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Two Separate Lives

Jengso is Siro's best friend and attends the same Fire Nation school as him. He is a character in When Air Nomads Walked the Earth.


Jengso was born to his mother, Manga, and his father, Zenlin. Both his parents were surprised and overjoyed when they learned their only son possessed Firebending abilities as neither of them did. They paid close attention to his education as most other Fire Nation parents did and sent him to the local school in their village of Sen Go. Jengso made quick friends with Siro and the two soon realized each other as best friends. They continue to enjoy each other's company and often walk home together from school.

Unlike Siro, Jengso does not have passionate desire to become a Firebending Master, but still works hard during training sessions. He is always there to stick up for his friend and to help out in tight situations. Like the other students of the Fire Nation school, he fears Hanzin and his gang of friends.


Jengso is friendly, fun loving and a devoted friend. Although not the brightest and sometimes naive to others' situations, he is supportive and kind. He seeks adventure and excitement and is not afraid to stand up for others or speak his mind especially against the school bullies.


Jengso is a Firebender and, although he does not aspire to become a prodigy, excels in training. He rarely utilizes Firebending, only flaunting his abilities during training to impress the teachers.

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