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Jiang Su
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Earth Kingdom




Rebel Leader

79AG Onwards



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Fighting style(s)

Advanced Spearsmanship,

High Level Martial Arts


Tia Min, Zu Cheng, Lao Fong, Jet


Long Feng

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Rebel Leader


Freedom Fighters

First appearance

My City

Jiang Su is a character in the fanon My City by The malefic.


Early Life

Jiang Su was born to a poor farming family in the city of Ba Sing Se in late 60AG. Jiang was a rebellious child who always stood up for the less fortunate people in the lower ring and often brawled with the guards.

During his childhood he met his soul mate Tia Min, who also shared a hatred of the current government and the then Earth King Kyu.

The First Rebellion

When Earth King Kyu passed away the throne was passed to his young son Kuei, a villainous official named Long Feng then took charge and began widening the social class of Ba Sing Se and also started to 'change' people into forgetting about The War.

Needless to say, Jiang Su was outraged. He and several other men from the Lower Ring rebelled against Feng with little success and ended up banished from the city for life.

The Freedom Fighters and a Son

Jiang didn't give up his ideals and formed a unique fighting force by the name of The Freedom Fighters. He gathered all of the rebel sects at the time and united them under his control and began plotting to retake Ba Sing Se from its oppressor Feng.

At the same time his then-pregnant wife Tia gave birth to his son, Jet. Jiang, although overjoyed, didn't halt his plans and continued to strengthen his army.


Although not a bender, Jiang is deadly with his signature weapon the halberd or as he calls it, The Wind of Change. He is able to take out hundreds of men without faltering and is near-invincible in close quarters.


Jiang has always been a rebel at heart and is hardly ever fully calm. He instead is always on his feet eager to get into a fight. Strangely all his friends and family like his hostile personality.

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