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Grumpy passport attendant
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61 (deceased)

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Fire, Lightning

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The Leader, The BDA


Joel, Xavier, Free Benders

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Elite Firebender

  • BDA agent


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"Legacy Part 1: Avatar Joel" (only appearance)

Johanna was one of the original members of the Elite in the fanon story Alone.



Johanna was born in 1923 in Sofia, Bulgaria, a small firebending colony. As she grew up, she was estranged by the other children in the colony for her aggression in firebending. This, coupled with her fascination in the BDA, left her with no social interaction as a child and leaving her with no sense of empathy or joy. In 1944, when Johanna was 19, the colony was bombed by the Allies, resulting in the death of most of the colonists.

Two years later, the Leader and a contingent of BDA agents came to the city looking for survivors. When offered the chance to join, Johanna readily accepted. As one of the agency's only firebenders, she was adored by the Leader for her skills, and she quickly rose through the ranks of the Enforcers. As she ascended to power, she quickly gained a reputation in the Free Benders for her ruthlessness and cruel demeanor.

In 1974, in the midst of Joel's army rising, the Leader formed the Elite to hunt down Joel. Along with Vayu, Tafari, and Jordan, Johanna was chosen as one of the founding members. They pursued Joel and his rebel army throughout Europe and Asia, but to no avail. 10 years later, they were called back to Uluru to defend it from Joel's assault.

The Assault

As the Enforcers and Rebel armies were gathered, Johanna was given control with Tafari over the first wave. Johanna stayed on the sidelines during the first phase of the battle, firing minute bursts of fire into the rebel army. The first wave of Enforcers, including Tafari, were soon destroyed by the rebel's overwhelming numbers. Johanna hid from the army and found Joel standing near the body of Tafari.

She took the opportunity and fired a bolt of lightning at Joel, but it accidentally struck Xavier, one of Joel's commanders. Joel rushed forward to confront Johanna, but was stopped by Adrian, who wanted to face her himself. The two circled each other, and Johanna struck first with a pinpoint blast of fire.

The two fought on with equal blasts of air and fire. When Adrian created a tornado, Johanna jet upwards and landed in the middle, hiding her. From the concealment of the twister, she attacked Adrian, though he caught on and dissipated it. Johanna then tried firing lightning at Adrian. Adrian caught it on his index and middle fingers, but failed to bypass it through his stomach, gravely injuring him.

Johanna walked over to Adrian and prepared to kill him when he directed the lightning out of his stomach and fired it at Johanna's shoulder. She prepared another attack, but didn't get the chance as Adrian hit her with an air blast. She flew through the air and crashed into Uluru's cliff wall, killing her.

After her death, her place on the Elite was taken by Kumara.


Johanna was a powerful firebender. She was seen to be capable of charged blasts, using fire to propel herself in the air, and easily diffusing airbending attacks with fire of her own. Her Elite ability was a pinpoint fire attack with great accuracy.

She was also able to craete and guide lightning.


Book 2: Smoke

Preceded by
Position Established
Elite Firebender
February 1979-November 1984
Succeeded by

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