By Keitonashita Part of the Shoji's Journey continuity.
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Ba Sing Se, Earth Kingdom



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Olive green

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Team Runaway, Mitsu, Hisa, Song


Fire Nation

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Jin is a fourteen-year-old girl who lives in Ba Sing Se and visits Song in Tai Qing in the western Earth Kingdom.


Jin lived with her mother in a small home in the large city of Ba Sing Se in the Earth Kingdom. She and her mother, Mitsu, visited Tai Qing occasionally to see her mother's childhood friend, Hisa.

While visiting Hisa and Song, Team Runaway showed up. (To see current members of the team, see Song.) She became close with Shoji, perhaps even close enough to be called "boyfriend" and "girlfriend." However, it is unknown whether Shoji and Jin are closer than Shoji and On Ji are.


Jin is kind and gentle, as seen in The Tales of Ba Sing Se, but she's also very brave when she needs to be, such as in Song and The First Battle. She has a big heart and is generous to others. She keeps secrets like a vault and stays true to her word.


In The First Battle, it is discovered that Jin has psychic abilities. When she was about to be clobbered by a soldier, her pupils turned gold and she could tell what the man was going to do next. This ability, like the Avatar State, seems to be uncontrollable. Jin's eyes, however, do not turn completely gold.

Appearances and References

Jin first appears in Song and then again in The First Battle.

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