Jeong Jeong firebends By Alexander of Volzhsky Part of the Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Jeong Jeong continuity.
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Warning! This page contains spoilers for Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Jeong Jeong.

Jeong Jeong serious
Jeong Jeong
Biographical information

The Deserter


Fire Nation


Fire Nation

Birth place

Fire Nation Capital


Fire Nation Capital (formerly)


17—51 (during the events of TTSJJ)


39 AG

Physical description


Hair color


Skin color


Personal information
Weapon of choice


Bending style(s)



Jeong Jeong (elder)


Iroh, Chey, Hong Tzu



Chronological and political information

Military officer

  • Admiral (formerly)
  • Leader of the Free Officers Movement
  • Zhao
  • Hong Tzu
Last appearance

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Jeong Jeong

Jeong Jeong, nicknamed "The Deserter", was an admiral in the Fire Nation Navy and a firebending prodigy. The son of an admiral himself, Jeong Jeong was born into the noble House of Jeong, which had a tradition of military service. He eventually joined the navy and graduated the Royal Naval Academy. During his youth, Jeong Jeong was friends with Crown Prince Iroh and Zhao. Serving with distinction and becoming an officer, Jeong Jeong was given command of the Fire Navy blockade of the Mo Ce Sea.


Early military career

Jeong Jeong was born into the noble House of Jeong, to a man who was an admiral in the Fire Navy. He trained for years as a firebender, becoming a prodigy, and passing his final test at the age of seventeen. His father pressured him to succeed, raising him in a military fashion. During his youth, he frequently visited the Fire Nation Royal Palace, and befriended Crown Prince Iroh, as well as a fellow noble and future naval officer, Zhao. The latter asked Jeong Jeong to teach him firebending, and he did so, as both of the young men became cadets at the Royal Naval Academy. While at the academy, Jeong a Jeong befriended fellow cadet Hong Tzu, whom he also taught firebending.

At one point, Zhao and Jeong Jeong got into a fight, as Jeong Jeong claimed that his firebending was far too aggressive. Zhao just demanded to be taught lightning generation, and it just exploded in his face because he was not at peace within himself, being too aggressive and angry. Zhao blamed Jeong Jeong for it and attacked him, but after a quick fight, the master defeated the apprentice.

After that, the next two years proceeded smoothly for Jeong Jeong, who graduated the naval academy with honors.

In the Fire Lord's Service

After 90 AG

See the canon article for more information.


Early in his life, Jeong Jeong was an idealist, believing in serving his country and becoming an officer in the Fire Navy, carrying on his family's tradition. He himself was not sure why he was doing it, as it was more forced upon him by his father. However, those thoughts did not stop him from graduating the naval academy at the top of his class.

Although Jeong Jeong was a firebending master, he had conflicted feelings about the bending art, referring to it as a "burning curse". He admitted in a conversation with Katara that he had always wished that he was a waterbender, since water is considered the element of healing, whereas firebending "brings only destruction and pain". His bitterness over his own ability has been repeatedly demonstrated by his behavior and character. Rarely smiling, Jeong Jeong preferred to be alone in order to not harm others, but also because he seemed disappointed with the world. As an enlightened and embittered man, he often meditated alone and in the darkness, reflecting his dark view of the world and his firebending. He believed he could suppress his "burning curse" in this way.

However, in contrast, he referred to the sun as the greatest source of fire as it is in perfect harmony with nature. Jeong Jeong's technique seemed to reflect this quality by being both overwhelmingly powerful and non-destructive.

Skills and abilities


Military commander

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