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"Indeed, what Wan did was truly revolutionary. However, in no way should you strive to rival his reputation by pressuring yourself. Instead, you should seek to uphold his legacy—continue from where he left off—by doing the best you can. That is the true meaning of being a successor."
— Jamyang to Singi about her role as the Avatar.
Biographical information

Air Nomad


70 (Book 1: Tension)
73-78 (Book 2: Conflict)
78-82 (Book 3: Resolution)


9,820 BG


Unknown (eventually Gyatso)

Physical description



4'2" or 1.27m (age 9)
5'6" or 1.68m (Book 1: Tension)
5'5" or 1.65m (Book 2 - age 79)
5'2" or 1.57m (age 80 - 82; slouch)

Hair color

White (shaven)

Skin color


Eye color

Light gray

Personal information
Weapon of choice


Fighting style(s)



Singi, Jiefeng, Gekkō, Dao, Guilin, Ra Sho, the Sun Warriors, Air Nomads, Wan


Maku, Gaza, Fire Islands troops

Chronological and political information

Airbending instructor


Airbending master
High Monk


Air Nomads
Team Avatar

First appearance

"Dreams" (mentioned)
"Revelation" (actual)

Last appearance

"Summer Solstice, Part 4: Two Worlds and One Bridge"

Voiced by

Hudson Yang (age 9)
Soon-Tek Oh (adult)

Monk Jamyang (pronounced: JAHM-yahng) is Avatar Singi's airbending instructor, spiritual mentor, and close friend.

Jamyang is known for his kindness, patience, and vast knowledge of the events leading to the establishment of the first Avatar. The latter is a result of Jamyang, at the age of nine, being one of the few to have formed a friendship with Singi's previous incarnation, Wan. For much of the later part of his life until setting out with Singi on her journey, he was one of many monks overseeing the construction of the Northern Air Temple. From the years 9,740 BG to 9,750 BG, Jamyang was the sole individual who carved the wooden statue of Wan and Raava that would eventually reside in the Southern Air Temple.

Personality Edit

Jamyang, like many monks, is patient, kind, and humble. Whenever Singi has had a moment of doubt, or even worry during her journey to master the other elements, Jamyang has always reassured her that she should strive to do the best she can. This reassurance has been particularly prominent in Books 2 and 3, when Singi continuously strives and pushes herself to be as legendary as Wan by the time conflict has brewed between the Fire Islands warlords Maku and Gaza, and the other nations; Jamyang reminds Singi during those instances that she does not need to be as prominent as Wan was to resolve conflict, and that so long as she has confidence in herself, she will be a worthy successor to Wan.

History Edit

Childhood Edit

Jamyang grew up in an Air Nomad settlement situated in the [eventual] Earth Kingdom continent. One autumn day in 9,811 BG when Jamyang was nine years old, Avatar Wan, accompanied by Mula, visited his village to gather supplies. On the multiple enthusiastic requests by the villagers, the Avatar and his animal companion spent the night in the settlement. During the late evening, Jamyang snuck out of his family's hut, wanting to know more about the legendary visitor. Upon approaching Wan, the Avatar was pleased, albeit shocked, seeing the boy up so late at night. Starstruck, Jamyang stuttered that he simply wanted to ask the Avatar a few questions, and after a momentary pause, Wan allowed him to sit beside him and ask his questions. Initially, Jamyang's confidence wavered, and he became nervous, but the Avatar remained patient and smiled at the boy until he was ready to begin. Wanting to break the ice, Jamyang noticed the aged, sleeping Mula beside him and asked the Avatar to identify the animal, to which Wan answered that Mula was a cat deer, and one of his close friends after rescuing him from hunters in the Spirit Wilds many years ago. Gaining confidence, Jamyang then acknowledged that he had heard much about Wan from the legends but was curious as to how he managed to manipulate multiple elements. Wan was hesitant at first, noting that it was a long story, but soon sighed in defeat and told the boy much of the story of how he became the first Avatar. The entire time, Jamyang was in awe, occasionally asking additional questions for clarification, but trying not to use up much of the time he had. Once finished, Wan suggested for Jamyang to head back into his hut for the night and sleep, and that he could give him a proper send-off the next morning. Jamyang was crushed to learn that the Avatar would be leaving the next morning, but Wan noted that he needed to continue his mission of maintaining peace and balance in the world.

The next morning, not long after dawn, Jamyang rushed out of his family hut to find a small crowd of villagers surrounding the Avatar and Mula as they prepared to leave. Jamyang called to Wan and rushed over to the scene and sullenly expressed his desire to accompany the Avatar. Wan acknowledged that he wished the same, but he knew such an action was too dangerous for a boy of his age. When asked if the two would ever see each other again, Wan stated that there could be a chance, and that while Jamyang will not be allowed to accompany him, if [Jamyang] "... follow[s] the path you shape, I am sure you will find destiny will grant you many benefits." Wan concluded his farewell to Jamyang by saying, "I hope that through your actions, you will aid me in restoring peace and balance to the world. I have no doubt you will succeed in just that, and no matter where I am, I will always be proud of you." After thanking the villagers for their hospitality, Wan gave a final farewell to Jamyang and departed in the morning mist, with a tearful Jamyang running after the duo briefly before stopping in his tracks and shouting a promise that he would make the Avatar proud and never forget him.

Book 1: Tension Edit

Identifying Singi as the Avatar Edit

Wan's statue

Jamyang was the sole individual to carve the wooden statue of Wan and Raava that would eventually be housed at the Southern Air Temple.

One morning in 9,750 BG, Singi visited Jamyang in a small enclave within the Northern Air Temple, where she found her mentor sweeping the wood shavings of a statue of a hooded man and a kite-like figure embracing the individual.

Upon Singi mentioning that she has had dreams of the man (Avatar Wan), Jamyang grew curious, knowing that Singi (for all he knows) has never actually met the man in-person. He recounted the legend of Avatar Wan to Singi, during which the latter put the pieces together and realized the current state of the world is because of Wan. Upon finishing his telling of the legend, Jamyang mentioned that he was missing a few details, as he had only met Wan once, after which he is interrupted by an astounded and exited Singi, asking for confirmation that her mentor once met the first Avatar. Jamyang laughed and retold the story of when he bonded with Wan at the age of nine, leaving Singi in even more awe. Singi asked if the figure behind Wan is Raava, which Jamyang confirmed, mentioning that Wan drew a sketch of Raava on the night he recounted to Jamyang his rise to become the Avatar, and adding that "... while Wan has passed on, Raava lives on, I'm sure in another person... Wan's successor to maintain peace between the people of this world by yielding the ability to manipulate the other elements."

At this, Singi recalled the actual reason why she visited Jamyang, and nervously stated that she had an "incident" at the communal water well. After describing what happened, Jamyang was shocked, but composed himself and asked Singi to demonstrate what she did to retrieve the bucket from the dark depths of the well, and the two relocated to a fountain along the temple grounds. There, Singi waterbent a water column, and in utter amazement and joy, Jamyang identified her as the Avatar, and stated that they needed to inform her parents immediately, as she had "an incredible journey ahead of her".

Trivia Edit

  • Jamyang (嘉木样) is Tibetan for "gentle voice".
  • Jamyang and Wan's friendship transcending to the former's friendship with the latter's immediate successor (Singi) reflects the transcendental friendship between Avatar Roku, Monk Gyatso, and Roku's successor, Avatar Aang, along with that between Avatar Aang, Toph Beifong, and Aang's successor, Avatar Korra.
    • In addition, Wan's final statement to a young Jamyang before departing reflects the latter's eventual mentoring of Singi, and how in essence, Wan can watch over Jamyang with Singi being his successor.
  • Although Singi's identity as the Avatar wasn't established until 9,763 BG, Jamyang has acted as both her airbending master and spiritual mentor since she was six years old in 9,757 BG.
  • Jamyang is one of the only people in the trilogy never shown to get angry.
  • Were Jamyang an actual animated character, he would likely be voiced by Soon-Tek Oh, who is best known for voicing Fa Zhou in Disney's Mulan and its direct-to-video sequel, Mulan II.
  • Based on the dating of the Chinese zodiac, Jamyang was born in the Year of the Dog in 9,820 BG.
Preceded by
Position established
Avatar's airbending master
c. 9,757 BG – c. 9,738 BG
Succeeded by
Unknown; eventually Gyatso
Preceded by
Position established
Avatar's spiritual mentor
c. 9,757 BG – c. 9,738 BG
Succeeded by
Unknown; eventually Kaja

References Edit

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