By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe continuity.

The largest animal on Altonia, Jhen Mohran can only be found in the great desert since the sand is light enough for it to swim through. It is also known as the Sandwhale.


Jhen Mohran is literally a colossus, stretching to the length of that of large baleen whales and is even longer than a lion turtle! Often it is trailed by smaller creatures, like Sandfish, that feed off whatever it leaves behind when it finds something to eat. It is so large that not even humans can scare it, literally humans are like ants to it.


Legends go that there's only one Jhen Mohran each year, it resurrecting itself to continue traveling and discovering the secrets of the sands. One Jhen Mohran can live for twice as long as it took Aang the time to get out of the iceberg (meaning 200 years if it wasn't clear). They are solitary monsters, and don't really mind being fallowed by the Sandfish and occasional sand Travelers of the desert.


Jhen Mohran

A sandwhale with the Sand Travelers

Every year, the sand travelers hold a festival involving the Jhen Mohran. They don't do any true harm to it, if they could. The idea of this festival actually is to mine the ore off it's back. But just because they can't harm the Jhen Mohran, doesn't mean that the giant likes getting it's ore mined, and will often try to drive them off! Signs of this are often found among wrecked or abandoned sand ships.


This monster is also the symbol of the stories fan icon.

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