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Jailbreak is a one-shot chapter in Avatar: The Mini-Adventures. This chapter is about Sokka attempting to break out of jail after being wrongly accused while Aang tries to break into jail. It takes place after Sokka's Master.


The streets were crowded and full of people bursting with energy ready to get their hands on all the merchandise that were on sale. Aang and Sokka walked into the streets silently, ready to buy and leave in a matter of seconds.

"Why don't Katara and Toph try to find their own clothes?" Sokka asked, sighing.

"Katara and Toph are tired." Aang responded. "Plus, we have some time for male bonding."

"You're right Aang, but males don't bond while trying to buy jewelry and clothes for the woman. What type of world will that be?" Sokka asked, but he intervened before Aang could respond. "But you know what males do bond over?" He asked while getting excited.

Aang sighed as he knew what Sokka was about to say. It was only a matter of time before Sokka started talking about his new space sword.

"Weapons!" Sokka shouted, drawing several you're weird glances from the crowd. "So, Aang, do you want to hear about my amazing sword?" Sokka asked, unsheathing his infamous space sword.

"I was there Sokka." Aang reminded, rolling his eyes. The two soon walked into a clearing surrounded by taverns.

"But Master Piandao said I have great sword skills!" Sokka protested. He jumped into the spotlight stabbing imaginary people and killing invisible foes with slices and sweeps from his space sword.

"As if!" A voice mocked. Aang and Sokka turned to see a strong, muscled man laughing. He was bulky and equipped with two beautiful swords while scars ran across his head. He continued to laugh at Sokka. "You're a colonist! You obviously stole it!"

"I didn't steal it!" Sokka shouted, waving his arms in front of the man.

"Sokka, we shouldn't get involved." Aang intervened, jumping in front of the two.

"No!" Sokka yelled, grabbing Aang, and pushing him away. Aang screamed as he smashed into a cabbage stand. "Let's go, you and me!" Sokka shouted, raising his sword. "Swordbending Kai!" The man chuckled and swallowed his drink, before slamming it on a barrel beside him. "Hurry up!" Sokka shouted.

"Guards!" The man yelled, catching Sokka by the side. "This man's trying to mug me!"

Instantly, guards showed up behind Sokka. Sokka raised an eyebrow, before lowering his sword and turning around. The guards were huge and muscular, towering over the small Sokka. "No, he's lying!" Sokka said, pointing to the man.

"You have a sword drawn and this man's whimpering in fear." A guard noticed.

Sokka looked down to see his sword clinging to his side. He turned as the man acted cowardly, whimpering in fear. "This is a misunderst-Aah!" Sokka said, as the guards took his sword and pinned his arms behind his back.

"I hate you." Sokka said, with eyes squinted. Aang massaged his head, clearing it of any injuries. His eyes bolted when they noticed Sokka being dragged away. He sighed when he turned to see a man towering over him, angry at the destruction of his stand.

"Umm, two cabbages please." Aang said, with a small grin.

Sokka screamed as he was thrown into a prison cell. He turned only to see the guards slamming the steel doors shut. "Now, think about what you've done!" The guards said, before they turned and walked away.

Sokka looked around his cell noticing the dirt and dust that his prison has collected through the years. Cobwebs hung from the ceilings and bones inhabited the walls, leaving Sokka to hug his legs in the middle of the room. The walls closed in, ready to trap him, ready to kill him. Something scurried across the room. The warrior gasped as the being moved around him, ready to pounce and strike.

"Whoever you are, kill me fast. After some meat will be good, but don't let it hurt." Sokka pleaded when two red eyes gleamed from the shadows. Sokka closed his eyes and flinched, ready to die. Squeak. Sokka opened his eyes, spotting an elephant rat sniffing his leg. The rat stared right at him. Sokka sighed, knowing that nothing will hurt him.

"Sup." A voice rang from nowhere. Sokka and the elephant rat twitched in a mixture of confusion and fright.

Aang walked around the town, keeping an eye out for the guards that took Sokka. "If I want to find Sokka, then I have to get taken to the town jail." The Avatar turned a corner to see a big and muscular guard talking to a young lady. "That'll do."

He yelled and ran toward the guard, pushing him onto the ground. The guard turned, anger in his eyes. In an instant, his eyes started to water and he soon burst into tears. "Why would you do that?" The guard asked, standing up. "That hurt my feelings!" He turned and ran off, bawling like a baby.

Aang's jaw fell to the ground.

"-and sometime I feel like I'm not appreciated enough, by being a non-bender. That's why I got this!" Sokka shouted, and drew his sword, letting the elephant rat bask in its glory. Instead, the animal squeaked and ran into the corners of the room.

"Am I crazy?" Sokka asked, coming near a pebble, one eye bigger than the other one. No response. He sat up straight, "Don't even answer that!"

Aang wandered the streets again, hoping for a chance to be thrown into town jail. He spotted a cabbage cart and smiled. "I have an idea! I know it's wrong but I have to find Sokka. Why am I talking to myself? Aang, stop. You know let's just do this. Argh, I'm doing it again!" The Avatar whistled as he made his way toward the stand.

He grabbed one cabbage and ran off, smiling at his plan.

"Hey, get back here!" The merchant yelled.

Aang screeched to a halt, before walking back, holding the cabbage toward the merchant, his head in shame. "I bet you're going to call the guards, right?"

"What are you talking about?" The merchant asked. He turned and threw more cabbages at Aang, pelting him toward the ground. "You need more than that!" Aang burst out of the pile of cabbages. "What?! Aren't you going to have me arrested? I was stealing!" He protested.

"No, it's National Free Cabbages Day!" The merchant shouted, extending his arms as people grabbed cabbages and walked away not even paying. Aang's jaw dropped even more, and he fell onto his pile of cabbages.

"Are you going to eat those?" The man who got Sokka arrested asked.

Sokka sighed, as he waited patiently. Due to his seconds in imprisonment, he had grown a beard and was wearing nothing but his underwear. He sniffed the ground for food, finding a small pebble on the ground. "I'm eating good tonight!" Sokka soon put together a small table and laughed ready to bite the pebble. Suddenly, he stared, noticing the pleading eyes of the pebble he was about to eat.

"I can't do it!" Sokka shouted. "And this getup isn't working over." He took off his fake beard and put on his clothes. "Where's Aang?" Sokka asked, sitting down. "Do you know where he is, Pebble?" Silence. Sokka sighed, and started to slice his sword everywhere.

"Kyaii!" Sokka shouted, jumping in midair before slicing the steel bar, cutting it in half. He squealed in delight, noticing that somehow he still had his sword. "I have my sword!" Sokka roared, showing it to the rock, his eyes twitching in delight.

"Did you say you have a sword?" A guard asked.

"I didn't say sword! Did you, Pebble? Nope, no sword here, but I think the one in Cell B has one!" Sokka said rapidly. The guard ran off, as Sokka lifted the pebble with his hand. Squinting, he petted the pebble. "There, there Pebble. There, there."

Aang growled in fury. "How can I not go to jail?!" He shouted, and kicked a piece of paper across the street, hitting a guard in the back.

"Litterer, huh?" She asked, walking toward him. "I guess you'll have to go to town jail." She grabbed one of Aang's hands while another one grabbed the other one.

"Yes!" Aang shouted. "I am going to jail!" The Avatar cheered as he was dragged down the streets attracting the you're weird looks from the citizens. "Yeah, shut up!" An old woman yelled, throwing a cabbage that hit Aang in the head.

Sokka took out his space sword and cut through the jail bars in one slice. He looked around for any guards, but they were all gone. The warrior smiled and ran out of the jail, spotting two guards dragging Aang.

"Aang?" Sokka asked.

"Sokka!" Aang shouted, breaking free from his hold, kicking the guards into the jail. He ran alongside Sokka, while the guards recovered, chasing them.

Soon, the man earlier walked past them. Sokka screeched to a halt, and pointing one finger over the man, and one around his mouth to increase volume, shouted. "Guards, mugger, he's attacking me." The warrior returned to a normal stance looking around for any guards. He grunted, before pointing at the man, and squinting. "I hate you."

"C'mon Sokka!" Aang shouted, grabbing his collar. The two ran and hid underneath a cabbage stand as the guards' feet loomed into view.

"There, there, Pebble, it's okay." Sokka said, stroking his pebble.

Aang smiled and grabbed the pebble leaving Sokka with his mouth open. In a matter of seconds, he threw the pebble across the street, bouncing off the walls, and slamming into the guard's faces, distracting them. "Pebble, no!" Sokka shouted.

Aang grabbed Sokka, "C'mon" and the two fled from the town, as Pebble knocked out the last of the guards.

"We made it!" Aang shouted, as the town vanished from view. He turned to see Sokka, sad and miserable. "What's wrong Sokka?"

"I miss Pebble." Sokka said glumly. Vroom! Something hit the right side of Sokka's head, and landed in his hand. The warrior smiled as he raised his Pebble into the air. "Pebble!" Sokka shouted, rubbing it to his face. "Eh, you're worthless" Sokka said flatly, throwing it into the river beside them. Aang stood there dumbstruck as Sokka walked on. "C'mon Aang!"

Alternate Ending

Story remains same up until Sokka escapes from jail.

Sokka took out his space sword and cut through the jail bars in one slice. He looked around for any guards, but they were all gone. The warrior smiled and ran out of the jail, heading straight into the trees. Sokka ran off, determined to find Aang and leave the town.

Aang continued to laugh as the guards dragged him uphill and into the prison. Without a second glance, they threw the Avatar onto the cold, dusty floor, slamming the jail cell shut.

"It looks like somebody escaped again." A guard noticed, spotting the broken jail.

"Why doesn't anyone notice the doors, marked, escape here. It'll make our jobs much easier." The second guard sighed, "C'mon, let's go file the paperwork." Crying, the two guards walked back into their office.

Aang looked around, "Sokka?"

Sokka walked into camp, sighing that the adventure was over. "Hey, guys." Sokka said, catching the attention of his friends. "You won't believe the adventure I just had." He sniffed the air. "Is that meat? Man, I'm starving!" The warrior sat down, eating as much as meat as he can, not allowing even a second to waste.

"Hey, Sokka, where's Aang?" Katara asked, looking around.

"Now that you mention it, where is Twinkle Toes?" Toph said.

Sokka stopped eating, shocked. His meat fell down, swiped by Momo.

Aang, dressed in only his underwear, while sprouting a beard, jumped into the middle of the cell, grabbing Pebble, in his hands. "I'm eating good tonight!"


  1. Sokka was supposed to keep his pebble
  2. This chapter was heavily revised, before ending up like this

Production Notes

This chapter was written fast, but the author couldn't decide what to do as two separate endings were made. The final one was seen in the release as the other one had Aang being thrown into jail as Sokka escaped, reaching the camp where Katara and Toph ask where's Aang. Sokka then realizes where Aang is, and he is shown a savage, in Jail, and about to eat Pebble. The former was chosen because the author wanted just Aang and Sokka in the short.

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