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Jet's village burns
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Chapter 1, Child of the Woods

Jenju was a child of the woods until his home, the forest, was burnt down.


Jenju was born to Jenju's unnamed father and Kin. His past is mostly unknown, except for the fact that he grew up in the woods. One day, Jenju went out to go hunting. While he was out, he found a valley full of animals that he could take home. During his long endeavor, he broke his spear. But he had successfully caught a large Turkey Duck. When he got back to his home, he found his childhood home burnt to the ground. Jenju was devastated. He tried to trick himself into believing they were still alive, but to no avail. In the ruins, he found his mothers body, gashed and burnt. There were two other corpses, one which he recognized as Ying, a friend of Jenju's father. The other corpse was unrecognizable. Jenju then realized that his father could have escaped, or be taken prisoner. As Jenju settled down for the night, he wished he hadn't been so rude to his father earlier.

Jenju later came to a shop where he decided to ask around and see if any Fire Nation soldiers had passed through the area. He entered a shop where he asked the question. The man responded harshly, saying that he shouldn't metion them. He gave Jenju a drink, then asked for some money. Unluckily, though, Jenju didn't have any money. The man got angry, and told his assistant, Liam, to attack Jenju. Liam started to Earthbend rocks at Jenju, but missed. All the sudden, a man came up from behind and stopped the two thugs from attacking any longer. Jenju and he left, when Jenju asked him if he had seen any Fire Nation. Later, Jenju discovered that the man was Sha Lu. He told him a story about how he had no job, and then he started gambling. This was a found to be a lie, though. Mongke from the Rough Rhinos came and talked to Sha Lu. Jenju heard the whole conversation, and knew that Sha Lu was a Fire Naiton spy.

Two days later, Mongke returned, and found that Jenju was still with Sha Lu. He grew angry, but decided to let Sha Lu go. Sha Lu came back and told Jenju to start running. Mongke saw this, and started to chase after them. Sha Lu ran back and sliced the rhino, making it charge straight at Jenju. Jenju jumped out of the way, but a rock flew and hit Jenju's leg. Sha Lu ran over to find a deep gash on Jenju's leg.

Two days later, Jenju wakes up to find Sha Lu gone. He walks into a town, where he meets Aunt Wu. He asks her if she has seen Sha Lu, and she tells him to search for him in the night, and he will find him. Jenju leaves, and heads off to find Sha Lu.


Jenju seems to be a polite young man, but can be rude. During the time he interacted with his father, he acted like he was surprised, but later rolled his eyes at his father. He enjoys being out in the forest, knowing it more than anyone else. Jenju has grown accustomed to the silence and mysteriousness of the forest.


Jenju has a nice tan complexion. He inherited his brown hair from his mother, and has blue eyes to go along with that. He wears a white shirt, a tight brown band around his waist, and white pants. Both garments are loose. Jenju wears bandages over his shins, and moccasins for shoes. On his back is the sheath for his machete.


Jenju wields two weapons: A spear and a machete. He appears to be an excellent hunter, being able to catch a large Turkey Duck. He likes the forest and enjoys exploring it. His skills with his weapons haven't been shown yet, but he seems to be skilled with them.


  • Jenju is a lot like Sokka: A weapons expert.

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