By Gingalover Part of the Book Five: Memory, Book Six: Shadow, and Book Seven: Order continuity.
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14 (Book Five: Memory)


160 AG

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Tenzin (father), Meelo, Ikki, Rohan (younger siblings)

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Air Acolytes

Jinora is one of the new official master airbenders of the new age, having gained her airbending tattoos sometime after the new age began. Brave yet quiet, she also has a natural connection with the spirits before the spirit portals were left open. She is also Kai's girlfriend.

Book Five: Memory

Jinora's involvement after the attack on Republic City had given her more respect among the people, since she was one of the few who stood up to Kuvira in the first place. Since her mastery of airbending, she'd even began to act as a mentor to the newer benders, showing off her skills and intelligence to the people around her. However, those occasions weren't a common thing, and she usually had plenty of free time to herself and her family.

During this free time, she, Meelo, Ikki and Kai decided to play "Capture the Flag" in the Spirit World with Korra. They did get pretty close to capturing it, but were caught at the last second and lost. Jinora gave her congrats to Korra, as Korra was becoming better at the game each time they tried. However, Jinora didn't exactly enjoy it when a rock spirit showed up, scolding them and telling them to basically shut up. Lucky for her, that problem was quickly resolved by another spirit, but Korra needed to go, thus cutting their game short. She and the rest stayed for another hour before her mother came in looking for them.

Book Six: Shadow

She continued on doing her own thing for a while longer, until she found out about Kuvira's prison and the group's involvement with Shuvirra. In order to help, Jinora decided to go to Wan Shi Tong's Library, remembering the information she got there. However, she failed to say anything about Wan Shi Tong until they got there. After some time with him and dealing with Clivuuk, Jinora got back to the real world, leaving Asami behind.

When she found out about the Voronon, Jinora went with Team Avatar after Ikki agreed to let her come along, so she could go herself. Jinora's involvement was mostly for support, helping in the fight in what way she could, until Korra and Ziyou went to fight Katayt and Koyot. Jinora found Ikki trying to talk to them and, worried, decided to use a spirit projection to contact them both. Jinora was told of their situation and soon told the others, getting them to turn back. When arriving at the location, Jinora tried to find where Ziyou and Korra were and soon found them trapped in a rock trap. Jinora and Ikki kept Katayt and Koyot busy, while Bolin got them free, and she soon escaped along with the others.

She and the rest went right to Ba Sing Se, where Korra and Ziyou were put in hospital, Jinora remaining in the city while they recovered. During this, she found an attack scene and remained with the victims alongside Ikki, while the others tried to get help, and tried to find out who attacked them. Jinora helped out as much as she could during the next few days and was tasked later on to stay at the hospital in case the beast attacked there.

When they left Ba Sing Se, Jinora and the others arrived at the Shadow Palace. Jinora used her spiritual projection in order to figure out how to get inside, but when she did, she eventually found out about Asami and Kuvira being cursed while fighting Toroon. When they got the plan going, Jinora went with Korra and Kai to release Asami and Kuvira from their curse. When Korra froze them still, Jinora airbent the black smoke out of her, something that nearly killed Asami during the process. Once she was done, she and Kai launched the cursed smoke back at Umbra's crypt.

Soon afterwards, upon arriving at their next destination, Jinora, along with Kai, decided to go with Asami and Kuvira while the rest stayed at the airship. When they arrived at the observatory, Jinora used her spiritual projection to give a message to the others, saying they were fine and would be back soon. Afterwards, Jinora explored the area, obtaining an animal study book written by Zorka in the process. When the group found a herd of Sky Cow, Jinora quickly identified it as such, being immediately fascinated by it. After a bit, Jinora decided to go back to the airship after Asami's explanation about why they should let Armophlli live.

Upon returning to Republic City, she soon discovers Taar wrecking the entire area. Despite her involvement and trying to help, she was unable to stop Taar from destroying the city.

United Purgatory

Mutated Jinora

Jinora's spirit within United Purgatory.

During the United movement, Jinora and Kai both went over to visit Asami, when she heard about the group's mission back to Republic City. So, she decided to go in with them, and help out. However, only a little bit after entering, she ended up attacked, and separated. Upon waking up, she found herself by the Spirit portal. She went in, and after a bit tried to find her friends in her spirit form. However, enhanced by the spirit energy, her projection from the Spirit World became fully exposed to the mist, and altered into a bird-like creature. Upon the transformation, Jinora began flying around wildly, and within this state, caught Kai and brought him to the Aang Memorial Island. She flew off after a bit, and came back to find everyone being attacked by the doll, to which she threw in the water. After that, Jinora helped her friends reach the Spirit Portal safely, and revealed her whereabouts to them once she returned to her own body.


Jinora is a quiet, calm, and considerate girl, rather mature as well. Basically, she has the personality of a mentor, despite her young age. She has a fascination towards literature, and has thus grown rather intelligent in comparison towards her siblings, Ikki and Meelo.


Spiritual projection

Since she has a deeper connection towards the spirits, she had gained the ability to send off a spiritual projection of herself to various locations, similar to Aang's spiritual consciousness going around the world, only she has a bit more control over where the projection goes.

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