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Jin is a former member of the Royal Palace guard and a former apprentice of the guard's captain. He is a cocky, arrogant and at the same time very short tempered young man, whose skills in fighting are regarded high enough that the Fire Lord entrusted him with the protection of the current Avatar.


Born somewhere in one of the unmarked islands of the Fire Nation, Jin had always dreamed about a life of adventure and excitement, yet their small and rather boring village had no such things. His father was a blacksmith and constantly crafted elegant and graceful weapons from spears to jians and Jin spent a lot of his childhood watching his father work and spending many hours of his day training with the swords that his father made. During his fifteenth birthday he left his small hometown village without saying goodbye to anyone and enlisted into the Fire Nation Military. His lack of firebending proved to be a rather small setback, even less so when he displayed great prowess in sword fighting.

A few years later after a skirmish with a large band of pirates Jin fell into the eye of the Captain of the guards, also non-bender, he reached his rank by his prowess in weaponry and because of that he admired his determination and skills and offered him a place in the Royal Guard, seeing a lot of himself in the up and coming fighter. Jin accepted without hesitation and in a small period of time grew very close with the Captain and soon became his apprentice. They two would practice for hours, only furthering Jin's skills with a jian. When he was seventeen Jin was set into battle against the Earth Kingdom invading forces and it just so happened that one of the first villages that were invaded were his childhood home. He found his village destroyed and his parents murdered, sparking a large flame of hate for the Earth Kingdom within him.

For an unknown reason, Jin at the age of 19 had left the royal palace and was assigned to protect the Avatar, due to his long years of faithful service to the Fire Lord.


Jin is an exceptionally skilled fighter. Despite being a non-bender, Jin has shown a variety of skills ranging from Hand-to-hand fighting to mastery over the straight sword also known as jian. His abilities were great enough that he was considered one of the best members of the Royal Guard and made the Firelord chose him to accompany the Avatar. In his youth Jin would train with his father's swords, sometimes spending an entire day just practicing and later on he was trained by the Captain of the royal guard. Jin has been shown to be very confident in his fighting abilities.


  • His name, translated from Chinese means "gold" a reference to his gold trimmed sword and the Japanese translation for his name is "benevolence"
  • A trait he and Takeo share are their rather ironic names giving their general personalities

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