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Jei Hin-su
Biographical information

Jei, Jay, Lady 'Jay, Blue Jay, Jei Bird, Jei Hin-su, Fire Bird, Lily, Doll Face


United Republic of Nations


Water Tribe & Fire Nation

Birth place

Republic City


Republic City




149 AG

Physical description






Hair color


Skin color


Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice


Bending style(s)



Baking, basic Firebending


Crystal Kiyo, Blue Xu Hin-su


Tega, Emiko, Pyna, Yuu, Triple Threat Triad, Shady Shin, Kerosene


Red Monsoon Triad, Agni Kai Triad, Rat Tail, Lola

Chronological and political information
  • Owner of the Ember Bread Bakery
  • Middle-class United Republic citizen
  • Hostage(formerly)
  • Triple Threat Triad
  • Ember Bread Bakery

Crystal Kiyo, Kerosene


Emiko, Pyna, Yuu

Voiced by

Kesha Rose Sebert

Although she only plays a supporting character role, Lady Jei Bird is one of the most prominent players in shaping the plot of the storyline in House of Cards.


Born Jei Hin-su in 149 AG, she was the daughter of two gangsters from separate Triads. Her parents are Crystal Kiyo of the Agni Kais and Blue Xu Hin-su of the Red Monsoons. Jei, however, remained largely outside of the gang race for most of her life.

In 153, Avatar Aang passed away, inciting an uprising within Republic City's gang circuit. Xu mysteriously disappeared from his home to keep his family's identity a secret from the rather unforgiving Red Monsoon leader, leaving his wife and daughter to assume him dead when he was never found.

By 158 AG, Jei had shown promise in the art of firebending. It was around this time that her mother began to teach Jei how to control that power. Such training was even more imperative since the prejudice of benders from non-benders in the city had increased drastically. With at least basic firebending under her belt, Jei could have a way to protect herself should the need arise.

Jei's mother eventually opens the Ember Bread Bakery in the years 161 AG with the slogan "The Finest Baked Goods in Republic City". The opening of the successful business is shortly followed by Jei's completion of her basic training in 162 AG, making her full capable of using the bakery's old-fashioned firebending oven.

One of Jei's best and closest friendships started in 164 AG when she met a young woman named Tega. The out-of-towner had recently moved to the city and was a little down on her luck, but the two bonded nearly instantaneously.

It was quite a shock to Jei that no more than three years later her mother would abandon her (to return to the Agni Kais, unbeknownst to Jei) with a bakery to run all on her lonesome. Seeing that her friend is distraught, Tega comes to Jei's aid and begins working at the Bakery to help her. After all, what are friends for? Meanwhile, the prejudice for bending skyrockets, and Amon makes his debut appearance.

In 168 AG Ember Bread Bakery is caught in the middle of a turf war between the Red Monsoons and Triple Threats that had been instigated by the rise in non-bender violence. The turf becomes Triple Threat territory, but the bakery is demolished in the cross-fire. Thanks to a generous and mysteriously wealthy contributor (who, unknown to Jei was her own mother), Ember Bread Bakery is rebuilt a year later. Now that the area belongs to the Triple Threats, however, Jei is forced to pay an annual "safety tax" to keep her establishment free of triad trouble.

The bakery is reopened for business in 170 AG, as Amon leads his Equalist followers in an uprising within Republic City. Avatar Korra arrives on the scene to put down the civil unrest the Anti-bending Revolution has caused. There are, once again, turf wars brewing in the organized crime that threatens the bakery.

With the turn of the year Jei hoped to get some new faces in the bakery. Of course, Shady Shin, the new leader of the Triple Threats, is not one that she expected. His presence ultimately causes more problems than solves. Go figure.

Ember Bread Bakery

The Ember Bread Bakery was first opened in 161 AG by Kiyo Hin-Su, who later left the business and allowed her daughter Jei Hin-Su to inherit it in 167 AG.

One of the local "hot-spots" of Republic City, the privately owned Bakery is well known for its delicious pastries and friendly employees. The shop's location, while in a rough area of town, boasts a great view of the Silk Road Bridge.

The original establishment was part of the casualties in the dispute for turf between the Red Monsoons and the Triple Threats in 168 AG, and was rebuilt a year later in the same location.

All the products the bakery uses are baked using an old-fashioned firebending oven. While it is preferred that employees have some knowledge of firebending basics, the establishment is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate based on heritage, bending ability, or bending skill level.

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