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Yon Rha

Jiang Rha is the founder and leader of the Phoenix Warriors. He is the older brother of Yon Rha and was an Admiral in the Fire Nation Navy. He is far more competent and ruthless than his brother and was their mother's favorite. After retiring from the navy, he moved to a remote island in the Fire Nation and began to hone his Firebending.

Early Life

Jiang was born a few years before Yon. As a child, he became friends with a young Jeong Jeong. Jiang recalls that as a child, he and Jeong Jeong would compete to see who could create the most powerful fire blast. Neither of them had any formal Firebending training, so they would create their own moves and teach one another. They were so close, that they even enlisted in the Military together.

Military Career

Both Jeong Jeong and Jiang advanced through the ranks quickly. They won many battles together using Firebending forms that they invented as children. At some point, Jiang founded the Southern Raiders at the behest of Fire Lord Azulon. After many successful years in the military, the newly risen Fire Lord Ozai called upon Jiang to capture a deserter. Jiang readily accepted, unaware that it was his friend he had to capture. When he arrived at the traitor's base, he was shocked to see that it was Jeong Jeong that he had to battle. Jeong Jeong challenged him to an Agni Kai to prevent damage to both commander's armies. Jiang agreed and they battled each other at sunset. They matched each other for hours because they each knew each other's style. Jiang hesitated for one moment and Jeong Jeong knocked him down. Jiang realized that he lost, and braced himself for the fire blast that was customary after a defeat. Jeong Jeong decided to launch the blast on his left shoulder, and told him that since they were friends, he would not kill him, and he asked for Jiang to let him leave in peace.

Betrayal of his crew

On the way back into the Fire Nation, his second in command entered his chambers with many of the other officers. They announced that they intended to overthrow him, since he was unfit to command his fleet due to his failure. They attacked and although he managed to block most of the blasts, one managed to burn him in the back. He counterattacked violently, killing all of the officers on board that tried to mutiny against him. When he returned, he resigned from the military. After his resignation, he was able to secure a commission for his brother, Yon Rha.


Jiang used his wealth to purchase a house with a considerable amount of land on an island near the outskirts of the Fire Nation. While there, he began training in advanced Firebending since he was ashamed of his loss to Jeong Jeong. While there, he mastered lightning generation. He is also able to create larger amounts of flames than before and can compress fire to make it more deadly. He became an adviser to Fire Lord Ozai and was such a high adviser that even Azula was unaware of his existence. The last time he met with Ozai, he had everyone in the palace leave before he would even show up.

On the day of Sozin's Comet, Jiang used his enhanced Firebending to practice and perfect several deadly moves. He learned how to propel himself using his bending as well as a fire blast that resembles a tidal wave. He created a version of a fire shield that takes the form of a cylinder, which he can expand at will.


Phoenix Warriors

After discovering of Ozai's defeat at Wulong Forest, Jiang Rha began plotting to form a rebel group to carry on the war. This came to materialize as the Phoenix Warriors, and he is a leader and chooses targets to attack. They have caused fires all over the Earth Kingdom and have recently liberated Ozai. He is told about the presence of Waterbenders within the Fire Nation, and gives orders to attack them. Jiang arrives to the scene of that battle later, meeting with a teenager who was deeply effected by it. Jiang sympathizes with him, and convinces him to join the Phoenix Warriors.

Resuming the War

"Those savages were declared winners of the war. We must not underestimate them." - Jiang Rha to his advisers during a meeting.

While Team Avatar battled the Firefighters and the Dai Li, Jiang pushed the Phoenix Warriors into the Southwestern Earth Kingdom while working their way into the outer islands of the Fire Nation. The Warriors controlled the Earth Kingdom well, but their hold was beginning to dissipate when Earthbender rebellions began uprooting the Fire Nation insurgents. After a lengthy debate, Jiang eventually concludes to capture the Earthbenders and force them to watch their villages burn. To these ends, he sent an order to Captain Zifu ordering him to burn the nearby Earth Kingdom villages to the ground.

Inter-Rank Agni Kai

"I think that this is a dispute of honor. There is only one way to settle disputes of honor: Agni Kai." - Jiang addressing Zhian and Zifu.

After leaving his most recent base, he moved his ships to the abandoned city of Taku, where he met up with Zhian and a recently defeated Zifu. The two were in a dispute, so he suggested an Agni Kai to resolve the matter. He sets the duel for mid-day before reminding the two to not disappoint.


After watching the Agni Kai, he congratulates the winner, Zhian, and motions for him to follow him into the ship for the Warriors' final departure from Taku. After having set sail, he receives news of the loss of Hancun Village, the Warriors' last holding in the Earth Kingdom. While explaining the loss of the town to Ozai, he former Fire Lord orders Jiang to orchestrate the death of Iroh, as he believed the Military was being run by his brother. Before forcing the Admiral out, Ozai also orders him to wipe out the new Air Nomads. On his way out of the door, he encounters Zhian. The two begin plans to end the Dragon of the West.

Saving his Ship

"Do you all see what happens when the might of the Phoenix is opposed? We will rain fire and destruction on all who stand against our might! The whole world will soon tremble and bow at our feet!" - Jiang inspiring Phoenix Warriors after defeating a Fire Navy ship.

Jiang is denied the right to lead the invasion of the Northern Air Temple, angering him greatly. He orders Zui to do it, but the officer remains skeptical. While the soldiers are invading the Temple, a Fire Navy ship attacks the Phoenix Warriors. Jiang attacks the ship, damaging its catapults beyond repair.

After the end of the invasion, Jiang has Zui brought to a secluded room, where he questions the intelligence officer about why the invasion was not successful. After failing to come up with a suitable reason, Jiang says that Zui is removed from the Phoenix Warriors. Since Jiang knows that there is no way out besides from death, he kills Zui on the spot, exiting the room silently.

Wiping out the Royal Family

Battle at Sea

When it comes time for Iroh's death, the Phoenix Warrior flagship begins attacking the ship Iroh was sailing on. Eventually, Iroh himself arrives on the ship's rear deck, hoping to stall for some time. Jiang engages Iroh in a duel, launching both fire blasts and lightning bolts at the General. Jiang ignores Iroh's plea to settle the dispute elsewhere, instead damaging the hull beyond immediate repair. As the ship sinks, Jiang goes below deck to report his success to Ozai. When he completes his report, Ozai coldly orders him to do more to regain control of the world. Jiang bitterly accepts the insult and exits the room, returning to his own quarters. Once inside, Colonel Zhian arrives, looking for his next mission. Jiang tells him to take a break and get the mission later, leaving the Admiral alone to think.

The Princess

"I only want what is rightfully mine. She was in the way, now she isn't." - Jiang speaking about Azula to Princess Ursa.

Jiang eventually arrives at Azula's mental hospital, intent on finishing off any members of the Royal family that could take the throne if Zuko was to die. He enters Azula's chamber after killing several of the outside guards, intent on killing the princess. Her mother had just let her out of her shackles, so she was able to defend herself. She temporarily overpowers him, forcing him to duck into the hallway just long enough for the two princesses to escape through the corridors. He watches from afar as Zhian finishes Azula, eventually capturing Ursa as she tries to escape. He knocks the princess out, deciding to use her as leverage over Zuko.


"Don't worry, Princess. I know you're far too important than to be eliminated. You'll make it through today." - Jiang to Ursa as he brings her back to her cell.

Jiang brings Zhian into meet Ozai, in order to report the death of Azula. Ozai, however, fails to give a positive reaction. He instead orders Jiang to bring him Ursa, who was mentioned to be within the Phoenix Warriors' custody. He grudgingly accepts, going to the cargo hold and retrieving the Princess. He brings her back, only to have her berate him for obeying Ozai. He tells her that she will survive despite Ozai's orders, leaving her alone in her cell before leaving for his room.

The New King

Jiang burn

Jiang killing Ozai.

"You said it yourself... The strong survive. You won't last forever... I'm sorry it had to end this way... My King..." - Jiang before killing Ozai.

Jiang is deep in thought for a prolonged period, staring at his ceiling. Eventually, he decides to take action, exiting his room and heading towards Ozai's. Entering the room abruptly, Jiang ignores Ozai's repeated orders to justify his presence. When Jiang finally makes up his mind, he creates flames around his body, blocking Ozai's exit and instilling fear in his target. Jiang sends the fire forward, burning his former leader's body.

Soon after, Zhentu arrives in the room. Appalled by Jiang's rebellion, Zhentu puts out the flames on Ozai's body, though he is already dead. Zhentu asks why Jiang killed Ozai, but Jiang simply decides to kill Zhentu as well. Zhentu manages to escape, though Jiang succeeds in pinning the blame on him. Jiang receives news that Zhentu threw himself overboard, which pleases him. He orders a meeting between himself and the ship's crew, where he announces his new domain over the Phoenix Warriors, and that Zhentu killed Ozai.


Jiang immediately set out in a plan to eliminate his greatest threat: the Fire Lord and his friends. He orders Zhian to attend a meeting in which that issue would be addressed. After the Colonel proposes a plan to invade Kyoshi Island, Jiang confirms it. He appoints Zhian to lead the mission, and also has him help plan the invasion of the Fire Nation.

After Zhian returns from the invasion, Jiang confronts him as to why he returned without the Island being burnt to the ground. Zhian brushes off his concerns, much to the Admiral's fury. After he calms down, Jiang is reassured that Zhian is prepared for their next mission.

The Invasion

"No kind words for your best friend? You did become a savage while hiding in those woods. Pity, you could have joined me. Instead, you will fall with the rest of this nation!" - Jiang taunting Jeong Jeong before their Agni Kai.

Jiang remains on the ships for the first phase of the invasion, entering the fray at a later point. By the time he had entered, the ranks had broken and the soldiers from each side were in chaos. Jiang battles his way through a few soldiers, eventually finding a figure in the distance he recognizes: Jeong Jeong. One his way to confront his old friend, he duels several soldiers, none of whom are a major threat. Eventually, he reaches the Deserter, and briefly engages him in both conversation and combat. Jeong Jeong, not wanting to lose any more life, asks that Jiang duel him in an Agni Kai to settle the battle. Jiang agrees, confident in his abilities to defeat the former Admiral.

Jiang jets his way down to the battlefield, his presence stopping the battle below. He orders the battle to stop, and for the Phoenix Warriors to take a few steps back. Jeong Jeong arrives soon after, confirming his orders and ordering his men to stand down. Their duel begins, with Jiang making the first move. The two duel fiercely, with Jeong Jeong wounding Jiang before the two knock each other onto the ground.

As the two get up, they resume their battle. Jiang receives more wounds, but continues his offensive. When Jeong Jeong raises a fire wall to block a series of fire blasts, Jiang seizes his chance. He takes control of Jeong Jeong's defense and uses it to char his body, leaving him wounded beyond recovery. Jeong Jeong then tries to convince Jiang to turn back, but Jiang kills him without a second thought.

Being Usurped

After the battle ended, the Fire Nation soldiers were rounded up while Jiang stood over Jeong Jeong's body. He is approached from the rear by Colonel Zhian, who declares that he is taking control of the Warriors. Jiang attempted to retaliate, but his fatigue from his battles had caught up with him, rendering him unable to prevent his loss.

After his loss of power, Jiang decides to gather information in order to allow him to enter Zhian's chamber. He interrogates the former General Bujing, someone who didn't recognize his voice and was terrified that he was captured. After gaining no useful information, he orders the guards outside to dispose of the "useless" soldier.

Later, he entered the Fire Lord's chamber, as Zhian was within. Jiang begins taunting Zhian, who in turn insults the Admiral. The two begin a duel, with Jiang attacking first. Zhian creates a fire wall, that blocks Jiang's blast. Eventually, Jiang's wounds catch up to him, and he passes out. Zhian throws the Admiral out of the room, literally.

Later on, when Zhian is confronted with the information that Team Avatar was entering the capital. Jiang gives his opinion, but Zhian disregards the Admiral's words. Zhian orders Jiang to follow him to the royal plaza, where the two plan to kill Zuko.

Capitol Agni Kai

Team Avatar arrives in the courtyard, with Zhian eventually challenging Zuko to an Agni Kai. Jiang watches from behind Zhian, eventually gets scared, retreating away from the Palace. As he exits the capitol dome, Iroh attacks him. The Admiral is shocked, as he was certain that the Dragon of the West was dead. The two begin their duel, with the battle moving across the Capitol city.

Jiang's wounds from the previous day limit his ability to attack Iroh. Eventually, the General gains the upper hand, knocking Jiang into a crater in a building. Eventually, Zhentu shows up, hoping to find Zuko. After a verbal battle, Zhentu decides to put the ailing Admiral out of his misery, killing the Phoenix.


Wave of fire

Jiang Rha perfecting his tidal wave of fire


Jiang is a powerful Firebender, being able to match Jeong Jeong while in his prime. He mastered Firebending in his own way, and employs different forms than most Firebenders, many of which are used by Jeong Jeong. He had perfected lightning generation and can propel himself by using his bending. He also employs a special technique, a fire blast that resembles a wave of fire. His control is so precise that he can actually allow it to flow. His prowess is not shown for a significant portion of the series, though his duel against Iroh spanning two ships was a testament to his skill. He is seen using powerful blasts of fire, as well as being able to quickly generate lightning. While murdering Ozai, his ability to sustain a jet of fire is shown, as he both charges the attack and utilizes a prolonged strike. While invading the Fire Nation, his potential is fully exposed. He duels against several Fire Nation soldiers, killing each one in his quest to find Jeong Jeong. During his duel with his former friend, he uses powerful fire attacks, from jets to fire walls that intercept Jeong Jeong's attacks.

Other Skills

Masked Chey hiding

Jiang preying on Zhentu in his moment of weakness.

Jiang, being an Admiral, was a cunning strategist. His plans frequently gained him the upper hand in battle, allowing him to retain a calm demeanor in the face of his enemies. He was one of the masterminds behind the second Invasion of the Fire Nation, a plan that allowed the Phoenix Warriors to seize control of the Capitol.

Although only mentioned briefly, Jiang admits that he is not very talented with double swords, as evidenced by Jeong Jeong's scars.


Jiang is cold and ruthless: as an admiral, he put down a rebellion on board his ship while injured, and managed to kill every rebellious officer. He is calculating and tries to have everything planned out in advance. While he is very wealthy, Jiang desires power, and will stop at nothing to get to it. His dedication to Ozai proved fruitless after Ozai's defeat by Aang, so he formed an organization to keep a sense of authority. He is also very manipulative, and tries to convince others to see things from his own, twisted perspective.

Non-Canon Appearances

Jiang Rha appears in the non-canon fanon crossover Clash of Worlds 2. His first appearance is as a spectator in the battle between Lian and Ray. He is rooting for Lian, wishing for the villains to finally win. At the end of the battle, he conveniently steps on Avatar Chen, killing him. He is also shown in Part 3, walking in on Ozai singing Miley Cyrus' 7 Things, to which he promptly leaves.


  • Jiang remained a minor character for most of the first two books, much like Ozai did in the original series.

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