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General Jin Yu is a Fire Nation General in Avatar: Centennial Embers


Jin Yu became enlisted in the Fire Nation military seven years before the war ended. He quickly became known for his strategy and dedication to the war effort. After his promotion to General, he led a strong force of soldiers, gathering colonies even in the very last years of fighting.

As the war reached its final months, and following the Avatar's return to the world, Jin Yu began to view Ozai as a flawed leader. He saw Ozai's preference for power over strategy, and began to feel certain that the war would not end well. Seeing an opportunity, began to put in place new plans if the war was in fact lost. He started to segment off his troops and isolating them from the Fire Nation, placing them instead solely in the colonies. He established a strong bond of loyalty between him and his men, ensuring that he could lead them against their nation.

Jin Yu gained a reputation for being ruthless and cruel to soldiers that steeped out of line, but he had previously gained enough favor in his troops for this not to affect his mission. When the war finally ended, Jin Yu was able to convince his troops to remain loyal to him, not Ozai or Zuko. He led them in securing their grip on the colonies, instead of giving them up as instructed by Fire Lord Zuko. He currently is plotting his actions in finishing the war with himself on top.


Jin Yu likes to openly appear kind and friendly in order to gain others' trust and sometimes lure them into a false sense of security. However, underneath this inviting exterior, he is a very demanding, harsh person that will not tolerate any inadequacy in his soldiers or companions. He is loyal and honest only with his closest friends, of which he has very few.


Jin Yu is a brilliant strategist and master Firebender. He trained for years before joining the military to ensure his superiority over his fellow soldiers. His tactics in battle and his impressive Firebending directly contributed to the respect and status he eventually gained in the war.

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