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"With each life that is taken with my hands, a piece of my soul dissipates into the air around us."
— Jeong Jeong, following the death of Zhao.
Bolin realizes
Juji's fine. He comes back to life in the end when the doomsday device shifts the polarity of the Earth. Oops. Spoiler. Sorry.

Warning! This page contains spoilers for future episodes of A:TLAR.

Jeong Jeong was a fifty-four year old Fire Nation Military veteran, currently exiled as his sentence for dereliction of duty during the war.

Jeong Jeong
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Jeong Jeong was born into an impoverished family in a small town in the southern region of the Fire Nation. He felt little satisfaction with his meager life in his youth, except for the firebending training that he received from a local veteran. To suppress any particularly hostile feelings, Jeong Jeong took to drinking sake to keep himself in a calming stupor. However, on one especially depressing night, Jeong Jeong was exacerbated into drinking himself into a raging frenzy by the taunting of locals, and in a fit of blind rage, he burned down the town's bar.

Jeong Jeong would have been contented with this, if his father hadn't been working at the bar that evening. When he was released from the local prison, Jeong Jeong fell into a state of debilitating grief. However, upon meditation with his mentor, the veteran, Jeong Jeong decided that he would need to learn self-control and patience.

Upon this decision, Jeong Jeong enlisted in the Fire Nation military to receive formal disciplinary training, although the firebending trainers had nothing to offer him. He quickly overshot many of the ranks, as a dedicated student. Over time, Jeong Jeong was able to hone his firebending abilities into a refined master form. Under the tutelage of a proper teacher, he developed firmer compassion for others, great self-restraint, and lastly the ability to time his most devastating attacks keenly to ensure that they were as effective as possible. Jeong Jeong's excellent discipline and firebending skill earned him a role as a reserve CO that tutored privates and lieutenants in firebending. It was during his time in the reserves that he encountered a fellow reserve officer, the swordsman master Piandao, as well as his most renowned student, Zhao Tajik.

However, as he was now able to empathize with those that suffered under the Fire Nation's strong-arm military. He began to sink deeper and deeper into a pit of self-loathing as he became aware that his gift was responsible for this suffering, for the senseless destruction of property and loss of life that he had sworn to leave behind in his village. At the time of his meeting with Aang, Jeong Jeong was completely consumed by guilt, and had resorted to self-harm.

Eventually, Jeong Jeong reached the point of utter desperation, ashamed of all of his violent actions against the citizens of the Earth Kingdom, and abandoned the battalion that he served in. Following his desertion, Jeong Jeong became a nomadic refugee, constantly traveling to avoid any pursuing Fire Nation soldiers. During his travels, Jeong Jeong began to study the history of the legendary Dragon of the West.

When he came into contact with the rebellion movement, in the form of its founders, Katara and Sokka Jai, Jeong Jeong was reluctant to provide support, or firebending training for Aang. Jeong Jeong feared that Aang's soul would be corrupted and deteriorate, just as his did. However, against Katara's stubborn defiance, he eventually chose to tutor Aang on how to restrain himself in firebending. When the group was confronted by Commander Zhao and his remaining soldiers, Jeong Jeong had no choice but kill every one of them to ensure Aang's safety. Being utterly unable to forgive himself for these actions, Jeong Jeong took a firearm from one of Zhao's soldiers and shot himself, threatening to burn anyone that attempted to intervene.

Jeong Jeong gloomy

Jeong Jeong in his final meditation.

Appearance: Chapter Eleven

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