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Fire Nation




Infinity Emperor

60AG - Still in Power



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Infinity Sword (Gauntlet Blade)

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Malefic, Luccaino, Infinity Order


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Infinity Emperor




Infinity Order

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A Bloody Beginning

Josik is one of The Three Emperors of the Infinity Order in the fanon Avatar: Bridge to Infinity.

Before Bridge to Infinity

Early Life (Unknown - 60AG)

Josik was born sometime before 50AG in the Fire Nation and was the son of the one the nation's top serving Generals. He was trained since birth in the art of Firebending and quickly surpassed his master and even his father's power. However, after a chance meeting with Togura, Josik left his luxurious life behind to join the Infinity Order to be trained as Togura's successor.

After joining the Infinity Order, Josik was trained intensely under Togura. He quickly became the ideal choice for a future Emperor as was, as a result, trained under 'special' conditions.

Ascension to Emperor and the Final years of the War (61AG Onwards)

Josik took over as emperor in early 60AG after Togura disappeared. Josik quickly upgraded the military power of the Order with introduction of a newer, more powerful Infinity Sword and the creation of personalized weapons for higher ranking soldiers.

Josik was the one who managed to track down both of the other Emperors years before they were crowned. He went to the Northern Water Tribe after a lethal storm to save the life of Luccaino. He then went to the Earth Kingdom to save one of the last Air Nomads, Malefic.

Bridge to Infinity

Malefic's Attack

Josik is only seen briefly as he witnesses a bitter disgust between Malefic and Luccaino. He later gives permission for Malefic's mission much to Luccaino's annoyance.

Later during Malefic's battle against Zuko he uses a mysterious power to manipulate the Seal in the sky. He then orders Luccaino to ambsuh a fast approaching Aang.

Luccaino Fights Aang

After Luccaino's apparent execution of Aang and Appa. Josik is surprised to find that it has 'increased the energy'. After discussing with Malefic about a scout sent by unknown forces, he reveals it's name to be Xercxes which sends a shiver down Malefic's spine.

Mai Switches Sides

He later apparently brainwashes Mai. Then he and Malefic watch Mai's battle against Zuko and Iroh which results in the Fire Lord being mortally wounded. He and Malefic and then shocked by the surprise appearance of Xercxes.


Josik has a calm and relaxed view to most situations and will never let his power or temper get out of control. However, he has been know to let his temper get out of control with devastating results to his victim.



Josik is a master Firebender who wields incredible skill. His power is unmatched and surpasses even that of a Fire Lord at his peak. He uses unique and unseen moves that leaves his opponents dumbstruck and unable to fight on.

Infinity Gauntlets

Josik has a unique variant of the Infinity Sword in the form of gauntlets with razor sharp blades lining the edges. Josik will only use these deadly weapons if he is under intense pressure due to their destructive power.

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