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Iroh (United Forces general)

This page is comprised of John Rider's relationships with other characters from the Avatar fanon The Gunfighter. John is caring, yet somewhat gruff person who greatly respects his elders and peers.


Liam Rider

" I am so proud of you son"
— Liam praising John

Ever since birth, Liam took great pride in his only son. He taught John everything he knew about the world and about bending. In return, John became a great listener and student of his father, taking it upon himself to continue the Rider Family line in his father's honor. John was greatly devastated when Liam died, falling into a short depression. It was thanks to Liam that John developed his own style of firebending and his understanding of airbending.

Isabella Rider

Being the Avatar, Isabella had little spare time, but what ever she had, she devoted it to John. She taught John how to firebend and was proud of what her son could accomplish at such a young age. When Isabella died in childbirth, John was absolutely devastated by the loss of his mother. In fact, it would take him almost two years to fully recover from the loss.

Jack Rider 

"I never thought I would live to see this day"
— John holding his son for the first time

John "Jack" Rider Jr. was the first son and eldest child born to John. Aside from the short Contention, which takes place between The Gunfighter and The Invasion, not much is known about their relationship.

Love Interests

Eve Collins

"She was an inspiration, a beacon for those lost in the fog. And I loved her."
— John speaking at Eve's funeral.

Eve and John met sometime before the beginning of The Gunfighter and fell in love. They are described to be complete opposites of each other, even in their bending styles. Nevertheless, both are shown to care very deeply for each other.

After breaking his arm, Eve was the one John turned to for medical treatment, showing a great trust in her skills as a healer. He later voiced doubt about letting her attend a raid on an Equalist shipment. John's feelings about this were proven correct when Eve was killed by a stray bola, leaving the firebender devastated from her loss.


Korra saved Iroh
"I have her back, and she has mine."
— John on his relationship with Korra.

Ever since their first meeting, Korra and John have shown extensive trust in each other. Together, the two escape from the White Lotus compound and sailed to Republic City. Korra was able to sense John's reaction to the Equalist protester, despite not having known him that long. She even asked him if he "wanted to do anything about it", but agreed with him when he stated that they needed to find Tenzin.

When Korra was arrested for attacking the triad members, John willingly surrendered to the police, knowing that if he acted it would mean spilling innocent blood. While being held at the police station, John pleaded with Tenzin to allow him and Korra stay in the city. Tenzin however believed that with the growing Equalist threat, the Avatar would be safer at the South Pole. He even entrusted Korra's protection to John.

After Tenzin allowed the pair to remain in the city, John watched Korra's first airbending lesson. He showed great amusement in the Avatar's failed attempt to navigate through the spinning gates. John did give Korra pointers later that night however, suggesting that she think more like a waterbender when trying to airbend.

The following night, John accompanied Korra to the Pro Bending Arena. Korra displayed great amusement at John's theft of the White Lotus radio the night before. After watching the match, John suggested that Korra fill in for the Fire Ferrets waterbender, stating that she would be great at it.

After Bolin's disappearance, John accompanied Korra and Mako to search for him. During the Equalist rally, Korra watched with a sense of amazement at John's firebending skill during his duel with The Lieutenant, even helping him to end the fight by interfering with her Earthbending.

Shortly after the arrival of the Refugees, John comforted Korra when she was having nightmares about Amon. In return, she expressed concern when he was angry about the new laws against non benders.  

After Mako was injured in a Pro Bending Match, Korra accepted John as his replacement. At one point during the match, John ignored incoming fire from the opposing team as he raced to save Korra from falling out of the ring. Later on, after the match, John allowed Korra to heal a deep gash in his forehead, showing that he had trust in her abilities as a healer.

At some point, Korra developed romantic feelings for John. This was proven when she kissed him at the end of Central City Station Part One. While it was known that John deeply cared for Korra, it remained unknown if he returned her feelings.

During the Attack on the Pro Bending Arena, John freed the Fire Ferrets from their bonds before giving chase to Amon. While the others joined the Hellraisers in the fight against the remaining Equalists, Korra made her way to the glass dome and help John in his duel against The Lieutenant.

Korra expressed great distress when John sent himself and The Lieutenant falling through the dome, breaking off from attacking Amon in an effort to see if he survived. It was reviled that Korra helped him recover throughout the night, working with him to find something to relive the pain from his injuries.

Later, John stood up for Korra when Tarrlok put down her inability to airbend. It escalated to the point that he threatened to humiliate the councilman in public through physical violence.

When a raid on an Equalist convoy went horribly wrong, Korra had to be held to the ground and sat on by Leon in order to keep her from getting caught in the path of a Rampent John.

Following Korra being kidnapped by Tarrlok, John was on the verge of madness as he searched Republic City for her. While he was initially confused about what exactly he was feeling, it wasn't until he threated to burn an Equalist alive that he realized what it was: love.

When Korra was found half frozen to death, John took her under his personal care. Throughout the night he preformed various tasks in order to warm her body and refused to leave her side when it became clear that she would survive.

The two officially became a couple during the Battle of Republic City and constantly watched each other's backs during the fighting. Korra later showed distress when Amon took John's bending, and in return he killed Amon as revenge for taking her bending. The two later expressed their love for each other at the South Pole.

Six months later, the couple were still together and by each other's side whenever possible. After opening the Southern Portal, John proposed marriage to Korra, the latter of which happy accepted.



" Well at least I've got backup in case something goes wrong tonight." "Lets hope it doesn't come to that."
— Mako and John

Mako and John have a mutual trust between each other, manly due to John's involvement in Bolin's rescue from the Equalists. Before a Pro Bending Match, Mako expressed his happiness that John and Eve were attending the match. The two had a friendly interaction before the match. Mako even trusted John and John's ability to firebend to the point that he considered John his backup if he got hurt.

In return to this trust, John took Mako's place when the latter was taken out for a concussion. He won the game for the Fire Ferrets, despite having taken an injury to the head himself.

John later trained Mako for the match against the Wolf Bats, teaching some of his moves in order to insure that the Fire Ferrets had a fighting chance. While Mako complained about the brutality of the training, it did in fact become of great use during the match.

Mako has proven to be one of the few that John trusts to use technology from our world. He gave Mako his personal shotgun at the beginning of The Battle of Republic City, which the later used up until the final hours of the battle.


John and Bolin's relationship has yet to be fully explored. However, Bolin is grateful to John for his role in his rescue. After a pro-bending match that John won by himself, Bolin praised him in his usual goofy fashion. John in return thanked Bolin, even calling him by the nickname Mako typically used.

Asami Sato

John's trust in the young Sato heiress is one of the greatest in the series. He often trusts her to be the driver or operator when the group encounters a form of machinery. In return to her service, John has allowed Asami to be the sole person to study technology from our world.

During the beginning of the Battle of the Southern Port, it was to John that Asami turned to in order to pilot the Alpha prototype of the Mecha Tank Mk 2 into battle.

Lin Beifong

While everyone else referred to her either as Chief or Beifong, John has called her Lin ever since their reunification in an interigation room. She expressed jeliously that John was still young while she had aged by several years. However the two still regarded each other with respect, something that Korra found baffling. Lin later allowed John and The Refugess to put down Collins' Uprising, an act she would be grateful for after seeing the carrnage caused by the battle.

John later agreed to help provide security for the Pro-Bending Finals at Lin's personal request. Durning the attack on the finals, Lin was one of the ones rushing to see if John was alright following his fall from the dome. She later requested John's help in a raid on the Sato Mansion, an act that would uncover Hiroshi Sato's affiliation with Amon.

During the Battle for Republic City, John expressed anger and vowed revenge when he learned of Amon taking her bending.


John and Tenzin first met during John's first trip to the World of the Avatar. Although this event occurred roughly three or four years before the start of The Gunfighter in John's view, to Tenzin, this occurred forty years ago. Despite the time difference, the two still show a mutual trust in each other. Tenzin even entrusted Korra's safety to John, trusting him more than the White Lotus guards.

John came to Tenzin about the Refugees, asking permission to bring them to Republic City. Tenzin agreed and brought the matter up with The City Council. He later urged the airbending master to repel the anti non bender laws that had been passed, feeling that the city was in danger if the Refugees went rampent.


Leon is John's best friend and second in command. Both have a mutual trust in each other and are shown to go out of their way to defend each other. At least twice now, John has left Leon in command either when he was unavailable or needed some time off.

At the end of The Gunslinger Civil War, John named Leon the new Grandmaster, viewing him as the most worthy to lead and giving him the choice of what to do with the order.


John and Roland have a sort of love-hate relationship. When they're not hanging around each other, they are usually doing some sort of prank to each other. However Roland tends to take this too far, causing John to become angered to the point of attempted murder. Despite this, they both manage to forgive each other and move on.


— John's common reaction to Jinora's questioning

Jinora has developed somewhat of an attachment to John thanks in part to the journal entries she read pertaining to John's father Liam. While John has shown annoyance at this, he views Jinora as something like a niece, often playing Pai Sho with her. John often finds himself the brunt of constant badgering from the girl for information. To counter this, the firebender used his wit and ability to answer a question without actually answering it.

By Book 3, the connection between the two had strengthened to the point that John was able to recognize her ability to see spirits long before anyone else.



"I'd let the girl talk Amon. Unless you want your brains splattered all over that poster behind you."
— John to Amon.

John has shown outright hatred for Amon and what he stands for, despite having little contact between the two. Their first encounter led to John shattering half of Amon's mask with a bullet fired from a crowd. However the shot wasn't meant to kill the Equalist leader, but rather serve as a warning. Later, when the group was on the verge of being captured, John threatened to "end the revolution right here", by aiming his gun at Amon.

John met Amon again when Korra challenged him to a duel. While the Equalist leader would remain largely unaware of who it was that attacked him and his men until the final days of the war, he was impressed by John's bending skill.

Ethan Alexander

"Why won't you just die?!" "'Cause it's my job to light your funeral pyre!"
— The Grandmaster and John

Not much is currently known about the relationship between The Grandmaster and John other than the latter's displeasure for the formar's existence.


" I don't know what you have done with her, or where you've taken her. But I swear upon the blood of my father that you will find hell a vacation compared to what I will do to you. "
— John regarding Tarrlok's kidnapping of Korra.

From the beginning, John and Tarrlok have shown extensive distrust and dislike of each other. Despite the fact the two didn't meet until the events of A Decleration, John showed a dislike for what the man stood for.

When Tarrlok attempted to have members of Team Avatar arrested, John warned that what the councilman was doing would destroy the alliance between Republic City and The Refugees. The next day, after Korra's kidnapping, John attempted to burn Tarrlok to death while resisting the control of bloodbending.

Although the waterbender was wounded by this attempt, he managed to escape.

Kyle Collins

At any given time, John and Kyle's relationship is sour at best. It is unknown when these hostilities first started, but it is clear that they are angry with each other due to their differing views. At one point, Kyle attempted to start an uprising against John. This situation even escalated to the point that the two drew weapons against each other.

Later, during the Battle at Central City Station, John pleaded with Kyle to end the dispute peacefully. However, gunfire was exchanged between the two sides. At the end of the battle, John and Kyle had a short but furious duel. Kyle was seriously wounded in the fight, while John was left unharmed.

The Lieutenant

" Bitch Slapped!"
— John watching Naga brush The Lieutenant aside.

Even though they have almost no formal interaction, John and The Lieutenant had engaged each other in two furious fights. The first was at The Revelation, in which John was able to land a few hits on him even though the fight ended in a draw.

During the duel on top of the Arena, The Lieutenant attempted to end the fight quickly by hitting John in a surprise attack. However John reacted quickly by shooting the glass out beneath himself, sending the two of them falling into the arena. John then used his firebending to propel himself and The Lieutenant into the broadcast booth, where they continued to fight. The Duel ended when The Lieutenant fled to avoid capture.

The two briefly met again while Team Avatar was fleeing Air Temple Island, as John expressed great amusement in The Lieutenant being knocked off of the cliff by Naga.

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