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This article is fanon, for her canon history, see Jinora.
Jinora Gyatso
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Air Nomad

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Air Temple Island





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Philip Hellene, Alexander Hellene

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  • Professor
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United Kingdom council


Tenzin, Philip Hellene

"Just because I am an Air Nomad, it doesn't mean I can't be a Hellene."

Jinora Gyatso is the eldest daughter of Tenzin, son of Aang and Katara. She is the main protagonist in Book 2 of the Polybender Saga.


Jinora Gyatso has long, brown hair that exposes her forehead, revealing her Air Nomad tattoos. Philip Hellene remarked, "If you shave her hair, she looks like Aang when he was twelve."

Before moving to Hellas, Jinora wore her nomad robes and a wing suit. However, when she settled into Hellas, she adopted their style of clothing. She wears a loose T-shirt and robes for casual, a dress for formal, the shirt and jumper style for smart casual, and her brown suit for her academic dress.


After the Great War, Jinora visited Philip in Hellas. Accepting his invitation, she moved to the Kingdom of Hellas to study at the University of Logopolis. There, Jinora discovered many new things - computers, bending science and the taste of meat. Jinora studied for a few years and attained her numerous degrees, earning herself the title "Dr. Gyatso". Following her graduation, she joined Alexander Hellene's team in war games against Philip, but did not win.

Upon returning to the United Kingdom, Jinora was appointed as a representative of the council and oversaw the construction of the Republic City University.


Generally speaking, Jinora is a patient, respectful and kind-hearted girl. However, when upset, she is prone to great outbursts. The most common victim of such outbursts is her father, Tenzin.

As a teenager, she can be rather rebellious and has an underlying goal to find herself, much to the annoyance of both Philip and Tenzin. In the course of her 'journey', she abandoned her Air Nomad heritage and adopted the full life style of the Hellenes. She was even willing to shed her pacifistic nature in that manner.


Jinora is a powerful airbender, being the granddaughter of Avatar Aang. Such is her mastery, she gained her traditional Air Nomad tattoos at the mere age of 11 - a year younger than Aang was. Jinora was able to form a large hurricane and has been shown to have mastery over spiritual projection.

When she trained under Alexander Hellene, she adopted the Hellenic bending style and became skilled in elemental conversion.


Jinora is very intelligent, having completed degrees in subjects ranging from Hellenic to Bending Science. Her intelligence has earned her praise from Philip Hellene.


Love Interests


Jinora had a romantic interest in Kai - an airbender. It appears that by Book 2 of the saga, the relationship was terminated. The exact cause is unknown.


Alexander Hellene is Philip's son and is, as such, the heir to the Hellenic throne. Jinora and Alexander took an instant liking to each other, however, due to Alexander's reserved nature (inherited from Philip), it took a long time for the truth to be revealed. Eventually, they married, with Jinora becoming Royal Consort.

Jinora and Alexander both suspected that Philip was trying to set them up, which turned out to be true.

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