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Warning! This page contains spoilers for Corruption and Redemption.

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Sons of Corruption

Jirru is a character in the story Corruption and Redemption and a member of the Dai Li.


Early Life

Jirru was born to a poor family in the lower ring in Ba Sing Se during the War. Because his parents were very demanding and overruling, Jirru grew up being a somewhat parinoid and worried child, always feeling as if he greatly disappointed other people if he let them down. When Jirru was a teenager, he met a younger Long Feng when he was trying to use Earthbending to try to steal money from his pockets by bending small pebbles into his pocket and using them to grab onto the money. Impressed by the boy's skill, Long Feng asked him if he was willing to join the Dai Li, he agreed and proved to be a loyal member throughout the years.

Getting His Scar

While patrolling the lower ring, Jirru was sent to arrest a radical conspiracy theorist, as he was endangering the massive conspiracy from being revealed. When Jirru was about to arrest him, the theorist yelled out onto a crowd that the Dai Li was trying to silence him, so he pulled out a pair of Dao swords and lashed out at him. Jirru was barely able to dodge a sword blow to his head, slicing his right cheek and giving him a scar. He then restrained the theorist with rock gloves and brought him to Lake Laogi to be brainwashed.

Coup of Ba Sing Se

Trapped captured agent

Jirru restrained by Toph

When Azula briefly took control of the Dai Li, she explained how the they would commence a coup to overthrow the Earth Kingdom government. When Azula spoke to the Dai Li, she apparently singled out Jirru and coused him a great amount of fear. Jirru did not arrest any of the council members, and while he was back at the upper ring, he was confronted and defeated by Iroh, who planned to interrogate him about the coup. When Toph restrained him with Earthbending, he was so scared by being outmatched, he revealed all of the information of the coup without being asked.

Dai Li Conflict

After the Order of the White Lotus liberated Ba Sing Se, Jirru decided to join Long Feng's new faction of Dai Li agents, despite him revealing information on the coup. Jirru aided Long Feng in many raids on Earth Kingdom villages, capturing and brainwashing any Earthbenders they found, increasing their numbers. When they commenced a raid on Senlin Village and during the raid they discovered Azula was in fact alive. Jirru fought Azula in a forest clearing with three other agents. Jirru was the only survivor and was badly burned by a fire whip to the chest.

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