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Jeong Jeong
Jeong Jeong
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Avatar: The Last Airbender

Jeong Jeong is a character in the fanon Avatar: Energy Saga. He is also canon. He is a member of the Order of the White Lotus and a former Admiral in the Fire Nation Navy. Later – after he left the Fire Nation military – Jeong Jeong served as Avatar Aang's first Firebending master. However, when Aang came to him after the War looking for information on Energybending, Jeong Jeong refused to tell him anything and kicked him out of his house.


Early Life

Jeong Jeong was born in 38 AG into a family in the Fire Nation. His country had been at war with the other nations for many years already. With his strength, personality, athleticism and firebending abilities Jeong Jeong joined the Fire Nation military when he turned 18 in 56 AG, a little more than halfway through the conflict.

Military Career

When he first joined the navy, Jeong Jeong was taken in by the Fire Nation propaganda that was fed to everyone of his generation about the Fire Nation spreading its greatness and prosperity to the world through the War. As an adult, he felt idealistic and was eager to do his part. He excelled and rose through the ranks to become an esteemed Admiral in the Fire Navy. He also taught firebending to many of those under him, including future Admiral Zhao.

Later in his career, Jeong Jeong witnessed the cruelty of the Fire Lord's War and its effect on people. Jeong Jeong himself was also forced do many things that he was not proud of. Shortly after a group of Fire Nation soldiers massacred innocent civilians in the midst of a war zone, Jeong Jeong decided that he had had enough and became the first person to desert the Fire Nation military and live. He allied himself with Chey, a fellow deserter, and set up a camp in the forest with a small band of followers.

Teaching Aang

In the final year of the War, Chey discovered Avatar Aang traveling incognito with Sokka and Katara in a nearby town and brought him to the camp. At the time Aang was searching for a firebending teacher and desired to learn from Jeong Jeong. At first, Jeong Jeong refused to teach him because he had not learned waterbending or earthbending yet. After a vision from Avatar Roku, Jeong Jeong changed his mind and began to instruct him. Aang, who was excited at first, soon became bored with the lessons since Jeong Jeong insisted on teaching him strict discipline before showing him any firebending combat moves. Aang grew impatient and made a great ball of fire which he accidentally burned his friend Katara's hands with. Shortly after this incident, Jeong Jeong's former student Zhao managed to track them down. Aang had to leave the camp and Jeong Jeong went into hiding elsewhere.

Order of the White Lotus

Jeong Jeong was an active member of the Order of the White Lotus, an ancient and secret society which transcended the divisions of the four nations in the pursuit of philosophy, beauty and truth. Jeong Jeong had become more intellectual after experiencing the harsh realities of war time and again. He began searched for ultimate truth and worldly beauty to make sense of his place in the world. At some point he gained knowledge of the nature and significance of energybending to the world. He was reluctant to pass on this knowledge. After he and the other Order members liberated Ba Sing Se, Aang came to visit him at his house in the Earth Kingdom to ask him to tell him what he knew about energybending. Jeong Jeong refused and when Aang was persistent with him, told him to get out of his house.

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