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Red Lotus insignia By PandaloverMichael Part of the Red Truth continuity.
Combustion Man


Biographical information

Yee, United Republic

Birth place







115 AG


145 AG

Physical description


Skin color


Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice


Bending style(s)

Firebending, combustionbending


Zaheer, Xai Bau


White Lotus sentries, Metalbending Police Force

Chronological and political information



United Republic

First appearance

"Dour Streets" (only appearance)

Jao was a firebender with his unique firebending abilities which allowed him to project and detonate large explosions at will from his third eye tattoo, known as combustionbending.

Living as an outlier in the streets in the city of Yee, Jao joined Zaheer and Xai Bau in their struggle to survive. After an attempt to steal some food, Jao was killed in a fight with the police.


Life as outlier

Jao was born and raised in Yee. However, he lost his parents when he was very young. At some point, Jao joined Zaheer and Xai Bau as outliers. They speeded their lives on the dour streets and struggled to survive by stealing food from stores and even sometimes fighting wild animals.


One day, Jao, Zaheer, and Xai Bau attempted to steal food from a local store.

They were caught by White Lotus sentries, whom Jao and his friends easily brought down. However, they later lost the fight against metalbender cops as one of them used a small rock to stun Jao for a while.

They were brought to the police station, and were told that they were going to be sent to a White Lotus prison in Republic City. Jao did not let that happen, so he created an explosion and managed to get out of the building with Zaheer and Xai Bau.

Outside the police house, Jao was killed by a cop, who bent his own armor around Jao's head just as he released his combustion attack to shoot down another cop. The contained blast exploded around his head, killing him.



Jao was a combustionbender; able to perform the rare technique which produces a concentrated beam of heat from his forehead which, upon impact, produces a powerful explosion. His combustion blasts had great destructive power, able to demolish most targets. He was able to use it with relative ease, firing several beams in succession to subdue numerous opponents. He is able to fire these beams over great distances with considerable accuracy. At the same time, he was capable of curving her blasts, effectively enabling him to strike from various angles and directions. Despite Jao's precision, a single strike to his forehead temporarily disrupted his ability to focus her chi and properly fire a combustion beam.


Being a part of a small gang, Jao was known to be the most irritating and stupid guy, compared to Zaheer and Xai Bau. However, when they were in real danger, like on the police station, he was tough enough to do whatever he could to help them out.


Red Truth


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