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Maxnascie By Len Poles Part of the Xiaons continuity.
Jakub Wojciech Toporski
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December 18, 1995

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rifle, pistol, lightsaber, Bending

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Airbending, Waterbending, Firebending






Alexandra, Adam, Jeremy, Daria, Chris, Gracjan, Stowejko, Aang, Pierre, David, Hairpin, Hearty, Rzeczpospolita, Xiaons, more...


Xarloman, Ulrich, Fearden, Xerath, Kazelians, more...

Chronological and political information

Xiao Knight
1st Avatar
Supreme commander Xiao Army
head of State Rzeczpospolita


Xiao Army, Rzeczpospolita


Pierre Scheaffer


 Krzysztof Mazowiecki
Alan Ksana
Andrzej Niewierny

First appearance

The End of preparation

Jakub Wojciech (Jake Adalbert) Toporski is main protagonist of Xiaons, Xiao Knight, First Avatar, native Airbender, Xiao General, Supreme commander of Xiao Army, head of State Rzeczpospolita.



Jake was born in 1995. It is native Airbender. In 2008 he co-founded Knights Xiao. He got on the ability of echolocation. He killed Lord Xarloman. Later it turned out that he is Avatar. Later he met Aang. He taught him to Waterbending.

Part 1: Revolution

First battle of Szczecin

Jake received a call from a general of the planned Kazelians' attack on Szczecin. Jake went with five other generals Xiao north of the city. Along the way, with Ulrich bet that the one who will destroy more droids will get hundred dollars. Jake later he called Aang.

On the spot he gave orders to separate the. Jake noticed that one of the Kazelian ships is Fearden. Jake asked, most of Szczecin Xiaons.

In the middle of the city met Chris, Jacob. After a while they separated. When he Xiaons Base Jake met Michał Stowejko. Helped him to bring the damaged droid to the Base.

Jake came Hairpin and Hearty to Pomerania, again met Stowejko. Then saved his life.

Eventually, the bridge was Zaremba Jake Alexandra, he was looking almost from the beginning of the battle. However, it soon left to attack Feardena. There was a duel between them in which Fearden landed in the river Oder.

After returning to the Hairpin met Jake and Hearty. Together they entered the wall and began firing in the direction of kazelickich droids. After firing at James got a tip about the last ships in the harbor Dabie. He went there and met Adam, who said that Aang is under water.

Battle of Gryfino

Jake received a call from Feardena. Kazelians Lord told him about his plans for the creation of a totalitarian country. He immediately went to the underground laboratory. There, computer scientist has discovered that Fearden called from a phone booth in Gryfino. Jake sent a falcon, and announced that Kazelians attack Gryfino.

Jake flew xiaoplane, in town for almost the entire battle was looking Fearden.

In the evening, watched on television as Polish president says civil war and Kazelia.

Ulrich vs Adam

Ulrich asked Jake about Daria. Jake directed it to Jeremy. Jake learned that Daria is at Adam and Ulrich went there. He immediately ran over there. On the spot he found a fight. Everything ended when news came of the Kazelians' attack on Gorzow Wielkopolski.

The next day Jake predicted the attack on Stargard (because Chris told him this).

Battle of Greater Poland

Jake and Adam acquainted Stowejko with David. At the same time he received the news of the attack Kazelians' on Czarnków and later Międzychód and New Tomyśl. He sent three squadrons of the city.

When Międzychód was captured, Jake got the news about Chris, predictions about Wolsztyn.

Jake later told Xiaons to go to Szamotuly. Himself on the road in Galowo village fought with Xerath, which quickly defeated.

First battle of Poznań

Jake invited David Ulrich, Adam and Jeremy in the root beer, because Gratian became Xiaon. The bar gave a little lecture on the impact of the Deluge to the current situation in Poland. Then he got the news of the attack on Poznań. Jake sent the Air Force. Himself took Hairpin, Aang and Gratian. On the way to Poznan explain why there is a bomb liquidating current.

The city received the news of the shooting down Ulrich's xiaoplane. He went to investigate. In the forest, found that this can make Lightbender. When he came out of the woods noticed that Chris is unconscious. This said that Ulrich himself has destroyed his xiaoplane. It turned out that Ulrich went over Kazelans.

In the evening, Jake and Chris Ulrich threw Base.

Battle of Łobez

Jake received a message from Ulrich about the planned attack on Łobez. He goes to his home Lubawa. There he attacked the crawler. At the same time, Jake learned about the attack on Szczecinek and Goleniów.

Jake went to primary school. There he formed a branch Xiao. The division took part in the Battle of Łobez.

Finally, Jake told to flee after two days of Łobez and the city was captured.

The May Coup d'Etat and Lublin

To Jake came the news of the attack on Berlin Kazelitów. Himself traveled to Germany to negotiate on this.

After the Battle of Człuchów Jacob realized that he had to stage a coup. It does this with Alexandra and Adam the next day. After all, you eat to Kiev, where he gets along about the exodus of the civilian population in the territory of Ukraine.

In the epilogue of Jake moved the Polish capital to Lublin.

Part 2: Journey to the Capitals

To Jake came a cousin in Canada, Jonathan "John" Titor. Both of them did not know before. John wants to be Xiaon. Jake accepted his proposal.

Prepare to attack

Jake is awoken by Chris, and Alexandra. A few minutes later take part in discussions about the attack on the Kalisz. Stowejko says what he saw in Kuczawola. Jacob gives John the Stowejko's banner on time of the Battle of Kalisz. Stowejko became angry because of this.

Later he got the news of the planned attack on Luskemburg. Shall convene a meeting of officers. Jake gives up the battle of Kalisz, and sends all Xiaons (except himself and Andrzej Niewierny) to Luxembourg.

Second battle of Kalisz

Jake organized the attack on Kuczawola. Instead Xiaons with him went Polish Army soldiers. Andrew led them to the factory of droids. The soldiers destroyed the factory. Later they went to Kalisz and occupied the city. In the evening he met Xiaons' situation in Luxembourg.

Where my friends?

Luxembourg was conquered. Jake got a list Xiaons who have become prisoners in Kazelia. In the evening received a message from Alexa that she is in Węgorzyno. Moments later learned that John, Aang, and Simon returned to Poland. He went to them at Okecie and Simon was promoted to lieutenant.


Jake is a guy who often says. He learned to master fear. However, it is explosive, easily upset. He does not like death and does not want to kill. This is done only when it has to do. It is a patriot, though he can not devote your life and others. You are able to risk life, when he knows that there is a chance. Eager to learn interesting things for him. He does not like football, volleyball neutral approaches and handball. But when it comes to ball games like basketball, although it is not the best player.


Aang uses seismic sense

Jake echolocation

Jake knows the languages ​​English, Russian and Latin (The latter is often praised), and his native language is Polish. It was really an excellent swordsman. Jake is also very intelligent. It is a good leader. In addition, Jake taught Chris, Fearden and Andrew Niewierny. He is currently Airbender (4 lv), Waterbender (2 lv) and Firebender (1 lv).




  • The correct translation from Polish would be Jacob, but I decided to Jake. To me that name sounds more youthful.
  • Initially, character had to be called Maciej (Matthew).
  • The figure has a noble ancestry. It comes from the family Toporski coat of arms Topór (eng. Axe). But now in Poland there is no aristocracy
  • His favorite saint is Adalbert of Prague, patron saint of Poland. As head of state changed her name from Jakub (Jake) to Jakub Wojciech (Jake Adalbert).

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