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Jiren is a minor character in Avatar: Guardian and a member of the Dai Li.


Jiren was born in the lower ring of Ba Sing Se to refugees of the War. While his parents struggled to earn a living to support him, Jiren knew that his family was not well off. One day, after sneaking into the middle ring, he met a young Long Feng, who promised him a better life in exchange for his loyalty and service. Jiren, anxious to leave behind his low social status, quickly joined and began his training.

Becoming an Agent

Jiren began his training earlier than most agents of the Dai Li. His youth proved to make things difficult for him, as he slowly began feeling the pressure mounting. This was never outwardly expressed, and slowly began effecting his psyche.

Patrolling in Ba Sing Se

Jiren was a good agent, as he had learned his techniques at a young age. He found many new recruits for the positions of Joo Dees, as well as silencing any mentioning of the War. Eventually, while patrolling at night, he hears the sound of running. He turns, and is almost knocked over by a teenager in a blue mask. Infuriated, he turns to chase the boy, and is quickly captured. He eventually leads Zuko to Lake Laogai, but the details of this are unclear.

Coup of Ba Sing Se

Jiren never wanted to be a part of the plot to take power away from the Earth King, but he knew that Long Feng held the power to destroy everything he had worked for, so he went along. He was one of the first agents to shift to Azula's side, knowing in his heart that Azula would be the one to come out victorious. After the fall of Ba Sing Se, he went to the Fire Nation with Azula, but was banished with all of the others.


Jiren was not one of the agents who attacked the Fire Lord in his palace, but was one of the agents on the ship with Long Feng. Later on, he is forced out of the base the Dai Li held along with the rest of the agents when Team Avatar entered to find the mayor of a recently conquered town. These defeats added to Jiren's mounting pressures, and made him constantly nervous. Later, when he is given the responsibility of disposing of a prisoner, he manages to loose him to Team Avatar. The rest of the Dai Li are unaware of this, as he was supposed to return without a body.

Trapped captured agent

Jiren is captured by Aang

Later, some agents are sent to ambush Team Avatar, since they had information suggesting that they had possession of the Earth King. Jiren attacks from the trees with the other agents, but is forced to leave with all of the others. He is eventually knocked out of the trees he was jumping through and captured by Avatar Aang. He was tells why the agents attacked them, as well as begging not to be harmed. Aang lets him go, under the promise that he lives a life of peace. He is not seen in the invasion of Ba Sing Se by the Dai Li, so it is assumed that he decided to live a life of peace.


Jiren was an honorable child with a thirst to better himself until Long Feng entered his life. Long Feng's words corrupted Jiren, and eventually damaged his psyche. Jiren was too young when he joined the Dai Li, and was mentally unprepared for the challenges of the agent's training. While he did an excellent job of concealing his emotions for his years in the Dai Li, they eventually surfaced when Team Avatar started defeating the Dai Li. He became nervous and paranoid, also developing a stutter. His paranoia has also caused insomnia, also adding to the paranoia.


  • Jiren is derived from part of the Chinese expression of "fear", reflecting his paranoid personality.

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