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"(A:TR) Ep.11: Freedom Fighters"

Jet is a homeless teenager and the leader of the Freedom Fighters. He and Smellerbee founded the group soon after they were attacked by the Fire Nation.


Jet is a brave kid and tough fighter. He isn't afraid of fighting for his team and those he cares about. The war, though, had left its mark on the teenager, as he refuses to trust any Fire Nation folk and considers them all an enemy. The only exception is Ty Lee, because she is a part of Team Avatar. If the person isn't from the Fire Nation, he will often try to get to know them first before deciding if they can be trusted or not.



Jet's life started off normal. He had a good life in his village with his childhood friend, Smellerbee. However, like most Earth Kingdom villagers, his life was changed forever thanks to the war.

Jet's village burns

Sad childhood memories.

When he was just 8 years old, his village was attacked by Fire Nation soldiers. The villagers were killed and his home was burned to the ground; the only friend he could save was Smellerbee. He was unable to help anyone else, though, as he was forced to run away. Soon after that, he and Smellerbee made a pact to drive the Fire Nation out, thus founding the Freedom Fighters.

Multiple events had occurred since this, which resulted in recruiting the other Freedom Fighters. But as time went on though, he realized he couldn't keep traveling and avoid trouble with all of the recruits, so it was decided to create the Freedom Fighters base and it has remained that way ever since.

Book 1: Water

Jet noticed the battle between Zuko and Aang from the base and kept an eye on them until the others arrived. After they all showed up, he attacked the Fire Nation soldiers with his fighters until only Zuko remained, who retreated. After seeing that Team Avatar was going to attack, though, he made it clear that they were on their side and gladly introduced himself and his team. He gave them all an invitation back to his base, which they accepted.

When they returned to the base, Jet explained some details about it and the people living there. Later that night, during their feast, Jet announced their victory over Zuko to everyone. He added an extra toast as well to The Duke for riding around on a Fire Nation soldier. He then went on to say that the Fire Nation didn't stand a chance if they were able to drive out the Fire Nation Prince. To sum up Katara's question on what the Fire Nation did to him, he basically said that they ruined his life, along with that of the rest of the Freedom Fighters. He was going to explain, but when Aang left, not wanting to hear it, he changed his mind. After Aang was kidnapped, he joined in the search party, but was unable to find Aang.

The next day when Aang returned, Jet and the other Freedom Fighters apologized for not being much help for him. Jet didn't do very much for the most part as Aang was being rescued. In the end, Aang asked him if he would like to join them, to which he declined by saying he still had the job of the Freedom Fighters' leader to attend to.



Jet fights

Jet in battle.

For an orphan, Jet is a rather experienced fighter, mostly with blades, knifes and the occasional sword. His signature weapon is the two hooked canes, which he often uses in battle.

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