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Phoenix Islands



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The Goverment, Ravena


Mian, Zura, Hai

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Protector (formerly)


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Phoenix Islands

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Within the Shadows


Jeong was born in a small rural town in the Phoenix Islands. As a child he was hard working and caring. His father died, when he was young forcing Jeong to take care of his sick mother. He did several jobs in the neighborhood to buy her medicine and make ends meet. When he became 20, he left for the island capital to start his life. He soon found a well-paying job as a Protector. He soon gained the governor's favor, and was one of the most trusted and powerful Protectors. One day, he received notice his mother had died but he could not attend her funeral for he had a mission from the Governor. Though the governor said it was alright if he left, Jeong refused. Eventually, he became nothing more than a shell of what he used to be.

Mian and Zura

Jeong met Mian and Zura, as their squad captain. They were replacements for his recently dead team mates. He was never aware of their true identity until later. His squad was successfully able to gain an important mission to protect a visiting admiral. Jeong let his guard down for several minutes, and was betrayed by the duo and their new ally Hai

Demotion and Revenge

Jeong was demoted because he failed in such an important mission. Blaming his former team mates he proceeded to track them down. He eventually realized the truth and their location through deduction and reports from the squad that was tracking them. He then arranged with an enemy of the leaf clan, a plan to capture the Avatar and humiliate the Leaf clan. He also found an old friend, Ravena who helped him in his plans. He attacked Team strike [1] but quickly retreated.


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