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"Rest in Peace"

Jordan, was a former member of the Elite in the fanon story Alone.



Jordan was given the assignment to go with the rest of the Elite to track Leah once it became evident she would escape. He took his position with his companions on the east road and waited for orders or opportunity. Once Leah was spotted, Jordan left with Kumara and Morgan to Alice Springs while Vayu and Adam pursued her. Once they arrived in the city, they constructed an underground room to trap Leah should she come.

Leah finally arrived in the city and she fell into the trap, but countered being crushed by the walls. Jordan descended into the room with Morgan and Kumara and attacked. Jordan attacked with ice disks and water whips, though all were simply batted away by Leah. Morgan then tripped her with quicksand and Jordan prepared to deal the final blow the an icicle. Leah melted the icicle, freezing it around Morgan and kicking Jordan and Kumara to the ground.

Jordan was binded to the ground in earth shackles and watched silently as Leah escaped, collapsing the room around them. The Leader however was still convinced Leah was in the city, and Jordan was assigned to guard the northern road out of the city.


Following Leah to America, the Elite stumbled upon the waterbender colony of Xylia. Jordan and Vayu conjured a fog wall to surround the valley while Kumara decimated the colony single-handed. Kumara was interrupted by Leah however and sent up an explosive fireball, signalling the rest of the Elite. Jordan and Vayu gave up the fog wall and hurried to intercept Leah.

The Elite surrounded Leah, and Jordan struck first with a water knife. Leah countered all the attacks from all members of the Elite as Jordan continued to strike with water daggers. Leah unexpectedly buried his water and seeing him unarmed, kicked him down and shackled him to the ground, taking him out of the fight.


Little of Jordan's personality has been shown other than fighting with the Elite, but the author means to show him as the lighter side of the Elite personal. He will be shown with a friendlier approach when not fighting, and meant to be a sort of comic relief to the Elite.


Jordan is excellent enough in waterbending to be the water member of the Elite, but little of his abilities have been shown as of yet. He is capable in water knives, whips, and daggers, and is shown to have mastery of controlling the three states of water.


Book 2: Smoke

Book 3: Storm

Preceded by
Position Established
Elite Waterbender
February 1979-September 2001
Succeeded by

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