By The Ultimate Waterbender Part of the When Air Nomads Walked the Earth continuity.
"Gee, for someone who's such an airhead, you're definitely not the greatest Airbender, I can tell you that!"
Syra to Jia in Tutoring and Results
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Mika, Sister Minola


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Air Nomads

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Two Separate Lives

Jia is a nasty clique who loves nothing more than to chop down others' reputations, most notably Syra's. Shallow, conceited and secretly insecure as most cliques are, she and her accomplice, Mika, spend most of their time gossiping rather than Airbending training. She is an antagonist in When Air Nomads Walked the Earth.


Jia was born to two unnamed Air Nomads who gave her to the nuns of the Eastern Air Temple. She was placed under the care of Sister Minola who cared for the child deeply until Jia's evidently stuckup behavior began straining their relationship.

Jia began attending the temple's Airbender school at the age of five and quickly established her position as the "mean girl" of the class. She soon befriended Mika, a previously innocent girl whose insecurities led her to follow Jia's lead and become her accomplice. Jia managed to completely transform Mika's personality and profoundly shaped her into the girl Mika is now. The two would spend endless time gossiping and denouncing other students which quickly led to a strong dislike for them.

With practically no other friends besides each other, the pair established their prime target as Syra who was, even at that time, the most skillful Airbender in her class. Besides spreading rumors, they also openly taunt her and are consistently punished for their actions. However, their punishments are not enough to suppress their feelings of dominance and need to put not only Syra down, but nearly everyone else as well.

As Syra stated in "Two Separate Lives", Jia is not a promising Airbender. She continually slacks off in her training as well as her academics which causes great disappointment for Sister Minola.


Jia is bossy, vain and self-centered always seeking out ways to tease and tear down the reputations of other students. She cares for little other than herself, a trait that she expressed from a very early age. Like most cliques, Jia is also secretly insecure; putting down others is a way for her to feel more assured about her own self and grants her a feeling of power. She is also very manipulative, recruiting the once innocent Mika at five years-old as her friend and eventually twisting her into her own little accomplice, something that Mika is completely unaware of. Jia does not show the least bit of potential or concern, for that matter, in her studies or Airbending training. She prides herself in being the nasty girl with the power to oppress others. Her continuous taunts of Syra are directly linked to hidden jealousy for Syra's Airbending skill.


  • Like other Air Nomad children, Jia has a pet Sky Bison named Kaela. However, she is not the most loving of Sky Bison owners.

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