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Fanon:Ian, Team Avatar, Arnook, Northern Water Tribe, Yue, Aang, Iroh, Order of the White Lotus, Southern Water Tribe


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Psychic Healer, Spirt Store Owner


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Fanon:Chronicles of Ian


Jaime's life has been very hard. She grew up in the Southern Water Tribe. As a teen, her mother disowned her. She was forced to live on her own at the young age of 15. She met a boy that come from the Northern Tribe, and she followed him back to his home. On the sail north, they become romantically involved. When she arrived to the Northern City, she and her new lover moved into a new home in the cities middle class high rises. Her new love was recruited into the army. He died in a navel battle when the Fire Nation made their first damaging attempt to enter the city. When she received word, she went into emotional breakdown. She was shocked a few months later to notice her getting a baby bump. She knew then she would be all right.
Years past, and Jaime was raising her son, now 15. She has started a spirit shop, and has started to make enough money to support her small family. She started seeing a man named Mikko, that would come to her shop daily to buy love candles. They married and things seemed to be going great, until they realized that she couldn't get pregnant. After trying for years, she finally got pregnant at the age of 33. She had another son and named him Ian. Mikko's mother grew very fond of Jaime, and supported her every decision. Jaime enjoyed Mikko's mother, since her own mother completely exiled her. When Ian was 8, Mikko died from a massive heart attack in his sleep. Jaime tried to heal him, but was unsuccessful. On top of all that, her oldest son was forced to join the army. He was sent to the southern tribe to help defend it from continuous Fire Nation raids.
Her second son Ian is now all she has, and she has taught him everything she knows.


Jaime first appears in the Fan-Fiction series, The Chronicles of Ian as Ian's mother. As we read further into The Chronicles of Ian, we realize that she is an important member of the Order of the White Lotus. She is very wise, and usually takes the passive route when dealing with a situation. We learn later that her spirit has a connection with Aang's. When they discover this connection, Jaime decides to open her shop up to Team Avatar and tells Aang that any time he is in the Spirit World, that he can visit her shop, and get advise from her, even he is on the other side of the world. The gang also uses this spiritual connection to have Jaime send the White Lotus messages as needed later on in the series.

Appearances by Episode

Chronicles of Ian
The Chronicles of Ian
Episode 1, The Water Tribe Boy
Chapters - Eight
Episode 2, The Avatar Has Arrived
We are introduced to Jaime as Ian's mother. She takes her son with her when she runs to The Strip when she needs to restock her stores after the recent blizzard. She realizes her son isn't as good as she thinks, and starts questioning her own parenting. She is honored at Princess Yue's celebration of engagement, for selling her love candles to her. Princess Yue is convinced that the reason she was engaged is because Jaime's candles actually brought her love, which is why Hahn proposed to her.

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