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Jason was born on February 26, 1996. From the time he was very young, he was constantly creating things, whether it was pictures, towers, or even planes from legos. When Jason was 12, his mother, with difficulty, gave birth to his little brother, Azrael. After Azrael(or as Jason called him Az), was born, the family sooned moved near Old Fang Rock, in Bayside. Jason tried to run away the next year after something terrible even his parents could not get out of him. After that, Jason was calm until he had a dream with Roku, instructing him to go to the Avatar world to escape the destruction of his world.

Time in the Avatar world

Jason's coming into the Avatar World was one of pain. Going through the portal at Old Fang Rock on the sunset of the winter soltice, it ended up landing Jason unconscious onto a Fire Nation beach. Fortunately, Pan found him, and with Myo's help, was able to bring him to their house for him to heal. When he awoke, he quickly befriended the elderly couple, up to the point where he wanted to stay with him. However, the two told Jason that Avatar Roku had told them to not keep him, as his destiny laid elsewhere. After returning his family's pendant to him, Jason promised them he return to thank them one day, which they believe. Jason then sees smoke, and follows it to see if he can find any fellow travellers. However, upon his arrival at the burning campground, Jason decides to help the victims, the Kyoshi Warriors. He soon comes across the Kyoshi Warriors, backed into a corner of a cliff, being taunted at by bandits calling themselves Burning Bandits. He helps the Kyoshi Warriors, however at the climax of the battle, Jason somehow redirects lightning the leader of the bandits shot at Ty Lee, knocking both himself and the leader out. The bandits flee with their leader, while the Kyoshi Warriors stay at the site to help Jason. Jason wakes up the next day, only to be scolded by one of the Kyoshi Warriors after he wanders. The rest of the Kyoshi Warriors, who had been out hunting, come back and are happy to see Jason alive. After a hilarious dinner, Jason, Ty Lee, and Suki go to Suki's tent, as Suki wants to question Jason. Jason tells her about his origins, which she is skeptical about, however she agrees to let Jason stay with them so that he can ask for the Avatar's help to return him home. The trio finally come to the Fire Nation Capital, where the Avatar, Firelord Zuko, and friends have come together for some important news. Jason meets the gang, though he and Sokka fight. The Sun Warrior Chief, who has been staying at the Capital for some days now, tells the group that Jason's presence might be in coincidence of the news. In their spare time, the gang tries to see if Jason can bend any of the elements, though Jason fails pathetically. Sokka then tries to train Jason in the way of the sword, though he really just wants to beat Jason. However, Jason gets mad and beats Sokka in three hits with his hands, causing Sokka some much needed shock. Jason then goes to see the painter Gyochi, who paints Jason a picture of his family for him. The next day, at the meeting, the group realizes that the shadowbenders are draining power from Jason's world in order to aid them in breaking the seal, and thereby taking over the Avatar World. However, the day after brings dire news. Shadowbender assassins, sent to kill Zuko, fight and beat down Jason easily, and taunt him in the fact that his world is already destroyed, turned to dust when it's shadow was taken away. Falling into a powerful rage, Jason attacked the two shadowbenders, Dai Lu and Keidan, killing Dai Lu and injuring Keidan. He then raged across the city, and after Zuko, and even Aang in the Avatar State was unable to defeat Jason, Ty Lee was able to calm him down and stop his rampage, though he passes out as he used all his power in his rampage. After they are told of this, and Ty Lee realizes she has a piece of Jason's shadow within her, Ty Lee and Aang successfully send their spirits inside Jason and restore his shadow and soul to normal. However, even though Jason is warned against it by his conscious, Thoth, he runs away from his friends, fearing another rampage. Eventually, Jason finds a pier, where an old fisherman tells him of secluded island off the coast, Black Springs Isle. Agreeing to go there, he sets up camp, unaware of who the man actually was. During his stay at the isle, before the Gaang finds him, he is tempted into serving Abaddon, a trapped entity from the time before the first Avatar. However, his conscious convinces Jason to reject Abaddon's offer, though Abaddon threatens that Jason has made a powerful enemy. Finally, when the Gaang finds him, he at first refuses to go with them, still wanting to protect them from him. However, Ty Lee later stumbles upon him remembering his family, using a picture Gyochi/Gyatso made for him. After finally making up his mind to go with the Gaang after all, they are attacked by a mysterious group of shadowbenders lead by a man named Ragnarok. They deny that they are the same shadowbenders attacking the Avatar World, and attack Jason and the group when Ragnarok makes a request similar to Abaddon's. Ragnarok and Jason fight one on one, almost resulting in Jason's demise. However, the timely intervention of Aang saves him. He also witnesses Aang's transformation, and helps him defeat Ragnarok, though he gives them a vague clue about his identity: "Jason Somebody". Jason, along with the rest of the gang, then leave the isle now that it's barrier is broken.

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