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Book 1: "A New Era Of Love And Peace"



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26 August 2011

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Previously, On Next Generations

Prisoners at The Boiling Rock were released to the yard, Ozai and others started fighting immediately, then the fight started to spread wide among prisoners. Many guards came to stop the fight while Zhao sneaked out of the fight. Then a prisoner came with him, without talking, Zhao quickly took the prisoner with him then escaped prison fire flying, carrying the other prisoner on his back, the escape was successful for Zhao and allies because Zhao managed to escape on a captured airship.

On the airship, the prisoner explained to Zhao: "My name is Roy Dest, I was about to be promoted to Admiral in the Fire Nation military at the war, then I got imprisoned here, I was then informed that my leader Ozai was defeated."

Zhao replied: "I'll take you to Omashu, you will do whatever you do there and I will complete my mission," Roy agreed.

Chapter 3: Jong Kong

Avatar Aang woke up to face a heavy work day, which in he have to build the City of Sokka.

Sokka: "Aang, Aang! I planned my city! let's start working!"

Zuko: "I already made place for the city and transferred the supplies to the desired spot."

Aang: "Then let's get working."

Aang and Katara started Waterbending the ice and building the city under the assistance of Sokka.

Meanwhile, Zhao was with Roy Dest in the airship.

Zhao: "We're approaching to Omashu now, we will land in ten minutes."

Roy: "Okay, do you need any help?"

Zhao: "If you can drive this thing I'll be happy."

Roy: "Alright, I'll come and drive as long as it's only ten minutes."

After 10 minutes, the airship landed in front of Omashu.

City guard: "Who are you and what are you doing with this airship?"

Zhao: "My name is Ozhao, I was hired by the Fire Nation military to seek for remaining Ozai allies in this city. I need to deliver this airship to the Omashu airbase to pick it up when I leave."

City guard: "Alright, who is your friend?"

Zhao: "This is Roy, my right hand in this mission."

City guard: "Okay, the ship will be directed to the airbase, its code will be 14324. Come in, Welcome to Omashu."

Roy: "Thank you."

After they went into the city, Zhao said to Roy: "Okay Roy, go and do whatever you want to do, I'll be searching for my son who is settled here."

Zhao went on to search for his son which he did not see in five years, after a long search, he finds him.

Zhao: "I missed you a lot son, a lot happened in the past few years, I haven't seen you since you were thirteen!"

Zhao's son: "Yes, come to my house so we can continue our conversation safely."

After they entered the little house, which has three words on its entrance: Jong Kong's House

Jong Kong: "So tell me father, what are you up to and how did you come here?"

Zhao: "I managed to escape The Boiling Rock with the assistance of Ozai, now I want to establish a base for us. Of course you have friends here, I want you to collect them all, I have found that to the north of Omashu, more widely to the north of the Kolau mountains, there is an untouched piece of land here we can consider it as our base. I've got an airship which can be our main traveling method, while there we'll have to camp. I want you to buy a tent for each of your friends in addition to your tent, and mine."

Jong Kong: "Well, I've got only two friends which I can trust, Hiku, the Fire Nation man living next door, as well as an Earthbender named Fu Gan. Both of them are Assassins and they fight really really well."

Zhao: "Okay four is a small number but enough for now. We will plan to regain the glory of the old Fire Nation military in our hideout, but I need to meet your friends first."

Jong Kong: "Okay, let's start with Assassin Hiku."

Zhao and Jong Kong go to Hiku's place and knock the door, Hiku's house is very similar to Jong Kong's.

Jong Kong knocks the door and Hiku opens then says: "Jong Kong my friend, what you do want? and who that man is?"

Jong Kong: "That's my father, Admiral Zhao, he and I will have to talk to you inside."

Hiku: "Okay, to inside come!"

Zhao: "So why do you talk so weird?"

Hiku: "My family heritage this is. The Indiku family for long long times, talking this way are."

Zhao: "Whatever, heritage boy. I heard you're an assassin and I need assassins in a very dangerous mission, do you accept to help me?"

Hiku: "Jong Kong my friend told always me about you and your greatness. Pleased I will be to offer help to you."

Zhao: "show me your abilities - agility and whatever your abilities are."

Hiku starts to run very quickly around the house as he takes his sword and starts to fight nobody and shows great one-sword fighting show.

Zhao: "I'm impressed, you got to come with us!"

Hiku: "My honor this is. Pleased I will be to offer service to you."

Zhao: "Lets go to Fu Gan's house."

Hiku: "Fu Gan is a friend of mine. Best friend!"

The trio went to Fu Gan's house, which was quite big compared with Jong Kong's and Hiku's houses.

Jong Kong knocked the door and Fu Gan opened, Jong Kong introduced his dad to Fu Gan because he never told Fu Gan about Zhao.

Fu Gan: "Admiral Zhao, heard of him, he captured the Avatar once didn't he?"

Jong Kong: "Yes he did."

When they entered Fu Gan's house, Jong Kong explained his father's plan to his friends and Fu Gan agreed.

Zhao: "When we land there I want to see some Earthbending."

Fu Gan: "Cool. We need a name for our gang - The Old Glory Gang - OGG is a good name isn't it?"

Zhao: "Yest it is, very good name. I'll be the leader of the gang. Now listen, I'll pretend to take you as prisoners when we take off."

Jong Kong went and bought tents and a backpack for Zhao to keep the tents in. Then Zhao led the three 19-year-olds as prisoners to Omashu airbase.

Airbase guard: "Your airship code, please."

Zhao: "14324."

Airbase guard: "Mr. Ozhao, who are these extra people?"

Zhao: "These are my prisoners which I came looking for."

Airbase guard: "Okay, you can pass."

Zhao went with the teens then flew to the north of the Kolau mountains.

Meanwhile, Aang and Katara has already built half of the City Of Sokka, containing a big town hall which is also Sokka's family's new home and a self-working fountain.

When Zhao arrived at his Old Glory Gang hideout, the sun was already starting to set and Jong Kong reveals to his father and friends that he is also a master Firebender, which he kept a secret to be able to live peacefully in Omashu.

With the arrival of the night, City of Sokka is complete, but no one has moved to it yet except for Sokka, Suki, Mikko and Yong.

Old Glory Gang go to sleep as well as Team Avatar.


  • The main plot of this chapter was about the Old Glory Gang members, as well as the title. But Team Avatar started the chapter and ended it as well
  • Roy Dest is a play on the word Destroy
  • Jong Kong has a very muscular body, that's why his name came from King Kong

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