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James Hellene, full title Sir James Hellene, 1st Duke of Skibbington, PhD, is the brother of Philip Hellene. He is a minor character in the Polybender Saga.


James Hellene is a man of medium height and mass. His hair is short and brown.

In combat and for ceremonial purposes, James wears his British Army Red Coat with ornate chains and decorations. While on horse back, he wears a feathered helmet. During peace time activities, James typically wears a grey, double-breasted suit with a jumper in the winter.


James Hellene studied in the University of Logopolis, where he was overshadowed by his brother, Philip. He then studied at the Hellenic Military Academy, where he excelled as a mounted cavalry man. James served in the Hellenic Army until the fall of Panagiotis' government at the hands of Malus Ignus.

James fled to Britannia, taking with him a portion of his army. He served the British in numerous campaigns against their enemies in Gaul. His success led him to be granted a large plot of land, where he resided as a duke. In 177 AG, he became involved in putting down a colonial rebellion.


James Hellene has much the personality of a country gent, enjoying both outdoor leisure and indoor rest. Unlike his brother, James enjoys war.


James Hellene is very able in the fields of warfare and combat.


James is particularly fond of his sabre. He airbends through his sabre with the potential of causing very grievous injuries. However, he is also skilled in using his sword without bending. On horse back, he is very capable of slashing down foot soldiers and other cavalry units using his sabre and lance. On foot, he is very strong in duels and is considered the best in the British Empire.


James is a skilled airbender and has knowledge of elemental conversion between air and fire. That said, he does not rely on his bending and mainly uses it for defensive and long-ranged purposes.

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