By DragonGirl028 Part of the The Rise of Avatar Singi continuity.
Biographical information

A few weeks - 4 months (Book 1: Tension)
3 - 8 (Book 2: Conflict)
8 - 12 (Book 3: Resolution)


Mula (as previous animal companion of the Avatar)


Unknown (eventually Fang as next animal companion of the Avatar)

Physical description



4'0" or 1.22m


12 lbs. or 5.44 kg.

Skin color

Predominantly black, white, and gray

Skin type

Feathers and scales

Personal information
Weapon of choice

Beak, talons


Singi, Jamyang, Gekkō, Dao, Guilin, Qiú, Ra Sho


Pirates, Fire Islands troops

Chronological and political information

Singi's cranefish (animal guide)


Team Avatar

First appearance

"New Additions"

Last appearance

"Summer Solstice, Part 4: Two Worlds and One Bridge"

Voiced by

Dee Bradley Baker (if animated)

Jiefeng (pronounced: Zhee-eh-FAWN) is a female cranefish and the animal companion of Avatar Singi. After being found abandoned and injured by the teenage Avatar as a chick and mended back to health, the two formed a close friendship. Jiefeng grows to maturity alongside Singi and accompanies her savior on many of her travels.



While waterbending training one day with Jamyang and Gekkō along the coast of what will be known as the Mo Ce Sea, Singi happened upon a young cranefish, abandoned and with an injured wing. While Singi wanted to immediately halt her training and tend to the chick, Gekkō wearily advised against it, stating that the animal's fate should be left to nature, and that she should primarily focus on her training. Singi protested, educating him on the Air Nomad belief that all life is sacred. With Jamyang to humbly back up her statement, Gekkō concedes defeat and allows her to take some time off from training to mend the cranefish back to health.

After a few days of medical care and feeding, the cranefish forms a close bond with the teenager, which is reciprocated. Once fully healed, the group attempt to search for the cranefish's flock in vain, and Singi decides to adopt the animal as her own, naming her "Jiefeng".

Capture by Pirates and Subsequent Rescue

Content to be added...


Little is known about Jiefeng's personality, as she lacks the ability to speak human language. However, she has displayed an ability to understand human language on several occasions. Jiefeng seems to have a reasonably trusting attitude, as she did not take long to approach Singi during their first encounter on the beach, to whom she becomes incredibly loyal and devoted.

She is also known to be a bit klutzy at times—in her youth, she was often full of energy, occasionally running around the settlement of Kunatuk to locate Singi, and upon finding her, toppling over in a heap, her legs carrying her faster than her brain could signal her to stop moving. As an adult, she often interacts with Qiú—Guilin's armadillo hare—including attempting to balance herself on the creature as he rolls into a ball, not always being successful in the endeavor, before having to fly or step off the creature to prevent herself from falling over.


  • Jiefeng (婕风) is Chinese for "graceful wind" or "beautiful wind".
  • While Jiefeng's species is not a fanon-created hybrid, her appearance (and that of the cranefish in general) is highly based off of the black-necked crane (Grus nigricollis).
  • Jiefeng is shown to have a remarkable memory and sense of direction, having been able to fly to and from Kunatuk and the Northern Air Temple area on her own to exchange letters between Singi and Gekkō and her parents, respectively, upon the onset of the War of Spirituality.

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