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"Not even the greatest Air Nomads before us could fully understand his writings, but what is known is that he knew something he should not have. Something dark for all Air Nomads."
Chonyi to her students.
Biographical information

Northern Air Temple


Air Nomad


Northern Air Temple


Before 1,850 BG

Physical description


Hair color

Brown (typically shaved)

Personal information
Weapon of choice

Air, animals

Fighting style(s)

Airbending, Animal Manipulation


Air Nomads

Chronological and political information

Airbending master

Jamtso was an Air Nomad who lived in the Northern Air Temple around 1,850 BG. During a long fasting, he discovered the secret to spiritually controlling animals, unlocking the ability to control animals. He spent the rest of his life surrounded by many endangered animals of his day who grew in numbers under his control.


Jamtso was born and raised in the Northern Air Temple. Like many Air Nomads of his day, he prepared himself for a long fasting in the tallest peak's of the Northern Temple. He remained in one of the tallest for many months.

The time came when Jamtso's curiosity got the better of him. The birds that landed near him were constant, and through strong meditation and focus on these birds, more and more birds began landing there. When he wanted them to leave, they would do so. Jamtso was a strong believer in Guru Laghima and his legendary ability of flight, and believed an ability to control the animals around him could be achieved.

The time came when Jamtso achieved spiritually enlightenment, and ultimate respect for all life. When he was ready to leave his peak, he was able to call several Sky Bison to him.

Jamtso made sure to keep this ability from the other Air Nomads, choosing to travel on his own to the other three air temples. His influence and power grew and was able to control larger numbers of animals, big and small, as he continued revisiting temple after temple.


Jamtso was remembered by the Air Nomads more than two thousands years after his death up towards the time of Avatar Korra, but the rare ability he had unlocked was lost to history.

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