By Dragonfire333 Part of the Avatar: War of Nations continuity.
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Kaoru, Lee, Haysumi, Maika, Yuki


Jared is a seventeen year old Earthbender from Gaoling. Jared grew up with the underground but growing sport of Earth Rumble Tournament along with other village children. Once he discovered he was an Earthbender he realized he would be able to imitate his favorite Earthbending wrestlers. Using his newfound skills, Jared quickly became the prankster of Gaoling, causing small quakes and over turning carts all for small laughs. Deciding he needed discipline, Jared's parents sent him to a training academy where they hoped he'd mature. But to no avail Jared met a similar person named Kaoru. The two became fast friends and they were soon joined by the Airbender Lee, with the three becoming quick friends.


Jared has a jokester personality which makes him the most childish character out of everyone. He's more of joker than Kaoru is, getting into trouble more than anyone. His jokes can often annoy people to the fullest extent but he means well enough. Though when the time comes, Jared can be quite serious when necessary.


Jared is a talented Earthbender able to easily perform simple Earthbending techniques ranging from low level earthquakes to earth sinking. Jared is also prone to using earth gauntlets on both arms to increase his strength. Jared also has a fast reaction time, able to respond to something almost immediately after it happens.

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