By Jall Part of the The Legend of Iraris continuity.
Aang in student attire
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Iroh's Palace



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5 feet


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Can tell a story so realisticly that it seems like the people hearing it are in it.


Father (deceased), Mother (deceased), Iroh (guardian), Lu Ten (Foster Brother)

Jall is a character in The Legend of Iraris and a tragic hero. He is to date the only one of Aang's allies to have family members from two nations.

Un-altered History

Jall was born in the Fire Nation to a middle-class family. He discovered to be an expert at telling stories and made a living out of it. As a boy he had found the temple of time. Jall had never been happy of being a middle class citizen, so he tried to use the temple to switch his family with the royal family. Unfortunately this resulted in everything going wrong. It seemed because of Jall's selfishness he had ended up rewriting history. A bright flash of light happened then Jall fell asleep.

Altered History

When Jall woke up he found himself in the palace. He immediately believed it had worked. He had only found himself to be the ward of the Fire Lord, Iroh. When Jall got over what had happened it seemed that his old life was just a dream. Jall later came to Iroh to ask him one question.

"Why did you adopt me?"

Iroh sighed. He was uneasy with the subject. He then told Jall that it was for his best friends sake. It turned our that Iroh's best friend had been Jall's father. Jall then ran off only to fall over at Prince Ozai's feet. Ozai seemed to have been disgusted at the sight of his "nephew" and demanded that he get up. Jall obeyed only to find out that Zuko wanted to see him. When Jall asked what for Ozai only laughed. Jall was not happy. It turned out that Zuko was his teacher when it came to combat.

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