By Gingalover Part of the Ginga Densetsu Avatar continuity.
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Book 2: Earth

Jerome is a young dog that kid napped Kaibutsu and brought him to a fair as exhibit.

Ginga Densetsu Avatar

Jerome only appears once while the group stopped at a local fair. He comes in after GB nearly gets killed by Kaibutsu. He forces the two back before the lion dog can try again and got them to leave. He comes back later while Weed was talking to Kaibutsu, ordering him to get out before Kaibutsu can eat him. But when he got Kaibutsu out, Jerome was about to attack when he was convinced to let him go by Smith.

Author's note

He only appears just once during the first story. He gets a stronger role in the sequence of Ginga Densetsu Avatar...but that I'll keep secret until he comes in ;)

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