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Aang Memorial Island
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Princess Yue's Second Chance



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March 22, 2012

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Revelation through Water

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Yue was under the guise of a blonde lady. As her request for an audience with the Avatar was granted, she is in for the shock of her life. In the Spirit World, turmoil has been arising. A threat of a new war is in the mind of Tui the Moon Spirit. Fearing that this will come to a reality, he contacted the Avatar so that he will know.


An Audience with the Avatar

"Wait, what do you mean an old friend?" Katara questioned. Her blue eyes sparkled with the question of uncertainty. She was sure that she had never seen her before. Yue shrugged at the sudden remark that Aang gave to her. Why is everything so sudden and rush?

Aang, whose eyes were so intently upon Yue's, said to her "Ermmm, Patience isn't it? Hehe can I talk to you outside?". Yue was now feeling confused more than ever. Only Aang can guide me right now. I have to do this without fear. Oh moon and ocean spirits, be with me right now. Let my actions not fall in vain.

They went outside to the grounds of Air Temple Island. Stars were slowly shining in the dusk sky. The grounds were so open and wind so prevalent. Yue's new strange hair danced as the wind blew from it. It looked like beautiful and magnificent golden flames. Yue took notice of the distant city across the island. The skyline was something she had never seen before. She marveled at the sight. It was alien to her because all her life, she was only surrounded by ice structures. Something must have happen while I was away.

"I have something to tell you Princess Yue." Aang said, worry was etched in the manner of his speaking. Yue stood firm and was again shocked at the sudden rush of what's happening. She had never expected to bump into them so suddenly.

"I'm sorry Mr. Avatar but my name's-" Yue suddenly was interrupted by Aang. "No need to hide it Princess Yue." The Avatar laughed so hard that Yue had to shush him. "Aang, please. I'm trying to keep my identity a secret." I guess I'm bad at doing so.

"Yue, relax. Just hear me out." the Avatar said. I've always admired his special gift. Just like my father, he can give peace to a heart filled with chaos. Was this destined to be? Was I to be given the lesson of my life? Am I really worth the sacrifices I have made? Whatever the answer to my questions, only the Avatar can give it. But, oh Sokka, I've missed you so much. I'd do everything to be with you again. You are what made me human, made me apart from the restraints of the laws of my Tribe. Aang's face filled with wonder and disbelief, said. "The Spirits have told me that you were here, at first I didn't believe because you were bonded with Tui. But apparently you found a way to get here." Yue then replied, "I know. I have been foolish to let my emotions come over me. I'm not even supposed to be here because I'm dead. But I'm doing this for Sokka."

"Listen to me Princess really need to get back with Tui the Moon Spirit," he said as his Air Nomad robes flapped from the blowing wind. The sky was now dark but illuminated by the light of a multitude stars. The moon was nowhere to be seen. Aang sounded so urgent that Yue had to listen more intently. She hadn't seen him like this since the siege at the North Pole. "You are the only one with the power to maintain Tui's energy over your Tribe."

"But the war is over Aang, Tui has regained some of its energy." Yue said with a shaky voice. What is he talking about? Have I missed something here?

"Actually, what you said is true but your bond with Tui is strong." Aang said with a voice filled with fear. Yue was having thoughts if she should listen or not. She simply was scared of the remainder of what he had to say. "The past Avatars have warned me that when Tui weakens again the moon will disappear forever and a new war might happen."

Yue turned to look at the ground. She tried not to believe what Aang had just said. Oh Spirits, why did you abandon me? Now all of her pain and struggles to be back now seems to be in vain. Why didn't anyone tell me anything. The Mystic was okay with it. He even said that if I inhabit this new body he created, there would be no problem. Did he lie to me? But then why? "Aang, is that true? Why am I alw-?" Yue was now crying, her words eaten by her emotions. Why am I forsaken the life of a normal person? All I want is to be loved and love in return. Is that really too much to ask? At the same time, she fears that her tribe will suffer because of her recent actions, but it wasn't her fault. Nobody from the Spirit World said anything was to be feared if she should only follow the alternative. Yue finally gathered enough ounce of determination, despite knowing that all she had been through to get here was in vain, and said, "I need to return to the Oasis back home." I need to sacrifice for my people again.

"That's not all, they said that it will be hard for me to let you return to the Spirit World. But as the Avatar I will try to maintain peace and balance to the world." Aang gave Yue a smile of reassurance. Somehow, in this smile, Yue's chaotic mind turned to a calm one. Just like my father.

"This will be our little secret." Yue said.

Walking around the streets

Aang gave one of the rooms in his temple for Yue to sleep on. The rest of the Gaang seemed okay with it. Mysteriously enough, all of them seemed strangely drawn to show kindness to her even though Sokka, Suki and Katara still did not know who she really was. At the morn, Katara announced that they should take strolls to the city to watch the new developments Sokka had constructed these past weeks. Yue hesitated but joined them nonetheless. Like the others, Yue was also mysteriously drawn to them to join the Gaang in their journeys even with how simple it was like walking through the streets. They went outside to the Bison Shelter and immediately recognized one of them. Appa. They brought Momo with them and finally flew right away towards the city. Once again, Yue enjoyed the wind. Unlike the Spirit World, the wind this time feels good and smells good. They descended and proceeded to walk in the streets of Republic City. It feels so weird for Yue to be walking around with them, knowing who they are but them not knowing her. Although Yue simply ignored the awkwardness and was simply happy that she was finally with Sokka. Aang explained vaguely what the city was generally, but Yue knew it was intended for her only.

"So Avatar Aang, you made this city as a melting pot for all four nations?"

"Yes. It was created when the Fire Nation Colonies were being fought over for between the Fire Nation and the Earth Kingdom. With the help of Fire Lord Zuko, The United Republic of Nations was created. This is considered the fifth nation, where benders and non-benders from all over the world could live and thrive together in peace and harmony. This whole city we are currently at is the URN's capital, Republic City."

Yue was astonished and had never anticipated such a nation could be created. But when she heard about Zuko, "Wait, he is Fire Lord?" Sokka and Suki laughed so hard. Katara only giggled. Seeing their loud laughter made Yue felt sad, Sokka must think I'm just some dumb and crazy amnesiac random girl.

"Hey Momo, you hungry little guy?" Momo was perched at Aang's shoulder. Its head was shaking like a nod as if saying Yes so Aang picked some bread crumbs from his pockets and gave them to Momo.

"So uhmm Patience, why don't you know any of these?" Katara asked, "I thought this was big news, oh well I guess the media isn't that powerful after all."

"Hey sis, your wedding day is just a month from now. You should put a thought on what the little kiddos will have for a name!" Sokka said, "How about, Sokka. Now that's cute". Yue giggled. Sokka saw that and the two momentarily locked eyes. Yue blushed.

"Hmmm well if we ever had kids." Aang said, "I'll name 'em Gyatso, Bumi and Tenzin."

"How about a girl Aang? I'll name her Kya. Just forget Gyatso." Katara said with a smile. Aang gave a little frown but smiled later on.

A little suspicion

After their strolling and exploring, they went back to the Island. When they returned, it was already nighttime. Yue's excitement made her so tired that she was the one who went to bed first. "Goodnight guys," she said with a yawn.

The remaining four gathered at the table in the living room. Sokka was the first to speak. "Aang, we've just met that girl." Sokka said, "Should we trust her?"

"Hey, I known what I'm doing Sokka."

"Aaaaand I've been thinking about what you said about her being an old friend. I sure don't remember her when we went to the North Pole."


Morning came. Suki, who was being friendly, waited for Yue to wake up from her sleep. She wanted to make friends with her to let her feel really welcome. Yue finally woke up and was greeted with a smile from Suki first thing in the morning. "Patience, you wanna go buy some food at the street market with me?" Suki asked Yue.

"Oh uhmm sure, why not?" said Yue. Suki went out of her room and went to hers to change clothes. This was the first time Yue had not seen Suki with her face paint. What she was wearing instead was a green dress lined with golden edges. The princess stood up and went to change...Wait, I don't have something else to change. Yue was finding a way to change her clothes but she knew better than to steal. Yue was respectable enough to steal some clothes. She had ethics class from Yugoda. She instead went to the bathroom to wash up as fast as she could. After doing so, she went back and changed again to her green kimono when Suki called her from outside. "Patience, you done yet?" Yue heard it and simply went outside the grounds where Suki was waiting.

"You're not changing?" Suki questioned her strange behavior. Yue then lied, "It's alright, actually I really like this kimono. Don't worry Suki, I don't smell bad." Suki then said, "Riigght?" Suki went to the mini-pier at the lower ground of the island at the seashore instead of going to the bison shelters. Yue simply followed and found the other stepping in a gondola. "Hop in Patience," Suki called. The Kyoshi Warrior was the one rowing the gondola while Yue watched the bay waters. Once again, she enjoyed the simplicity and beauty of what she was feeling. I feel just like a normal person. Suki then spoke to her, "That was a pretty fun stroll yesterday right?" Yue then answered, "I'm glad you also enjoyed yourself. I too was having a good time yesterday." After minutes past, they arrived across to the pier at the seashore of Republic City.

They rode a cab and headed straight to Downtown. "Bastard traffic!" the driver said as he continuously pressed a button that made those bugle honking noises. So all this lined up strange machines were the one causing those noises? How ignorant of me to have thought that a battle was going on. Finally, after such heavy traffic, they arrived at their destination. The Downtown area were so full of products and delicacies from all three nations, excluding the Air Nomads of course. Yue once again was glad on how peaceful the world has become.

The Tribal princess noticed a ring on Suki's finger. "I can see that you've taken notice of my engagement ring." Suki said so with a gleeful expression.

"Who's the lucky guy?" Yue said, feeling happy for Suki.


Yue simply did not see that coming. For many years, her only desire was to be with Sokka. Now that she's finally here, it seemed that Sokka's far away as ever. Yue was suddenly so filled with jealousy, so much jealousy that....

"Woah! Look at the water at the bay! It's rising" The people screamed.

Yue suddenly realized that she was the one controlling the water, in short she can waterbend. She waterbent the bay nearby and was greatly astonished.

"You're a waterbender?" Suki asked.

Author's note

Stay tuned for chapter four, Revelation through Water.

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