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Jaypaw was born a blind tabby cat, living in a forest with a group of other cats called ThunderClan. Due to a reason he doesn't understand he was transported to the world of Avatar and into a new body. He is one of the main characters in RavenclawGirl29's fan fiction, "Two Worlds of Darkness".



Jaypaw is the son of the Clan Leader's daughter, Squirrelflight, and the Clan Deputy, Brambleclaw. He had two littermates, a sister Hollypaw, and a brother Lionpaw. Originally he wanted to become a warrior to protect and provide for his clan, but because of his blindness it proved impossible and his training ceased. He then started training as a Medicine Cat, the healer and spiritual guide of the clan, under the instruction of his mother's sister, Leafpool. As a Medicine Cat, Jaypaw can receive dreams from his ancestors and even walk in the dreams of others around him.

Travel to the Avatar World

It is unclear how Jaypaw entered the Avatar World, however the last thing he remembers from his cat life was walking to the Clans' spiritual center, Moonpool, with his mentor and falling, hitting his head. Later he woke up in the body of a human, dazed and quite confused.

The first person Jaypaw met was Toph, after realising that he was blind like her, she decided to bring him back to camp to meet the others, Katara, Aang, Sokka, Suki, and Zuko. He arrived somewhere between Katara's field trip with Zuko, and their move to Ember Island. The Gaang is training and preparing for Sozin's Comet so they don't pay Jaypaw much mind. Toph, however, takes interest in him, teaching him how to use his seismic senses to get a feel of what's around him.


As a cat Jaypaw was gray with blue eyes, so once he enters the Avatar world he is wearing baggy gray clothes and has blue eyes. He also has a light complexion and messy black hair, similar to an Earth Kingdom child. He, like Toph, refuses to wear shoes because they impair his "sight". He's relatively small, standing only a few millimeters taller than Toph, who is the shortest in the group.


Jaypaw is broody and angry over being blind. He's easily annoyed and most of the time down right unpleasant. His bad attitude only increases when he's stuck in a two-leg (human) body, contently making mistakes, and being basically clueless about the world he's in. He is, however, extremely smart and resourceful when he gets the chance to help himself, rather than be taken care of. He does show a soft side occasionally, such as breaking down in front of Katara about missing his family, and having a few heart to heart talks with Toph. Despite his prickly nature he's fiercely loyal and extremely brave.


Spiritual Connection

Though a long way from his Medicine Cat roots, Jaypaw's spiritual link to the ancestors around him is still pretty much intact, he's able to talk with Yue and Roku in his dreams, along with a spirit from his own world, Rock.

He can also walk in the dreams of others and peer into their memories, when this happens he is able to see for however long the vision or dream takes place, the exception, of course being Toph, because there is nothing to see. This gift isn't limited just to who he's physically close to, he can cast it anywhere so long as that person is dreaming or daydreaming. He even manages to walk in a dream of one of his friends back home, and see into the head of Fire Lord Ozai, before the battle.

Seismic Senses

Despite not being an earthbender, Jaypaw is able to see fairly well with his feet, thanks to tutoring from Toph, even seeing on metal despite hating the feeling of it under his feet.



Jaypaw and Toph have an instant connection do to the fact they both know what it feels like to be treated differently due to there blindness, she also became his Mentor. They become good friends and become very devoted to each other as their time spent together goes on.

Suki and Katara

Jaypaw gets annoyed often with the two girls because they always feel the need to protect him and treat him like a baby. But he doesn't particularly dislike them. He even compares Katara to his mother and Suki to his sister.


Jaypaw and Aang get on rather well, when Aang stresses over killing Ozai, Jaypaw is the only one on his side. They become fairly good friends, despite conflicting personalities.

Sokka and Zuko

Neither Sokka nor Zuko know what to make of Jaypaw, so they more or less avoid him, and Jaypaw is perfectly content avoiding them. Though the older boys do both register admiration of Jaypaw's ability to catch on to fighting with the short period of time he's allowed, and his willingness to risk his life for an battle which is not his own, they don't really bond anymore than that.

Squirrelflight, Brambleclaw, Leafpool, Hollypaw, and Lionpaw

Jaypaw finds it extremely hard to be without his family, particularly his siblings, and expresses missing them a lot.

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