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Jiuan is a young Fire Nation nobleman, best friend of Crown Prince Iroh.


Jiuan was born in 36 AG to a Fire Nation nobleman and his wife. Not much is known about his life until he met Iroh. In 47 AG, both entered the Royal Academy for Boys. They were both loners, Iroh being treated as a god and not a person and Jiuan being jeopardized because of his features. They thus found in each other a rock on which stand when confronted to their respective issues. Jiuan was Iroh's first and, for a long time, only friend.

As time went on, Jiuan developed talents for prestidigitation. Girls started to easily fall for him, amazed by his skills. However, he never experienced a deep relationship, finding all the girls he dated too shallow.

In 52 AG, Iroh became attracted by a young noblewoman, named Cixi. Jiuan set up their meeting at an underground party, ensuring no one would interfere. However, he wasn't able to attend the party himself. Subsequently, Iroh and Cixi started to date.

The worst was going to happen, as, as Jiuan met and learnt more and more of Cixi, he slowly fell in love with his best friend's girlfriend. He effectively became torn between his personal interests and his loyalty to Iroh. He so far remained faithful to his friend, staying cool when Fire Lord Azulon threatened to end the relationship between the two, and planning to get them married.

Personality and traits

Jiuan was a caring and selfless individual, who put the interests of the people he loved before his own, even if it meant ruining his own. This was most evident when he tried for a while to keep the relationship between Cixi and Iroh strong, even if it destroyed any chance for him to eventually date Cixi. He also picked up Belle-Tching in order to allow Iroh to reach Cixi, barely avoiding the dangerous Water Tribe kiss.

Jiuan often acted in a silly way, doing jokes, embarrassing people and faking stupidity. He was in fact quite intelligent, but hid it as he would otherwise be more pressured - not to mention the fact that people never suspect an idiot to be a kleptomaniac.

As he was, indeed, a kleptomaniac.

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