By Gingalover Part of the Ginga Densetsu Avatar continuity.
Biographical information

Air temple

Birth place

Southern Air Temple


Earth Kingdom

Physical description


Hair color

Dark blue

Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice

Teeth, brains


Immune to Blood-Bending


Weed (brother)


Team Avatar



Chronological and political information

Pack leader


Wild dog pack (leader), Team Avatar

First appearance
  • (GDA) Book 4: Air
  • (GDA 2) book 1 -

Joe is the long lost brother of Weed. He's a pretty smart dog, getting plans in that other group attacks wouldn't even think of planning to work. When he was little, he and his brother were attacked by Blue, and everyone thought he was dead since Weed saw him getting ripped up. But he survived the attack and after a while, with aid of traveling merchants, went to the Earth Kingdom, where he made up a strong pack.

Book 1: water

Although he didn't appear officially, he had appeared during Weed's memory dream while Team Avatar was heading to the North Pole. The dream showed them both as puppies during Blue's attack incident.

Book 4: Air

Joe first makes a rather dramatic appearance when he shows up on a ridge while Violet was strangling the life out of Mai. He demands Violet to let her go, calling her by name, which spooks her. He comes in with the rest of his pack, and wasn't affected by Violet's blood-bending (unlike his pack members). When he reveils his name to her, she literally passes out from shock, humoring Joe alittle. When Team Avatar came, he revils that he's Weed's brother and jokes around when Weed can't remember him. After that he goes back with them.

After GB freaked out before they arrived in Ba Sing Se, he had decided to bring him to a special dry lake bed with a dead tree in the middle of it. He explains to GB about what he went through, his past with Weed, and even said an incident where Smith saved his life! He left GB with the tree, giving GB time to think it over.

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