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Jiao screaming in rage as death closes in

Commander Jiao Tajik was a Fire Nation military leader, in charge of an entire battalion. He was ordered to provide reinforcements to Zotu's small squadron, and aid him in capturing Avatar Ain.

In his first and third major appearances during Book One, Jiao is nearly killed: in his first encounter with Team Jai, Kyasin would have killed him if not for Hei Bai's interruption.


In the year 58 ASG, Jiao was born into one of the Fire Nation's most prestigious and well-off noble families, the Tajik, in their home city, the Fire Nation capital, Ember. Upon his sixteenth birthday, partly out of patriotism and partly due to pressure from his father, Jiao enlisted in the Fire Nation military. He wholeheartedly embraced his service due to a sense of duty to his people.

Jiao's arrogance flourished in a childhood that was spoiled by parents that praised him without exception, while his rigorous dedication to efficiency was forged by the strict guidelines that he lived under in both childhood and military training. He takes satisfaction in rendering someone beneath him in the ultimate fashion by killing them, but will kill immediately, as sadism is a "distraction." Following the loss of 36 soldiers at the hands of Hei Bai (12 of those 36 were actually killed by Katara and Sokka's militia, but Jiao informed Ozai that only a spirit summoned by the Avatar caused his soldiers' demise), Jiao retreated north to Hi Jang and reclaimed command of the base from his fellow CO.

Jiao reported Operation Phoenix's failure to Ozai with the expectation of punishment, but these events led to Ozai finally acknowledging the threat of the Avatar Host; Ozai ordered Jiao to devote the remainder of his battalion to the capture of the Avatar Host. The idea of taking a being as powerful as the Avatar as prisoner, and having said immensely powerful being (who had been singlehandedly associated with the destruction of the South Prison Rig) tantalized Jiao to immense depths.

Jiao regarded Zotu with disdain due to his banishment. Jiao has no self-restraint in his fire-based attacks. He also has little regard for nature and human life, as he razed entire acres of forest as part of Operation Phoenix (The Winter Solstice), bringing the wrath of the nature spirit Hei Bai down on his men. He also kidnapped Aang under new orders from Firelord Ozai, showing his lack of respect for the spirits as well (The Blue Spirit.)

Jiao is a high-level firebender and skilled scimitar wielder. He rarely actually does the fighting himself and prefers to have his underlings fight for him, believing himself to not be as indispensable. After being burnt to death by his former firebending teacher Jeong Jeong (The Deserter), his body was unceremoniously dumped into a river. The Fire Nation military never recovered his body, and so held an honorary funeral service, declaring him a "war hero" for his participation in the Second Assault on Bhaurey (an Earth Kingdom city).

Zhao and Iroh

Jiao unknowingly confronting his second target (after Ain) in 'Privateers.'

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