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Juji's fine. He comes back to life in the end when the doomsday device shifts the polarity of the Earth. Oops. Spoiler. Sorry.

Warning! This page contains spoilers for Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan.

— Jampo quietly apologizes to Avatar Rong Yan in Chapter 15: The Council
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Tum-Tum (by Sister Mi Soo)


Air Nomads




676 BG


659 BG (Age: 19)

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Air Nomads, Monk Yong Ten, Avatar Rong Yan, Council of Elders, Aloi, Monk Senge, Sister Mi Soo


Ex-General Senlin, Admiral Palartok, Water Tribe rebels

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Air Nomads

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Book 1: Air Chapter 15: The Council

Jampo is a minor but supporting character in the last five chapters of Book one, in the fanon Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan.


Early Life

Born in the Western Air Temple, Jampo was born to an unknown woman, who was his mother. But like all Air Nomads most don't know who their parents are. Jampo, was hungry baby during his baby and toddler years and still is a hungry person now. Jampo, always ate more than the other children, that is why he is the way he looks like now.

Like all Air Nomad children, he was given an apple to gift a sky bison with. He found his new friend and they immediately became great friends. He spent the next year like all Air Nomad children learning how to ride and steer and take care of his bison.

When he was six, Jampo was transferred to the Southern Air Temple, where children made fun of him for being tall and, chubby. Though everyone Air Nomad should know that everyone in their society should be treated equal. There Jampo met a boy who immediately became his best friend, his name is Senge. They shared so many memories together.

At the age of eight, Jampo began airbending. Of course, Senge being two years younger than Jampo did not train in airbending yet.

Meeting Rong Yan

When Senge had brought Rong Yan over to their dormitory, Jampo had just finished washing his clothes. Jampo was going to go downstairs to play some bison polo. But then Senge came along with a firebender.

Though Jampo is a gentle, and kindhearted monk, when he met Rong Yan, Jampo bear hugged him to death. Senge, yelled at Jampo to let go and he apologized to Rong Yan afterwards. This means that Jampo even though a gentle monk sometimes when he meets people he will squeeze them because he loves life.

Festival of Four Winds

During the festival of four winds, it seems that Jampo had found a girl named Mi Soo. Mi Soo meets Rong Yan and Aloi, when they approach them at the large Pai Sho table within the eastern courtyard of the Southern Air Temple.

It is also known, that Mi Soo gave a pet name to Jampo, she calls him "Tum-tum". Jampo is also known to have great skill at the game Pai Sho. Though he was the last to be eliminated in the game, resulting in Rong Yan's victory.

Jampo and Mi Soo, stay together the whole entire night and show affection towards each other. Nothing is heard of Jampo, but he is later seen and then mentions that he misses Mi Soo, as the group eats their meals.

Invasion of the Southern Air Temple

During the invasion, Jampo was the fourth Air Nomad that was struck dead, Rong Yan, Senge, Aloi, and Yong Ten all cried out his name, but he gone. All of them cried, and Rong Yan closed his eyes releasing a tear. The death of Jampo, had triggered Rong Yan's Avatar State.

The invaders were in trouble, when instead of seeing the Fire Avatar in the Avatar State. The airbenders bowed to the presence of the Air Avatar that had taken form from the Avatar's body. It was Avatar Kwan Chun, who ended the invasion at the Southern Air Temple, and blew General Senlin and Palartok along with their men off the temple mountain.

The Air Nomads saw it, as Avatar Kwan Chun growing furious as he learned that someone had invaded the home he grew up in. He had taken possession of Rong Yan's body, and defended his home from the invaders.

Falling to their deaths, General Senlin reacted quickly by encasing Palartok and himself in earth to break their falls. Location of the Avatar was unknown to them soon after they had come out of the earth.



Like all Air Nomads, Senge was born an airbender. Senge is still training and is currently on the 25th level of airbending. Higher than Rong Yan, but in a matter of days Rong Yan had caught up to Senge in his training.

Senge, Jampo, and Rong Yan, all master airbending at the same time. During chapter 19, Senge and Jampo receive their Air Nomad tattoos, marking them as master airbenders.



  • Jampo is Tibetan for "kindhearted".
  • Jampo's personality is alike to his name.

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