger, thicker and denser. Finosa shot a purple fire shot at the Black Dragon Backbiter. The sword glowed a deep crimson that almost looked like blood. If Baizken hadn't been wearing a glove his hand probably would have been burnt to a crisp. He made a strike at the statues body. Right before the sword would have cut through the statue like butter, Baizken stopped. His thoughts glanced at his fight with Raingeous and he couldn't finish the strike. He stopped right before it hit the statue.

"What was that!" yelled Finosa, "You had him."

Baizken looked down at the ground.

"Finish him," she said as she made a huge orb of her strongest fire in between her hands, "Like this!" she roared and launched her great ball of fire. Her orb was so strong, it burnt the statues head clean off and kept going.

"Your an angry firebender," said Baizken, trying to make his sister mad.

"I didn't mean for it to be that strong," she defended. They continued to argue.

Grandma was having a peaceful break-feast. Her tea was soothing and her toasted almonds were so crunchy. She heard the yelling and fighting of her kids outside. She was used to it though. All of a sudden a giant ball of purple fire came roaring through the kitchen and did not stop until it reached the living room, burning numerous items in its path.

"Yep, it's Monday," she said this as she went outside to yell at her grand children, "What the, how the, Oh my provident spirit! What the! My blood pressure! Why I should! Just wait until your grandfather and father get home..." This went on for a while. Grandma's blood pressure did go up and the kids had to get her to lay down on what was left of the couch, though only the back end was burnt off.

Grandpa walked through the streets of the capital. People were still cleaning up the streets from the festival; even a few venders were still open. Though tempted, Gatton didn't ask for any cold, day-old fire flakes. He continued to walk and saw a weapons shop. The owner was showing his weapons to a shifty character. Other people were inside to, but the shop owner focused on the shady man. Mainly because of the money he was offering. Gatton continued to walk down the street. The fortuneteller Gatton had seen months ago was still in her little area. Every were saying how all of her fortunes came true, but all were bad fortunes, a miss-fortuneteller if you will.

"Hey, Avatar-guy you want another fortune?" she called out.

Gatton just shook his head and kept walking.

"Okay, but you still owe me money," she yelled louder now, "Hear that, the Avatar went here and owes me money."

Gatton had a smirk on his face hearing about her fortunes, but it was false. Almost all her fortunes came true. He was not to far from the temple, so he decided to air-run the rest of the way. He ran so quick that people could here him race past, but he was not as fast as he used to be. Finally, he reached the Capital-temple area.

"What is your business?" asked a guard with a staff who looked fierce, "Oh it's you Avatar Gatton. The Fire Lord has been expecting you."

How did Pytharus know he was coming. Halois probably had told. The Avatar walked through the capitol without any problems. He reached a room that was the thrown room.

"I love what you've done with the place," Gatton said sarcastically.

Pytharus called down from his thrown, "I'm not one for theatrics and it's not functional; but they chose me to be the Fire Lord," he sighed. "So what business do you have with the Lotus Project?" the Fire Lord asked carefully.

"Well," Gatton admitted, "I'm not really for that. The White and Black Lotus's caused divisions in countries. It helped sparked Water Tribe Conflict which effects lasted for years," he was interrupted.

"The Water Tribe Conflict was caused by political differences between 2 groups," said Pytharus; but it was his turn to be interrupted.

"That may have been the case; but the 2 sides were supplied by the 2 different Lotus's."

"How do you know, you were not there," Halois said.

"I, being all the past Avatars, was there. During Avatar Dioux's 302 years on this planet, showed me the struggles for peace during this time," Gatton raised his voice.

"Well, I guess you were there. You would know better," Pytharus looked at Gatton, "What is your real reason for coming?"

"Two reasons," Gatton said in monotone, "I want to make sure things go smoothly and two, I need to make sure the next Avatar has a safe place to grow."

"Okay, Gatton," Halois spoke with hope, "You will go. This will not be like last time. There will only be one White Lotus." Gatton exited and went home, quickly.

Sven had arrived home to a hole in the wall and his mother on the couch. The doctor was coming from what he had heard. Finosa felt awful about what she had done. The doctor was a short, tubby, friendly man; and everyone was shocked. From what Grandma had told them they thought he was horrible.

"Alright, let's have a look at that ticker," he said in a calm voice.

"You aren't fiddling with my heart," she said to him harshly.

"No, now breath in; and out," he said with his hand on her back. Grandma breathed very deeply; you could tell she was doing this on purpose.

The doctor talked, "Your breathing and heart beat are normal. I think you just had a scare, remember you are very frail. Being calm can help your body to act normally."

Gatton then, walked in; and was surprised when he saw his wife on the burned couch and a hole in the kitchen wall.

"What happened," the Avatar said looking at the floor. No one said anything. The doctor left and left his bill on an unscorched end-table. They all sat down Grandma was now trying to get up off the couch. Sven helped her get up and walk to the kitchen.

"I'll ask again; What. Happened."

Finosa explained about how she made the hole in the wall, owning her mistakes. However, she left in the part about Baizken acting wimpy. Gatton looked at his grandchildren; but they wouldn't look him in the eye.

"You are both excused," he said, showing no emotion and they went to their rooms. How was he supposed to leave his family, when both his grand-kids were acting like this. He could take them with him. No, he couldn't take them and accomplish anything at the same time; but could Grandma take the stress of watching the kids. He went to ask her what she preferred.

"Why do you have to go? You are against rebuilding the White Lotus!" she said not knowing his motives.

"I have to go; no way around it; but will you be able to manage?"

"I'll be fine. I'll have Sven, your sisters are coming down, and, well the kids," Gatton interjected.

"I can take the kids if you want," Gatton said, but he didn't want them to get in his way of finding the other Avatar, somehow.

"Would you? I mean, yes I think I could manage. But why?" she asked still confused.

"I'll explain when I get back," Gatton said, trying to reassure her.

"Which is."

"In 2 weeks," Gatton said.

"I'll tell your sisters to stay a little longer to see you," Grandma said cheerfully.

Flatly, Gatton said, "Great."

Baizken and Finosa were in their rooms. They left the doors open; so they could talk, or rather argue.

"How is it my fault that we have a hole in the wall?" asked Baizken in low voice; but you could tell he wanted to shout.

"Because you didn't take out the last dummy, dummy," she said in the same tone.

"I didn't try to make a hole in the wall with a ball the size of Ember Island." Baizken replied, his voice getting louder.

"Well why don't you," she heard footsteps, "I apologize, brother," Finosa said, trying to make it sound good.

"And I except; but," before he could say anymore Gatton said he needed to talk with them. They went downstairs to the living room. Grandma was upstairs and Sven was inspecting the whole hole.

"I know it's the middle of break and there's nothing for you guys to do really," Gatton said, trying to be upbeat; they nodded, "Well, I have to go on a trip to some Air Temples."

"Why," asked Baizken, trying to understand where his grandfather was getting at.

Gatton continued, "Because, now anyway do you guys want to come with me."

"Sure," said Baizken, who was pretty excited to go to the strange, historical Air Temples.

"Do I have a choice?" asked Finosa, who did not want to leave home.

"Nope," Gatton said in the same tone, "We leave in week.

The week felt like forever for Baizken and an instance for Finosa. The day had come when they had to leave. Sala had come to see them off. Finally, their walk ended and they reached the checkpoint where Duma and some other dragons were.

"All right I'll give you guys a few minutes to say goodbye while I saddle up Duma," Gatton said.

"I don't want to go; but goodbye Sala," Finosa sighed.

"I'll see you guys when you get back," said Sala looking at Baizken.

"See ya, Finosa's friend," Baizken said jokingly. Sala lightly hit him in the elbow, "Ow, what was that for?" he asked.

"Nothing," Sala shook his hand, "I gotta get home; see you in a few weeks," and she left.

"How clueless are you?" Finosa mumbled under her breath.

"What?" said the clueless sword boy.

They all got on Duma while some fire guards and lesser sages rode dragons to protect Halois; and they were off. Soaring high into the sky. The dragons were fast; they would get across the world, to the Northern Air Temple in no time.

They had spent a few hours in the sky and were flying over the peaceful waters. Unfortunately, there is nothing to watch when your over peaceful waters; so Baizken decided to ask a question, "Where the spirits does purple firebending come from?" he said this as if he had just pulled it off his head, which he had.

"Firebending comes in many forms. Normal, aggression, power, raw, and defensive. Those are only few. Purple fire is firebending's most raw unpolished form; but it has immense power. It also takes a great deal of time to polish it until it turns into pure fire," Gatton explained briefly.

"I've polished and polished," Finosa said a little upset.

"Yes, but you lack control," said Gatton, "You may never reach pure fire if you never can control it. It's very rare and even the greatest masters can take more than a decade to master it."

"How come Finosa learned it, so out of the blue?" asked Baizken curiously.

Gatton continued to explain, "Because she has the Avatar's blood line in her. It gives her great bending power. She still may never master her abilities." This frustrated Finosa. She would master her abilities eventually, right.

"Well I'm going to take 40 blinks," said Baizken, not realizing how hard it is to fall a sleep on a dragon.

It took almost a days journey; but they finally saw the Northern Air Temple in sight. All the dragons flew in and landed in the bison stables. The bison did not like this. All the sages and guards got off their dragons. Gatton, however landed Duma on a ledge outside the temple. Monks soon forced the sages and guards to do the same. They entered the temple and looked at all the beautiful statues and scenery around them; so different from the Fire Nation. The three multilevel buildings were unlike anything Baizken had ever scene. Lemurs flew around, one particular lemur landed on Halois's head making him upset.

"To me Anjelo," said a monk Gatton knew all to well; the lemur came onto the shoulder of the monk who started to speak, "Welcome to the Northern Air Temple. I am Head Monk Senzin."

"Senzin?" the Avatar said in confusion, shock, and more confusion. Suddenly a kid wearing a mask jumped out from behind Senzin and yelled.


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