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Book 1: "A New Era Of Love And Peace"



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24 October 2011

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Previously, On Next Generations

In Gaoling, particularly in Jimg's house, Jimg sat on the floor, cross-legged, he closed his eyes, then he said in a deep, quiet voice: "Whita Jinga Zanta Limba Lai Laitussa Jinga Zanta". As soon as he started repeating the words quietly, fast energy lines went through the ground to every member of the Order of the White Lotus where the member got a signal and sat alone then repeated the same words.

Iroh: "What is it, Jimg?"

Jimg: "Old Glory Nation. It is surrounded by the other nations, they can't stop them."

Pakku: "Then are you ready for what we agreed on before?"

Jeong Jeong: "Yes, are you?"

Jimg: "I think I am."

Iroh: "Then lets do it."

Chapter 15: Jimg Of Gaoling

Jimg: "Alright, anything else?"

Iroh: "No, you're free."

Pakku: "Agree."

Jeong Jeong: "Agree."

Pathik: "Disagree."

Jimg: "What is it, Pathik?"

Pathik: "You all liberated Ba Sing Se without me, but now, it is time."

Iroh: "Talk."

Pathik: "I will reveal myself to Aang."

Pakku: "Are you kidding?"

Pathik: "I know you guys did your best to save me, but I want to talk as myself now. Danger is over after you do it, Jimg."

Jimg: "Do you agree now for me to attack? I have to do it."

Pathik: "Okay. But be sure that we will have another discussion about me later."

Jimg: "Okay. Bye."

Jimg got out of his house, walking towards the house of Ri-Gun, the old leader of the Gaoling forces, which depended on him when Gaoling fell to the Old Glory Gang.

He knocked the door quietly, while Ri-Gun opened and let him in quickly.

Ri-Gun: "So?"

Jimg: "It is time," he smiled, "It is time for Gaoling to gain freedom."

Ri-Gun: "We will inform the wall guards to destroy it and fight against the Old Glory Gang followers?"

Jimg: "Yes."

Ri-Gun finally smiled, and got out of the house with Jimg, confident. He informed his friend wall guards, they knew the basis of the wall and its plans, so they knew the exact easy way to destroy the wall. they started releasing earth columns at an exact point of the wall, which they claimed it to be the weak point of the wall, they also claimed it is destroyable only from inside.

They broke the wall, gaining attention from Old Glory nation forces who immediately started attacking them. Zhao was informed, and he said, "End them, destroy them, make today their last day". He also sent Hiku and Fu Gan to help.

Hiku: "For me a mission finally!"

Jimg and Ri-Gun, two extremely earthbending and neutral Jing masters, along with about forty earthbenders and around five sword masters, were all one force dedicated to free Gaoling of the Old Glory Nation.

Jimg was in front, he buried each earthbender came to his way in the earth, in a way the buried bender can't go out. He was too strong, until he was knocked by an earth column to the roof of the circular wall, as there were no walls under it, it broke. The sword masters completely surrounded Fu Gan, they arrested him and two of them kept him arrested while the others fought.

Ri-Gun was hiding, shooting rocks at each enemy earthbender he saw. He didn't stop shooting rocks at an enemy until th enemy was knocked down. He was amazing and un-bust-able. Earthbenders continued to fight as Old Glory Nation earthbenders were winning, knocking down man after man, they also freed Fu Gan.

Jimg got up, saw his side losing, he thought, and got an idea: He ordered his remaining allies to step back, they did, and he bended four regular earth walls around him, having himself in a box without a roof. He cruised while in it and using his seeing through the earth abilities, he knocked down an enemy after an enemy, while Ri-Gun helped him from his hideout. After that, Jimg's allies attacked and could break through their first obstacle to freedom.

Jimg: "Well done everybody! Ri-Gun come up! We gotta complete!"

Ri-Gun came up and talked: "Four of you guys keep destroying the wall from the right, while other four do the same from the left!"

Jimg: "Yes! Others, follow me!"

Jimg and Ri-Gun led their remaining allies to knock down each Old Glory Gang follower who came their way, while eight others were destroying the walls.

The ones who were at the walls were caught by Old Glory Nation followers who could get up. They took them to Zhao while others secured the tunnel entrance.

Zhao: "End them. Now!" he paused, then continued: "You are all a disgrace to this nation!"

When more wounded Old Glory Nation followers got up, including Hiku and Fu Gan, they followed Jimg and allies to stop them.

Jimg and allies almost freed the town. Before they reached its north end, the mountains, they were stopped by Old Glory Nation Followers.

Hiku: "A disgrace you are!"

Fu Gan: "We will crush you. We will make this day your last on Earth!! We will make this an exceptional day!"

They started attacking but Jimg and his allies could win once more. Using the same technique. Victorious over them, twice in less than half an hour. But this time, Ri-Gun decided to threaten them, "Join us or die!"

Hiku and Fu Gan and several other Old Glory Nation fighters could escape, but eight earthbenders joined Jimg and spread to complete destroying the walls.

After Jimg reached the northern mountains, he knew what happened. He freed the town.

Zhao to Hiku in the underground room: "IDIOT! MORAN! What were you thinking of?"

Hiku: "Strong they were."

Zhao: "Stop talking in a stupid way!"

Hiku: "You are insulting me and my whole family!"

Fu Gan: "Well, they were strong."

Zhao: "I forgive you, for the last time. Build a wall to separate the cities before we loose our only hope - New ZeaZhao."

Earthbenders completely destroyed the wall and its roof around Gaoling.

Jimg: "Stop. There are many more at New ZeaZhao. We can't. Lets celebrate for our victory freeing out beloved home!"

They cheered.

Earthbenders at New ZeaZhao quickly built a new wall and completed the broken wall. Annexing the mountains once again to their land, so their nation is now New ZeaZhao and the mountains. The tunnel to Zhao's room was quickly filled again and is no more.

Ri-Gun: "Thanks, Jimg. I don't know what to do - how to thank you."

Jimg: "You are the mayor of Gaoling now."

Ri-Gun: "No, you are."

Jimg: "I can't. You better be. Please. I was only defending my home."

Ri-Gun: "Okay, but where is Zhao? Wasn't he supposed to be in this city?"

Jimg: "He was lucky - we went to every single location in the town and he wasn't there. He's in New ZeaZhao in my opinion."

Ri-Gun: "Wow! How lucky!"

Fire Nation forces and Water Tribe forces ran into the town to see what happened. They met the hero of Gaoling, they met Jimg.

While that happened, Aang was taking care of his children in the South Pole - the three Air Nomads of the future - the three children who will be the last airbenders. If they were.

Aang: "Katara..?"

Katara: "Yes Aang?"

Aang: "Do you think the kids will grow up to be benders?"

Katara: "I hope so..."

Aang: "Hope isn't everything. I am the last airbender - forever?"

Katara: "No, no..! let's see.."

Katara went closer to Jinora, she started waving her hand above the child who waved alike. While waving her hand, Jinora fired a small ball of moving air (looked like a small air scooter) to a random direction. Aang laughed. He was in the top of his happiness, a messenger hawk flew by, Aang read it :

Dear Avatar Aang,

We are glad to inform you that a very intelligent resident of Gaoling could free it from Zhao. We are very happy at the moment and we are in the city. A messenger hawk reached the Firelord mailbox too.


Fuji Yama,

Commander of the Fireball Military Force.

Aang got even more happier. He felt like he was going to fly around the world seven times in seven seconds. He wanted to hop reaching the outer space. He couldn't resist saying: "Katara! KATARA! Look at that!"

It was a happy day for the world. A sad day for Zhao.

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